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Category: World News » General News
Men Only! - WhoAskedYouBill(40) If you are a non-men...a wanna be...or guyette...shooo...go away...go shoping or do your nails or something, okay. Okay, guys, it's safe now for us to talk without fear of any of Them butting in so feel free to express yourselves. Why am I bringing this up now? In two words, Diane Sawyer. You...

Category: World News » General News
More concerning second sexers - WhoAskedYouBill(40) Guys, it is time to rear up on hind legs and set things straight once and for all. Although They all believe Themselves to be great in charge types let me assure you They are not. They only have a better media propagander machine going for Them than we beloved first sexers have. They are always...

Category: World News » General News
Poem:Yesterday, the Crushed China - elweenallarts(258) Poem:Yesterday, the Crushed China While reading a book entitle “understanding Job”, I was actually stunt by the experiences that job had went through. The denial of family, friends and even the servants became the greatest opression after enjoying great wealth and status. Nevertheless...

Category: World News » General News
Poem: Mona Lisa - elweenallarts(258)

Category: World News » General News
Page 24 - sofialperenII(6) 1 YEAR (08-07-2006) For all the times you said “I like you more than everything”, I could never say enough back. You are the only that can freeze me right where I stand, I get lost so easy in you… My life, I want to be the only one you will share the world with. It can be all...

Category: World News » General News
Page 25 - sofialperenII(6) 14 months And isn't it funny, how I think of meeting you as the best day of my life?

Category: World News » General News
Let me talk a bit about Principles - WhoAskedYouBill(40) Before I get started let me mention here that there will be times, like this past week, when business and medical reasons will interfer with my posting daily or maybe even for several days at a time but like the proverbial bad penny rest assured I will turn up again. Hold on a minute while I pour...

Category: World News » General News
Why we should pay homage to sorrow - WhoAskedYouBill(40) This post is for those who have thought long and hard about life, this world's mysteries and his or her's place in it in regards to them. To them let me simply say you will not find a more consicuous or outlandish law to consider than that of sorrow and its productiveness. It is a life of joy...

Category: World News » General News
DID I MISS IT?!? - didimissit(1) Thanks for visiting my blog. I started this so that I could get all of the thoughts that I have out and then sift through them and figure out what's what. I am wondering....Did I miss it? You know, LIFE!?! I know I have had one, and a pretty good one as far as the greater world goes, but, did I...

Category: World News » General News
A few words about Islam and Benevolence - WhoAskedYouBill(40) As you are proably already aware the world of Islam is a tad ticked off at the Pope because the Pope suggested Islam take a good look at itself and its pre 13th Century teachings. Islam, to my knowledge, since its founding has never undergone a reformation or renaissance as has the Chirstian...

Category: World News » General News
An Old Marine's Thoughts about God and War - WhoAskedYouBill(40) I realize there are perhaps those in authority who do not want soldiers [generic term] thinking about death or the hereafter, which gives some good reason to skip this post. To them I can only offer as reason to not do so is the old trite phrase " There are no atheists in foxholes " Fact is I...

Category: World News » General News
The proof is in the pudding - WhoAskedYouBill(40) What a swell bunch of guys Allah's followers are, eh wot? What greater proof can there be the Pope spoke the truth concerning the ill temperment of Islam's practitioners and Mullahs than the world of Islam's public reaction. Don't these guys have any thing better to do than rampage up and...

Category: World News » General News
Back to more serious stuff - WhoAskedYouBill(40) Okay, if you are a Them, get lost, go do your nails, or go shopping or gather a gaggle of your friends together and powder yer noses, this is a first sexes post, got it? Cheese its, Myrtle, and Susan Saranwrap, what I want you guys to let me know is am I the only one whose Mill Stone has been...

Category: World News » General News
Well worth reading - WhoAskedYouBill(40) his is rather long but is an amazing history and documentation of events leading up to todays problems. Hillsdale is a great college - JDH _____ < http://hillsdale.edu/ > Hillsdale College < http://hillsdale.edu/imprimis/ > Imprimis * < http://hillsdale.edu/imprimis/ > Current Issue * <...

Category: World News » General News
All you need to know about freezing, balls amd brass monkey's. - WhoAskedYouBill(40) EDJUMACATION IS A GOOD THING So without futher ado begin your edjumacation. In George Washington's days, there were no cameras. One's image was either sculpted or painted. Some paintings of George Washington showed him standing behind a desk with one arm behind his back while others showed both...

Category: World News » General News
An Old Marine's thoughts about Love - WhoAskedYouBill(40) Now this may shock teenagers and young adults be they girls or boys and that's what the majority of you are, children learning to become young adults and young adults learning to become mature adults and mature adulets seeking to find themselves. I say this in all sincerety, you do not have the...

Category: World News » General News
Love, Part II - WhoAskedYouBill(40) You didn't really believe I was through with Love yet, did you? The word Love, like Hero, is not only overused but misused with the entertainment industry being the largest single group of the term Love's profaners and prostituters. Love is a term of broad significence which may be interpreted...

Category: World News » General News
Free DVD of the 2006 All-Class Reunion - dougsevert(58) I've put all the pictures available from the 2006 Fifield All-Class Reunion on a DVD and will send to anyone that wants one. Just let me know what format you would like; standard or widescreen and the address I can mail it to.

Category: World News » General News
Fund Raising Committee - dougsevert(58) I have three other committee/subcommittee needs. I need someone for communications and logistics now and I will need someone for conservation soon. I want to talk to Doug and Bonnie and get their input before I ask anyone to be a part of the fund raiser committee. The Conservation person has to...

Category: World News » General News
General Comments about this blog - dougsevert(58) I'm just trying to get your opionions on this blog. You can add your comments to the bottom of this message so everyone can see it. Let's hear from you!

Category: World News » General News
When WW III began - WhoAskedYouBill(40) When WW III Started----1979 This is not very long, but informative. You have to read the catalogue of events in this brief . Then, ask yourself how anyone

Category: World News » General News
New designs added - dougsevert(58) I've added two additional drawing of the proposed design after a suggestion from the committee meetings on 15/16 September. One shows the bronze relief of the school building on the top as suggested in the meeting and another shows it at the bottom. All of the material for this proposal comes...

Category: World News » General News
New Web Page - dougsevert(58) A new web page is up listing the lastest alumni for the Fifield School. Here is the link: http://www.theseverts.net/Alumni.htm Check it out and send me your input. Thanks, Doug

Category: World News » General News
No Nonsense - ShySamson(3) Just don't give me any nonsense. What I mean is, don't give me some silly, sad story about your childhood and what your parents did to you and thats why you are so fucked up. THE PAST IS DEAD. The real question is, " What are you going to do now? "

Category: World News » General News
Bush Won't Change Strategy? - ShySamson(3) I read this morning on the internet that President Bush says he will not change the US military's overall strategy in Iraq, despite widespread concern amongst his own party that this very attitude will hurt the Republicans at the polls in the upcoming Congressional elections. Well, as a...

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