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Category: World News » General News
Ann Coulter Believes in Fairy Tales - ShySamson(3) I find it humorous that Ann Coulter is so judgemental of liberals, calling them liars, questioning their intelligence, and accusing them of being unrealistic in their worldly points of view. I'm not really sure if she, herself, is a liar or a just plain stupid. Let me just put it out there: Ann...

Category: World News » General News
The 300 millionth blog in cyberspace! - SLCBlog(110) Hello and welcome to my blog. I am Mr. X and I am from Salt Lake City, Utah. I'll use this space to make observations on life in the SLC, give my opinions on local happenings, pass on rumors, and share things that I find interesting. So add this page to your Bookmarks, and read it while you...

Category: World News » General News
Gartner's 2006 Emerging Technologies Hype Cycle - ITProfessional(13) In August 2006, Gartner announced its 2006 Emerging Technologies Hype Cycle . The Hype Cycle assesses the maturity, impact, and adoption speed of 36 key technologies and trends during the next ten years. The themes and assocated technologies are Web 2.0 Social Network Analysis Ajax Collective...

Category: World News » General News
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) - ITProfessional(13) The latest trend has been the push for service oriented architectures. It would seem that old ideas just get repackaged and renamed. The plus is that adoption of standards has allowed some ideas to florish in their rebirth. CIO Magazine has a good tutorial on the Service Oriented Architecture . I...

Category: World News » General News
Where do I begin.... - ITProfessional(13) I have been in this profession for close to 25 years, and I still am not sure what I want to be when I grow up. Interesting, I guess I don't believe I have grown up yet. I have been fortunate in that I have worked with a number of other disciplines (e.g. mathmaticians, chemists, etc.)....

Category: World News » General News
Mayor Rocky Anderson is a bad ass. - SLCBlog(110) The most controversial politician in Salt Lake City, Rocky Anderson, received a lot of criticism for speaking at an anti-Bush rally back when President Bush visited Salt Lake City a couple of months ago. It seems that many people also showed the Mayor support, including yours truley, MR. X. Today...

Category: World News » General News
Electronic Note Taking - ITProfessional(13) I have always been interested in those technologies that allow you to take notes on paper and then move it to a computer. Yes, you can always scan all your notes, but I am more interested in products that capture the notes electronically, and then allow transfer to the PC (or Mac). I owned a...

Category: World News » General News
Let's move Momos...Mitt Romney, needs your help! - SLCBlog(110) The Boston Globe published an article last week about meetings between Mitt Romney (Governer of Massachusettes) and many prominent Mormon leaders. In these meetings they discussed plans for a nationwide mormon network that could help promote Mitt in a 2008 US Presidential run. The Globe stated...

Category: World News » General News
I feel naked in paper - PatientsAgainstPaperForum(2,355) They are cold and rip easy. I feel naked.

Category: World News » General News
Mine ripped the minute I put it on - PatientsAgainstPaperForum(2,355) I put my arm through the hole, and the whole top ripped off. Give me a cloth gown.

Category: World News » General News
US Facing Housing Crisis - DrAbuelo(2,706) It now seems that more Americans are unable to afford to pay their mortgage. As reported by WFLA/NBC Florida, the third quarter of this fiscal year has shown a record number of people who are falling further behind in their payments. This is a reversal from the first two quarters which saw an...

Category: World News » General News
The Thirteen Scariest Things in IT - ITProfessional(13) eWeek has a great list of the scariest things in IT . I found it quite amusing, and agree with many of them. I might have moved migration to Vista up to the top three. I might have even have included " end user " as one of those scariest things. For those that might not go to the eWeek link...the...

Category: World News » General News
Weight Of Third Party Candidates - DrAbuelo(2,706) With the 2006 elections barely a week away the debates are starting to heat up over the bread and butter issues of the two ruling parties. For the Republican's it's about their Orwellian War On Terror, gay-bashing and their latest attacks on a woman's right of choice in the instance of...

Category: World News » General News
2000 All Over Again - DrAbuelo(2,706) The echoes of 2000 and 2004 are starting to ring out again. The elections are right around the corner and questions about the electronic voting systems are yet to be answered with any clarity. In a broadcast on WFLA Jeb Bush flat-out denies there are any problems with the Electronic voting...

Category: World News » General News
Elections 2006 - DrAbuelo(2,706) Now that the eleventh hour is right around the corner, most races around America are starting to take shape and as predicted, most campaigns show signs of American's discontent with the Republican party. On the surface of things, most Democratic voters should be dancing in the streets and...

Category: World News » General News
High Rollers At The Table - DrAbuelo(2,706) Tomorrow are the elections. So what are we to think of the current political climate? In the year of the strange, Democrats learn the value of becoming savage. And now Republicans are looking for anything to hang their hats on. Bush, who is currently back on the campaign trail and is still...

Category: World News » General News
Last Thoughts On The Elections 2006 - DrAbuelo(2,706) Poor Donald Rumsfeld, always the loyal soldier and perfect barrier for George W. Bush. Rummy has been the fighter on the ropes getting the snot beaten out of him because of the failed policy in Iraq, despite the fact that he wasn't the architect of the harebrain and illegal agenda to invade in...

Category: World News » General News
Iraq Rolls On - DrAbuelo(2,706) Iraq In Focus John Mccain's recent remarks on " Meet The Press, " about the war in Iraq shows an all too clear fact about the party. That is to say, you have a universal accepted state of denial permeating throughout the GOP. Mr. McCain is still putting forth the notion that the United States...

Category: World News » General News
Castro's Health And The Future Of Cuba - DrAbuelo(2,706) Castro’s Health And What It Means To The Future Of Cuba While most of the Western world is focused on the Middle East both in the concerns with the war in Iraq and the blood bath in Gaza strip, very little attention is being paid to what very well could be the end of an era. According to...

Category: World News » General News
Why The Iraq War Won't Change - DrAbuelo(2,706) Today is the first day of the hearings surrounding the issue of the Iraq war and so far things have been going according to script. On one hand you have George W. Bush who is still speaking in a language not so dissimilar to that of Napoleon Bonaparte at Waterloo. The enemies are at the gate and...

Category: World News » General News
More Florida Voting Problems - DrAbuelo(2,706) With what has become an ongoing problem since the 2000 elections, we now have yet another situation concerning the Florida voting process. This time the candidates are Republican Vern Buchanan and Democrat Christian Jennings. As of now there are more than 18,000 uncounted votes which could...

Category: World News » General News
The Irony That Is Bush - DrAbuelo(2,706) The Irony That Is Bush Throughout U.S. history, there are always political figures who either make you laugh or shutter or, like Nixon and Reagan, both. For this latter group, we are forced onto a roller coster ride of extreme highs where their blunders make for wonderful comedies. I remember...

Category: World News » General News
These are the first impressions I get from lands and dungeons. - Daphnes(3) This is the main part of my blog that makes it unique. My personal thoughts of the areas of the overworld, and dungeons, will go here. It's all opinion, so your idea will probably differ from mine. Ordon village should be the starting locale.

Category: World News » General News
Page 26 - sofialperenII(6) How I wish you could be here. right by my side.

Category: World News » General News
More Problems For Bush - DrAbuelo(2,706) George W. Bush has left Vietnam today and is now headed to Indonesia. His trip to Vietnam was a two-fold move. First, it was an attempt to breath new life into a policy of open free market relations with the Southeast Asian Country, a policy that was struck down in congress last week. The most...

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