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Category: Miscellaneous » Miscellany
(posted 22 days 22 hours ago.)
One Stop Info Shop - Dorothy's Info Shop(154) I am making this blog to help others with decision making on some products or to introduce you to something I find interesting or distasteful. I will report honestly on how I feel about these things. I am always looking up things and always have a tendency to find things that work and somethings...

Category: Miscellaneous » Miscellany
A Husband for Sale - CatherineYen(20,979) CatherineYen Elizabeth Gertrude(pseudonym), a friend of mine from Denmark, she sent me a letter and addressed her story. She said she has posted an ad in early 2007 on her town newspaper, entitled as " A Husband for Sale", this title was surely raised a series of discussion and argument, it is startling and I...

Category: Miscellaneous » Miscellany
(posted 39 days ago.)
Dreams can fortell the future - Creative(54,965) Creative Dreams can fortell the future or at least warn you about it ..in my opinion! I once had a dream (1995) about an old school pal who I had not seen since he was 18yrs old (1988). When I awoke, I gave some thought to this pal and the fact that I'd heard he'd been very unwell after he...

Category: Miscellaneous » Miscellany
(posted 48 days 17 hours ago.)
When trouble strikes, it does so in 3's! - Creative(54,965) Creative Last Tuesday my central heating system (which includes hot water) stopped working, my toilet wouldn't stop flushing and my radiator started leaking. All separately occurring household failures! I suppose I should look on the bright side, failing at the same time reduces multiple days home...

Category: Miscellaneous » Miscellany
(posted 59 days 3 hours ago.)
Being on TV - Not all it's cracked up to be! - Creative(54,965) Creative I have been on TV a few times, but had the most to say and do in a series called 'A Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady'. It aired in 1984 and was 12 episodes long, each episode representing a month of the year. The Director for this series came to my school, had all the pupils stand in a...

Category: Miscellaneous » Miscellany
(posted 66 days 10 hours ago.)
Stop Alienating Your Readers--Avoid Writing Bloopers! - Alf Gordon(13,356) Remember Gary Larson's cartoon "The Far Side"? I loved his twist on common everyday occurrences. One of my all-time favorites is the little boy standing outside the Midvale School for the Gifted, pushing hard on the door to let him in. His head is down and he's obviously straining. If he'd lifted...

Category: Miscellaneous » Miscellany
(posted 70 days 17 hours ago.)
Toy Boys and Sugar Daddies - Does Age matter ? - Creative(54,965) Creative It is often the case that young men in their early twenties are attracted to older women and young women of that age range quite like the older man. Why is this? I would speculate that it has much to do with the age that men and women reach their sexual peak. Men are supposed to...

Category: Miscellaneous » Miscellany
(posted 85 days 1 hour ago.)
Noisy neighbours - can drive a person to kill! - Creative(54,965) Creative I have read many news reports over the years of people so traumatised by noisy neighbours that they have been driven to drastic measures such as killing or trying to kill their neighbour! Here's one from 2006. A man shot two boys (maimed them) then shot himself dead. I once lived...

Category: Miscellaneous » Miscellany
(posted 93 days 16 hours ago.)
Being Politically Correct Takes the Fun Out of Celebration - Alf Gordon(13,356) The older I get, the more aggravating being Politically Correct becomes. It's reached the point where a person can't even have some good clean fun without offending somebody. Next week is the beginning of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Historically the Friday before the start of the...

Category: Miscellaneous » Miscellany
(posted 98 days ago.)
9 O'clock watershed - what a farce! - Creative(54,965) Creative In the UK, we have what is called a 9 O'clock watershed which means that programs aired before 9pm should not have content deemed inappropriate for children. A very popular British soap Eastenders, recently got a rap over the knuckles for breaching the rules and displaying scenes of...

Category: Miscellaneous » Miscellany
(posted 111 days 17 hours ago.)
Internet Dating Sites, do you get what you pay for? - Creative(54,965) Creative Do free dating sites offer the same opportunity to meet people as Dating sites that charge a subscription fee? I have heard from serial online daters that they do note a level of commitment on paying dating sites that may not be present on the free ones. In other words the free sites may...

Category: Miscellaneous » Miscellany
(posted 115 days 22 hours ago.)
"Power Trip" by Meridith - Meridith Kibler(83) The morning gently blew threw his magnificent window Forest trees abound him as though his slumber in the beautiful wilderness 700 count sheets comfort him as he awaken Tailored suits and Italian leather shoes express his wealth To others A tantalizing smile to charm the ladies...

Category: Miscellaneous » Miscellany
(posted 127 days 3 hours ago.)
Attitude towards children and children with attitude - Creative(54,965) Creative Exuberant children run around Finding fun where none can be found Seeing dragons when non-exist Fighting monsters with robotic fists In a garden, room to play No one minds that they play this way But in a classroom where quiet is a must Exuberant children are often cussed ...

Category: Miscellaneous » Miscellany
(posted 130 days ago.)
The Moment of Truth: Game Show Pays People to be Honest - Alf Gordon(13,356) We all have skeletons in our closets, secrets we wouldn't share with those who are nearest and dearest to us. So what would possess someone to clean out that closet on national television? Sheer determination and strong will? A death wish? The promise of half a million dollars, perhaps? "The...

Category: Miscellaneous » Miscellany
(posted 133 days 23 hours ago.)
The Joys of Lego - Creative(54,965) Creative Little plastic bricks used for making things, so small and yet so popular. Why am I blogging about Lego? Lego has universal appeal and bridges the generation gaps. How many children’s toys can you engage yourself in so completely? I know I get bored after two rounds of snap! But give us...

Category: Miscellaneous » Miscellany
(posted 142 days 20 hours ago.)
A $100 giftcard for answering a few questions? I'll take it! - Female Blogic(337) I often recieve email notices from a couple of places asking me to participate their survey panels. I don't mind doing this, these are reputable businesses. At the end of most of the surveys there is a box to check if I want to be entered into a drawing. Duh--of course I want to be entered into a...

Category: Miscellaneous » Miscellany
(posted 158 days ago.)
Post-Christmas Blues: Was There Really Joy to the World? - Alf Gordon(13,356) Christmas is over. All the gifts have been opened, all the food has been eaten, and now we're cleaning up. Take down the decorations, remove the outdoor lights, put away the tree and tinsel and stockings for another year. Head to the store and wait in line forever to exchange those gifts that...

Category: Miscellaneous » Miscellany
(posted 161 days 17 hours ago.)
Wot no Father Christmas? - Creative(54,965) Creative My children have received a personal visit from Father Christmas every Christmas Day since they were born. But now they are aged 4 and 5yrs old and very street smart, I am certain they will know the paunchy chap swaggering down the stairs, dressed in red with huge sack of toys, is their father...

Category: Miscellaneous » Miscellany
(posted 169 days 3 hours ago.)
Abuse in elderly care homes part 2 - Creative(54,965) Creative I wrote recently about the abuse that takes place in elderly care homes and what can be done to combat it, namely the introduction of CCTV to rooms so that staff are too afraid to be abusive for fear of being caught as they are always being watched. It is a preventative measure. The original post...

Category: Miscellaneous » Miscellany
(posted 182 days 15 hours ago.)
What happened to Madeleine McCann - it is clear to me who and how. - Creative(54,965) Creative The case of missing toddler Madeleine McCann from a Portuguese holiday resort has continued to dominate the Uk's press for months now and I thought I would share my view on what happened the night of her disappearance and perhaps together we can wonder why it is that the holiday resorts staff...

Category: Miscellaneous » Miscellany
(posted 189 days 18 hours ago.)
How to Talk to Girls - Creative(54,965) Creative Men are often on the look out for new and appealing chat up lines that will make them more appealing to the fairer sex. There are quite a few funny ones out there though not sure how successful they are! Such as ‘Did you hurt your head when you fell out of the sky?’ The implication being that you...

Category: Miscellaneous » Miscellany
(posted 196 days 21 hours ago.)
How to find Mr or Mrs Right! - Creative(54,965) Creative Questions people often ask about love: What is love? What is true love? What are soul mates? How do you find true love? How do you find your soul mate? Well one thing is for sure you won’t find love unless you put in some concentrated effort and are out

Category: Miscellaneous » Miscellany
(posted 199 days 20 hours ago.)
Santa's trademark "Ho Ho Ho" is offensive? Get real! - Female Blogic(337) It seems a company in Australia has decided that Santa's signature line is offensive to women and could scare off the little tykes that visit him. Westaff, a Santa recruitment firm is teaching their Santas a more politically correct "Ha ha ha" and in a softer tone, no less. Get real! A show...

Category: Miscellaneous » Miscellany
(posted 204 days 21 hours ago.)
How to tell if a girl likes you - Creative(54,965) Creative Now being female you’d think I’d have a pretty good take on this one wouldn’t you! Well I do and I don’t. Women can come across as sweet innocent and vulnerable when in reality they might be lean mean manipulating machines! Game players extraordinaire , and therein the problem lies. While some...

Category: Miscellaneous » Miscellany
(posted 221 days 23 hours ago.)
This Is Not Your Father's Job Interview - Alf Gordon(13,356) I had the opportunity to overhear a cell phone conversation today. It didn't take but a few minutes to realize the man on the phone was being interviewed by a prospective employer. His conversation was very professional as he outlined his eduction and experience. I know I was impressed by his...

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