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CatherineYen(20,979) CatherineYen
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"The five wise virgins"  multimedia, by Anselm Kiefer 2007

About the Author 
Dedicated in arts, music and movies; the arts collection both in western and oriental fields for more than 30 years.

Retired from IBM Taiwan Corp., and currently devote in arts connoisseur and consultancy.

Earnest pursue a simple life  in viewing the stunning beauty of the world, and aim at the goal in spirit resonance, perspective infinity and gentle harmony accompained with the conjuncition of  "purity, elegance, rhythm, manner and reasons" in arts appreciation.

Publication:  "A Paragon for the Ages--the Art of Monk XuGu", Publisher: Dien Tsang Art and Collection Group,October, 2003, Taiwan

"All Wholesomeness"~ vision of  life
A straw mattress, the earth; a straw hat, heaven,

Ten thousand forms seen from afar, the square grows round.

Painting is creation; the principle, oneness.

In thoroughness is abundance; the wholesomeness is ever sound.

Harmony grows in splendor, leads the way to seasoned maturity.    


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