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Category: World News » General News
Upcoming Events - LMBoroLMPark(2,097) Mark Your Calendars!!! May 19, 2007: Spring Cleaning at the Pool! Bring your rakes, gloves, shovels, tarps etc., to the pool area starting at 8 A.M. to clean up the grounds and help get the 2007 pool season off to a great start. Bring your kids and let them help! June 8, 2007: Opening day of the...

Category: World News » General News
2000 CENSUS DATA Part 1 - LMBoroLMPark(2,097) Westmoreland County was formed from Bedford County in 1773*. On January 10, 1982, Laurel Mountain Park successfully seceded from Ligonier Township to form its own government, Laurel Mountain Borough (LMB). It is one of 960 boroughs represented by The Pennsylvania Association of boroughs (...

Category: World News » General News
Late Adoption - DrAbuelo(2,706) One of the bizarre stores that have come out of the Florida news wire came about due to an act of love. Bob Wilkey, 63, worked as a janitor it Citrus County for the last several years. He had never married or fathered any children from pervious affairs; so it came about that the first daughter he...

Category: World News » General News
JOHN MILLER Primary Election Candidate - LMBoroLMPark(2,097) The primary election date is May 15, 2007. Four persons are running for four borough council vacancies. All are currently appointed members of borough council. The Laurel Mountain Borough/Laurel Mountain Park Newsletter will post bios of the candidates as they are received. JOHN MILLER* 13 Maple...

Category: World News » General News
WHO'S WHO: APRIL, 2007 - LMBoroLMPark(2,097) APRIL 20, 2007: Laurel Mountain Borough welcomes the youngest member of its community, Willow Mae Young. Born April 5, 2007, she weighed 7 lbs. 8 oz. and measured 21 inches in length. She joins her parents, David and Heather Young, and her 2 year old sister, Lily. Click on Photo Album category...

Category: World News » General News
Did The Mental Health System Fail Cho Seung Hui? - DrAbuelo(2,706) Did The Mental Health System Fail Cho Seung-Hui? While it is difficult to show compassion to a man who was responsible for the worst shooting rampage in recent history and it is even harder to feel for one who showed enough gall to send rather revealing photos and an ill defined manifesto to NBC...

Category: World News » General News
MONTE W. HOLLAND Primary Election Candidate - LMBoroLMPark(2,097) Monte Holland, 68, Republican, is running for a four-year Boro council seat. Last August he was sworn in as an appointed council member. He resides at 12 Hemlock Road. Born at home in DeKalb Junction, N. Y., he spent his early childhood on his family farm. Later he moved

Category: World News » General News
LMB IS PART OF A RESEARCH PROJECT - LMBoroLMPark(2,097) Within a week of setting up the online Laurel Mountain Boro & Park Newsletter (April 2007) I was contacted by Mark Conrad, a resident of San Francisco working on a research project at Harvard University. Subsequently, he sent me a letter explaining his work. As a law school student he took a...

Category: World News » General News
OUT & ABOUT: APRIL 2007 - LMBoroLMPark(2,097) APRIL 26: While out for a doctor's appointment on April 26, Anne Chitester fell. Due to injuries, including severe eye damage, she was life-flighted to a Pittsburgh hospital, and may need surgery. The new LMB resident lives at 13 Hemlock Rd. and is the mother of Amy O'Brien. APRIL 24:

Category: World News » General News
Padaria Real - LMBoroLMPark(2,097) Apresentação A Padaria Pastelaria Real é uma empresa que existe no mercado desde o início da década de 90 e resulta da experiência acumulada da gerência desde o fim dos anos 70. Situada no Concelho de Penafiel. Objectivos a curto e medio prazo...

Category: World News » General News
Introduction of Taipei National Concert Hall and National Theater Hall - CatherineYen(20,979) CatherineYen Taipeii National Concert Hall ,photo by Dr. James Lu View of Taipei National Concert and Theater Halls from top stairs ,photo by Dr. James Lu Situated in the heart of Taipei, the National Theater and the National Concert Hall are professional venues promoting a wide variety...

Category: World News » General News
Hey - cmcmahon(3) Hey everyone this is my very first blog on this site and I hope to seriously blog on many things happening in my life both through work and personal.

Category: World News » General News
Melamine Found In US Hog Population - DrAbuelo(2,706) If you think that the tens of thousands of pet food products that were found to contain melamine, a chemical used in fertilizers and plastic kitchenware was disposed of, think again. A recent discovery has found that many of the recalled foods were feed to hogs and chickens on corporate farms in...

Category: World News » General News
LAUGHLINTOWN BUSINESSES, SERVICES, CHURCHES - LMBoroLMPark(2,097) Below is information on businesses, services and churches on or near Route 30 in Laughlintown, compiled for persons considering living in the Borough, those who are new to the community and long-time residents. NOTE : This page is under construction. Please be patient at the time it will take to...

Category: World News » General News
Paper Ballots To Be Reintroduced - DrAbuelo(2,706) Paper Ballots To Be Reintroduced From the state that injected George W Bush into the arm of America, we now have another turn in the Florida voting process. There is now talk that the state will turn to paper ballots after yet another botched election. The move comes seven years after the highly...

Category: World News » General News
VOTE MAY 15! - LMBoroLMPark(2,097) VOTE MAY 15 ! Voting site: the Laurel Mountain Park's shelter house on Walnut Road near the Borough's back entrance. Poll's open at 7 a.m. Profiles of two Laurel Mountain Borough council candidates, John Miller and Monte W. Holland, are on this web site in the category WHO'S WHO.

Category: World News » General News
MAY 15, 2007 PRIMARY ELECTION RESULTS Posted 9:58 p.m. - LMBoroLMPark(2,097) The Laurel Mountain Borough election site (the Laurel Mountain Park Shelter House) opened to voters at 7:00 a.m. Five persons manned the building until 8:00 p.m.: the Judge of Elections, Jim Pisano; the Majority Inspector, the Minority Inspector, the clerk and the machine inspector. Voters used...

Category: World News » General News
OUT & ABOUT: MAY 2007 - LMBoroLMPark(2,097) MAY 16: This notice was posted in the newsletter late today: FOUND on the side of the road in front of 33 Walnut Road: a car charger for something electronic. It's a Verizonwireless car charger that plugs into a cigarette lighter. The part that inserts into the electronics equipment is about 1/2...

Category: World News » General News
Get Ready!!! - LMBoroLMPark(2,097) Are you ready? Inhale that fresh air! Listen to the birds! Come out Saturday morning at 8:00 with you garden tools, tarps, rakes etc. (and maybe some coffee) to the swimming pool for clean up day. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate. Bring the kids and make a morning of it. See you there!!!

Category: World News » General News
Organic Hotels - DrAbuelo(2,706) After two and half years of working on my second book, Organic Hotels, it is finally ready for release. Unlike my first published, Last American Roar work which made its debut in the summer of 2003, Organic Hotels is the first collection of work where the voice in each piece is completely mine. I...

Category: World News » General News
The Death Of Jerry Falwell - DrAbuelo(2,706) One of the architects that set the blue print of the Neo cons died this Month. Jerry Falwell is best known for his construction of the term, “The Moral Majority,” which played on Richard Nixon’s Silent Majority. For more than forty years he has worked with his friend and founder...

Category: World News » General News
NEWSLETTER HOST SITE PROBLEM FIXED - LMBoroLMPark(2,097) On Sunday evening, May 20 (2007) at 11:27 p.m. (its time) the ProBlogs host site announced they’d “encountered an error on one of our databases which was causing the ProBlogs website to malfunction.” The problem was obvious on Friday evening when I (and others who notified me)...

Category: World News » General News
The Palladio Apartments are built on top of ancient burial grounds - SLCBlog(110) Wow, what a great selling point! The Palladio Apartments in downtown Salt Lake City are built on an old Indian and pioneer graveyard! But don't expect this fact to be on their Apartments.com description... Now I know what you are thinking...Isn't this the exact plot of the Poltergeist movie? Well...

Category: World News » General News
Iraq War Spending Bill Castrates Antiwar Democrats - DrAbuelo(2,706) Iraq War Spending Bill Castrates Antiwar Democrats When the news came down that the rank and file Democrats decided to grant George Bush his wish to receive a war spending without a timeline, the move suddenly put representatives Dennis Kucinich, Barbra Boxer and Bernie Sanders and several other...

Category: World News » General News
TRANSITIONS: July 2--6 through April 2007 - LMBoroLMPark(2,097) APRIL 2007 Listed are persons LMB said farewell to, new LMB residents and real Estate Transactions (listed by address and in no particular order of date) since July 2006. Contact Carolyn C. Holland by E-mail ( lmborolmpark@yahoo.com ) or phone (724 238 3493) or with any additions or corrections.

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