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Category: World News » General News
Why THe Media Gets The Iraq Issue So Wrong - DrAbuelo(2,706) Perhaps there should be no surprise when we hear major corporate media's reports concerning the war in Iraq. It, after all, mirrors what the Bush administration has been saying since the increase of the resistance towards the American occupation could longer be hidden from the eye of the camera....

Category: World News » General News
Why New Orleans Is Being Ignored - DrAbuelo(2,706) One issue that seemed irringly missing from George Bush's state of the Union speech was the issue of New Orleans. The the images of a city turned into a subterranian prison are still fresh on the memories of millions of Americans. For the first time in the twenth or twenty first century, more...

Category: World News » General News
The Issue Of Tent City - DrAbuelo(2,706) In what has become an increasing battle in Tampa Florida between homeless advocates and the city government, the issue of what is called tent city is now gaining news. Located on the property of St Vincent church in the county of Saint Petersburg, many of the local homeless sent up tents over a...

Category: World News » General News
Global Warming - DrAbuelo(2,706) Global Warming With the battle brewing in the middle east, mostly over those who wish to control the taps on the oil pipelines, Unfortunately, there is no attention being paid to the real threat to human civilization. As I have written several times on this sight, we are heading down a very...

Category: World News » General News
Migrant Workers - DrAbuelo(2,706) There is some question regarding immigration to the United States that tends to fall short of ever making the airwaves. Who is the real inheritor’s influx of illegal migrants? The answer really is not as clear as the right or left likes to make it. The only obvious answer in all this is the...

Category: World News » General News
Why The North Korean Deal Is So Important - DrAbuelo(2,706) Why The North Korea Deal Is So Important Well it seems as if the six party talks with North Korea are finally making a break through. The communist country has agreed to dismantle its main nuclear power plants in exchange of both financial energy aids. Unlike Iraq and perhaps Iran at some point...

Category: World News » General News
From Bush To The End Times - DrAbuelo(2,706) From Bush To The End Times In what has been less than a week after US generals in Iraq came out with the statement that the crackdowns throughout Baghdad has reduced the civilian death toll, more than 138 Iraqis have been killed in the last two days in nations capital alone. And today Washington...

Category: World News » General News
The Isolation Of An Administration - DrAbuelo(2,706) Lewis Libby And The Isolation Of The Administration There seems to be an increasing sense that the Iraq war is quickly becoming a problem that only the United States is willing to shoulder. Monday of this week, The British prime minister, Tony Blair announced that he will be pulling English...

Category: World News » General News
Iraq Sumit - DrAbuelo(2,706) On the surface of things, it would appear that the Bush administration has come to the ugly reality that the war in Iraq is wholly un-winnable and the long term effects on the U.S. military will greatly reduce their ability to function as an entity. For good or ill, the American forces are...

Category: World News » General News
The Cost Of War - DrAbuelo(2,706) The Cost of War It would come as no great revelation to say that the cost of any war goes behind monetary spending and its reach stretches far beyond the battle field. As many veterans from earlier wars can contest to, the social structure that is suppose to care for the wounded often forsake...

Category: World News » General News
How Safe Are Our Hospitals - DrAbuelo(2,706) With all the cutbacks that are affecting the nation’s capitals, one of the first areas in the facilities that give way to failure is security. And that is what happened at Saint Joseph’s hospital last week. A mentally woman posed as one of the staff and had administered first aid to...

Category: World News » General News
Silencing The American Voice - DrAbuelo(2,706) When the news came out several weeks ago that Washington would be sending 21,500 troops to Iraq, there was an immediate roar of outrage from around the country. With the recent Democrat victory to take back congress, there was a sense that the American people would finally have the opportunity to...

Category: World News » General News
Coming Soon! - LMBoroLMPark(2,097) Welcome to the Laurel Mountain Park Assoc. informational page. This site is still under construction. The spring meeting for the Laurel Mountain Park Assoc. will occur in April. The date and time of the meeting will be posted shortly. The April meeting will discuss plans for the pool opening....

Category: World News » General News
Commentary On year Four Of The War - DrAbuelo(2,706) It seems just like yesterday the George W Bush landed on an aircraft carrier in what can easily go down as the shortest flight in history. The camera men had to position their shots just right so that they don’t get the California skyline in the broadcast. Then of course is the infamous...

Category: World News » General News
Drug Companies Stop Cheap Pills Birth Control Pills - DrAbuelo(2,706) The pregnancy rate among teens and early twenty something year olds maybe on the rise soon. That is because a new bill moved many pharmaceutical companies away from providing cheap birth control pills to clinics. The new pricing system for this front line defense against unwanted pregnancy will...

Category: World News » General News
Are Children Too Coddled? - DrAbuelo(2,706) Taking some time off from writing about the horrors of modern day politics, I have decided to take a look at one subject that often fascinated, not because it effects me personally, it doesn’t but, because as a political writer it is in my own best interest to try and scope the future...

Category: World News » General News
Drive To War - DrAbuelo(2,706) Why Washington Is Pushing For The Next War It certainly seems the drums of war are being beaten once again and this time, the international steaks maybe far higher than they were for Iraq. Unlike Iraq, however, Iran is a well connected country whose number one consumer in oil sales just so...

Category: World News » General News
MARCH 2007 Photo Identifications - LMBoroLMPark(2,097) Photographs taken March 27, 2007: AVA---the youngest boro resident (see item titled March 2007 People) ROAD MEETING---(left to right) John Miller, Mayor Jack Goughnour and Daneen Kinsey listen raptly as they discuss road and sewer issues with David Berkey, President of Berkey Excavating Company....

Category: World News » General News
George Shuman---ITWA Author Award Nominee - LMBoroLMPark(2,097) BREAKING NEWS! Below is the latest news concerning a Laurel Mountain Borough resident:: The International Thriller Writers Association announced that “18 Seconds” is one of five nominees for this years Thriller Award in the category Best First Novel. The announcement was made Saturday...

Category: World News » General News
BORO COUNCIL PRIMARY ELECTION CANDIDATES - LMBoroLMPark(2,097) Laurel Mountain Borough council membership currently has four persons appointed by council to replace members who have resigned. Monte Holland (Republican), Daneen Kinsey, John Miller and Mary Jane Snyder. Holland (Rep.), Kinsey (Dem.) and Snyder (Dem.) filed with the Westmoreland County Board of...

Category: World News » General News
THE “LAUREL MOUNTAINEERS” FORM BOROUGH 25 YEARS AGO - LMBoroLMPark(2,097) “Why are you building houses there? No one will ever want to live in a rock pile!” This was a frequent question and comment made by some people in 1926 when brothers-in-law Lawrence William (Bill) Darr and Charles B. Hegan bought ninety acres of land on a foothill of Laurel Mountain....

Category: World News » General News
Jeffrey W. Miller, ESQ. - LMBoroLMPark(2,097) Ligonier Mountain Borough solicitor Paul Elias, offered his resignation from this position at the March 21, 2007, borough council meeting. All members of Borough council voted to accept the resignation except for Joe Griffith, who abstained from voting. “I want to thank everyone for the...

Category: World News » General News
LMP Spring Happenings - LMBoroLMPark(2,097) Did you get your flier? They were recently distributed by hand in the park regarding upcoming Laurel Mountain Park Inc., Association events. The flier stated that the spring meeting will be held at the Shelter House on Sunday, April 15, 2007 at 3:00 p.m. Please try to attend. There are many new...

Category: World News » General News
Democracy For Sale - DrAbuelo(2,706) When we hear about presidential candidates it this time a year, either during election years or pre-election years, it is usually regarding how much money they raised during their latest pandering tour. You can look at any one of the front runners in next year’s election. They have all...

Category: World News » General News
Fall meeting, September 24, 2006 Minutes - LMBoroLMPark(2,097) Laurel Mountain Park, Inc. Fall Meeting, September 24, 2006 Minutes: Board members present: President Sue Crouse, Treasurer Craig Miller, Vice-President Gretchen Griffith. Resident members present: Daneen Kinsey, Ann Woodall, Amy O'Brien, George Gerneth, Glenn Scott, Gladys Light, Gerry Fleming...

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