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Kilauea Lava Flow on the Big Island of Hawaii


"My Mom is Cool!"--Bridging the Generation Gap

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Posted Friday, March 21, 2008 (73 days 1 hour ago.)

After 84 years, at 2:58 am, Wednesday, March 19,2008, a small explosion occurred at Halemaumau Crater at the summit of Kilauea Volcano. The explosion scattered debris over an area of about 30 hectares covering portion of Crater Rim Drive and damaging the Halemaumau overlook. The activity was driven by hydrothermal gas sources as no lava erupted. Rock debris extended halfway across the floor of Halemaumau Crater. The debris was composed of rock fragments that were derived from the walls of Halemaumau Crater.

The main explosion at 2:58 was associated with long period seismicity. The explosion produced a small crater along the east wall of Halemaumau that is about 2-30 meters in diameter. Sulfur dioxide emissions from the new explosion crater are still elevated, and sounds of rock breaking are frequent.

This is the first explosion in Halemaumau Crater since 1924 and the first eruption of any kind in Kilauea Caldera since Spetember 1982.

Watch the latest on Halemaumau Crater !

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Kilauea Lava Flow on the Big Island of Hawaii

Posted Saturday, March 15, 2008 (79 days 4 hours ago.)

“Spectacular” … “unbelievable” … “nature at work”… words fail to describe the magnificence of Kilauea. The only active volcano in the United States, Kilauea has been in a constant state of eruption since 1983. Watch the molten lava flow and cascade into the ocean, steaming, churning, and forming new land right before your very eyes. Be a witness to creation.
Lava has once again flowed from Kilauea Volcano located at the big island of Hawaii! It has flowed through a residential subdivision and has attracted numerous onlookers. County & Civil Defense Officials however has restricted residents and tourists from viewing the lava flow for safety reasons. As of to date, a schedule has been made at specific hours where you can see actual, visible lava flowing above ground. There are designated viewing areas to increase safety among onlookers and residents. The lava has already spilled to the ocean attracting a more curious crowd. Kilauea Volcano had been erupting for 25 years, however it has only been recent that its lava has started flowing again to an area that is accessible. This natural occurrence has boosted visits from all over the Big Island and all over the world. Mark DeVita, a volcano tour guide has stated that this would boost Hawaii's Tourism since this is not something that you see often. "Business has been slow for the past few months, but since lava flow has once again become visible, I get calls from as far as Australia, Europe, New Zealand, Japan and mainland US!" Mark is an expert at guided Lava Tours within the area affected by the Lava Flow. If you live near the area or willing to witness the phenomenon, check it out! Who knows when the next lava flow will happen?
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Posted Friday, March 14, 2008 (79 days 11 hours ago.)

I haven't had sex in 7 years.... Yep...you read it right. I haven't had sex in seven years!!! For most Filipinos this might be not too hard to believe, since the culture dictates it. More so because I don't live in the metropolis where there are too many temptations. I live on the northern part of the country thats very provincial. When you're single woman and not married and have three kids, you find it harder to do things like having sex with somebody you like. Society is cruel. Moral values specially in provincial areas are strong. It's like volunteering to have yourself burned to death at the stakes. I know, I know, do it because it makes you happy. I've heard that before, but I came to a realization that I haven't actually done it because I'm still not ready. Sounds crazy isn't it? 33 year old single mother, warm, caring, and passionate, successful.... hmmmm...."What is wrong with you?!"
There was once a very popular senator in our country, his name was Juan Flavier, he became really famous because of his interesting promotions of birth control methods in the Philippines, he had one tag line out of the hundreds he made..... ABCs of birth control. I would like to apply that and use it for this blog modifying it a little bit... the ABCs of CELIBACY.

A-Abstain. I do a lot of that. I've actually been doing it for seven years... abstaining. It is kind of hard to do at times. But I get this feeling, okay you like the guy, he likes you. You're getting there and you just feel it isn't just right. Would you still go on? I don't. Sex is a wonderful act. It's a celebration of love between two people. I would rather be passionate with someone who I feel strongly for, than ACT like I was enjoying it just because I needed it.

B- Be busy. Life isn't just about satisfying your carnal needs. There's a whole lot of things to do. Be friends with everyone. Be smart! Just because you're getting this really, warm fuzzy feeling between your legs, you don't have jump in to bed with the first guy that comes your way.

C-Constantly remind yourself what you really want. What's in your heart. Who's in your heart. (I added a WHO because I do have someone special. Its not just the right time for both of us though.) Call it old fashioned, but that's what I want for now.
Those are my ABC's to Celibacy. I don't plan on being celibate my whole life though.

One day, when the right time comes. I will enjoy it. I will do it with all the pent up passion, love and desire that has been brewing for the past years.

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"My Mom is Cool!"--Bridging the Generation Gap

Posted Wednesday, March 12, 2008 (81 days 19 hours ago.)

If you find yourself humming to an old tune that your 13 year old child doesn't know about or your son or daughter doesn't want to be seen with you because of the clothes you wear, or maybe your child just plain out tells you-- "You don't understand, coz you're old." You might be having a generation gap problem.
Generation Gap- noun, a difference between the views of young people and their parents. (wordnet definition) Feeling all left out by your child would be really terrible, so here's a few tips on how to bridge that gap.
  • Stay attuned to your child's interest. It doesn't mean just because you're a parent you only have to watch the headlines. If there's news about Hannah Montana then watch it along with your child if she's a fan.
  • "Hang out" with your child. Don't be too busy. A parent is never too busy for his son or daughter.
  • Talk to him. Don't confine your conversations to school, his grades and how well he did in his piano lessons. Talk about his friends, his teachers, the girls he likes. Make him feel comfortable. Actively Listen then interact!
  • Laugh Together! There is no better way to establish rapport than sharing a few good laughs together, whether your child is 13 or 18.
  • Shop Together! This is a good way of you "getting a feel" for the latest fashion. It doesn't mean you have to change your whole wardrobe but at least, you know which clothes are more accepted by the current generation.
  • Don't be a parent all the time. Be a friend too.
There is no "5 easy steps" in bridging the generation gap, but these steps are a start. Start while he's still young and in his pre-teens. There is no dominating figure in a child-parent relationship. Everybody makes mistakes and so do you. Relax and stop thinking about how hard it is raising a kid. Think about how great it is to have a kid! Your child will feel that too and in no time, you'll be best buddies!

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