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Article about AlexaSucks.com published in the Jerusalem Post!

The first casualty in the AlexaSucks fight: My SeoChat account

Alexa ranking progressing nicely!

AlexaSucks.com's stats budge!

The site is ready. 3....2....1....Launch!

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Article about AlexaSucks.com published in the Jerusalem Post!


An article about the AlexaSucks.com project was published in the Jerusalem Post last week.

View the article on the Jerusalem Post website (This link will only work for about 3 more weeks)

If the above link doesn't work you can view the article here. This link should be permanent.

The Jerusalem Post is a publication based in Israel, and they also have a large circulation in the US and many other countries around the world. There website JPost.com is the most frequently visited Israeli website, with over one million unique users monthly. Their website currently has an Alexa ranking of 2,027 which is excellent.

This kind of attention is great for AlexaSucks.com, and we hope that the rest of the mainstream media will start paying attention to what we are doing. We would like to thank the writer of the article, David Shamah. He did a very good job.

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The first casualty in the AlexaSucks fight: My SeoChat account

Perhaps we were a little naive to believe that Alexa Toolbar users would help us in this quest...

It seems many of those that have the toolbar installed have an unspoken pact to protect the status quo. These are the webmasters with the impressive Alexa numbers that the general public is so impressed with. They don't want the truth to come out- That their precious Alexa rankings are almost meaningless.

You want a great Alexa score? Start a website for webmasters. If you can get these Alexa-toolbar-havin' webmasters to visit your site on a regular basis your numbers will be through the roof!

Case in point- SeoChat.com. Their Alexa score is just 546. Wow they must be really popular! Well, not really. Their visitors are 100% webmasters with a way-more-than-average amount of Alexa toolbar users. This is the problem with Alexa! The top sites don't want everyone to know that their numbers are nothing more than fiction.

You can quote me on this- SeoChat is not the 546th largest website on the Internet! No way, no how...Period!

So, what happens at SeoChat when you challenge the validity of Alexa scores in general? They ban you from discussing your views.

This actually occurred to me several days ago, when I mentioned the AlexaSucks.com experiment in the Alexa forum over at SeoChat.com. My post was in the correct category and very true to the subject matter of the forum, however the webmasters of SeoChat PERMANENTLY BANNED my SeoChat account with no warning! I politely requested, at least, an explanation, however they have not given me the common courtesy of a reply. If I did make a mistake they should have responded by now. But, I fear the truth is that I am the victim of censorship. I am no longer able to view or create posts on the SeoChat forum!

These high-ranked websites want to keep the truth about Alexa hidden, however the truth shall set you free! Once we expose Alexa rankings for what they are, the sites will actually have to use legitimate metrics and create sites with better form and function. It is then that their giant egos will be deflated and their delusions of grandeur will collapse around them.

Please note that we are web-developers ourselves and we know that there are others like us that see Alexa for what it is- the 600 lb gorilla in the room. Please don't let this incident stop you from spreading the word. Join with us and tell the world that Alexa sucks!

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Alexa ranking progressing nicely!

Hello All,

It has only been 5 days since we launched the AlexaSucks.com website and we have already heard from naysayers that say it won't work. We say to these people that they should stick to doubting themselves where their predictions have a better chance of being right!

The fact is AlexaSucks is growing very quickly and we are headed in the right direction-

Our one week average is 335,500, which exceeded our own expectations! With such a great break-out week we have seen our 3-month average reach 1,955,158. This puts us in the top 2 million websites on the Internet (out of billions of pages), in just one week!

This is a great start, and we would like to thank all of you that have helped us spread the word and have contacted us with your support. We have no paid advertising (since the site is non-commercial), so this word-of-mouth adverising is very important.

Please take a few minutes to visit the site several times a day and spread the AlexaSucks virus!

Alexa sucks!


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AlexaSucks.com's stats budge!

The AlexaSucks.com site was just launched a couple of days ago, however we have already seen our unranked site crack the rankings!

The daily stats only show for sites in the top 100,000 (we will be there soon), but the weekly average is already 803,761. Please keep in mind that the site hasn't even been up for a week, so this is really good! The daily reach per million users was 15 which is really good too, especially for a brand new website. Please lend a hand and lets see how far this thing can go!

Visit AlexaSucks.com now!

Here is a link to the stats at Alexa:


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The site is ready. 3....2....1....Launch!

We are proud to announce the launch of AlexaSucks.com!

If you haven't already visited this website please do so now, it explains the whole thing. While you are there please take a few minutes to follow the 10 steps listed on the site and spread the Alexa Sucks message to the world.

At this time our current Alexa ranking is to high a number to track. The only place for us to go from here is DOWN, DOWN, DOWN.

We appreciate everyones help with this experiment of ours. Please check back often and see how we are doing!



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