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Category: U.S. News » Politics
(posted 140 days 13 hours ago.)
Questions I Would Like To Have Seen Asked During The New Hampshire Debates - DrAbuelo(2,706) While Scott Spradling did a better than expected job in asking the candidates some of the tougher questions about issues that ranged from military intervention in Pakistan to the Iraq war. But his series of questions, as to be expected, fell far short of reaching the full spectrum of...

Category: U.S. News » Current Events
(posted 140 days 21 hours ago.)
Nuclear Security; Homeland Questions Abound. - Mike Fak(18,246) Mike Fak On December 18 th I wrote about the terrible security at our nation’s nuclear power plants. In that article I explained how a security employee at the Peach Bottom Nuclear Power Plant complained of security personnel sleeping on the job. For his efforts he was admonished by his employer...

Category: U.S. News » Local Government
(posted 146 days ago.)
Oregon Mayor Shows Her Position on MySpace - Alf Gordon(13,356) It's a given in politics these days: Somebody (most likely your opposition) is going to go digging through your closets, looking for skeletons. Being fallible human beings, most of us have one or two. But what happens when you put your skeleton out on the Internet for everybody to see? Several...

Category: U.S. News » Campaign Trail
(posted 147 days 22 hours ago.)
Presidential Election 2008; the Iowa Caucus Circus is over. - Mike Fak(18,246) Mike Fak Thank God it’s over. No, I’m not talking about the cold spell that ran through the Midwest. I’m talking about the Iowa Caucus. In another fit of I-want-to-be-president insanity, candidates are estimated to have spent upwards of $30 million trying to get the votes of 340,000 Iowans. In other words...

Category: U.S. News » Current Events
(posted 157 days 22 hours ago.)
Ethanol not as Environmentally Friendly as Claimed. - Mike Fak(18,246) Mike Fak The continual push of ethanol as an alternative fuel for our nation’s vehicles has another twist. It appears experts didn’t take into account that ethanol might be an environmentally dangerous industry to our sea life. Yes, ethanol, praised as an environmentally excellent alternative as a...

Category: U.S. News » Local Government
(posted 163 days 18 hours ago.)
Illegal Hotels Threaten Affordable Housing In New York - DrAbuelo(2,706) Article By Vivan Riffelmacher A Founding Member of the West Side Neighborho Imagine that every weekend your home is invaded by strangers. The room next to yours is occupied by crowds of backpackers; kids in their late teens and 20's on their own in New York city, partying loudly all night....

Category: U.S. News » Current Events
(posted 163 days 22 hours ago.)
Clean Burn Coal Plant a Taxpayer Fiasco - Mike Fak(18,246) Mike Fak A clean coal power plant is going to be built in Central Illinois starting next year. At least everyone thinks it will. Or maybe it won’t just yet. Or maybe it will cost too much and the hell with the whole idea. In just three days, reports concerning the potential “New Age” power plant have...

Category: U.S. News » Current Events
(posted 167 days 2 hours ago.)
The Business of Security has little to do with Security. - Mike Fak(18,246) Mike Fak Energy giant Exelon has announced the firing of the private company they had hired to provide security to their nuclear power plants throughout the Northeast and Midwest. The actions came on the heels of a report by a Pennsylvania television station that included video tape of security guards...

Category: U.S. News » Current Events
(posted 170 days 23 hours ago.)
Is the News Creating more Tragedy or is it just us? - Mike Fak(18,246) Mike Fak The suicide note left by Robert Hawkins, the young man who killed eight innocent people before turning the gun on himself, started out with “Now I’ll be famous.” At what cost doesn’t seem to have been a question in the demented youngster’s mind. You all know enough about the horrendous...

Category: U.S. News » Campaign Trail
(posted 171 days ago.)
The Presidential Debates: Who Are They For? And Who Do They Benefit? - Alf Gordon(13,356) I'm hoping somebody can answer the questions. And here's why I ask. First, the latest debates in Iowa were held during the day. I don't know about you, but as a gainfully employed American citizen, I work during the times the debates were broadcast. I seriously doubt my bosses will pay for...

Category: U.S. News » Campaign Trail
(posted 178 days 1 hour ago.)
Oprah Winfrey, Can the Queen of Television Crown a President. - Mike Fak(18,246) Mike Fak I am the last person in the world to believe in celebrity endorsements. The fact that television mogul and billionaire Oprah Winfrey has endorsed and is campaigning for Illinois Senator Barack Obama is of interest but only in what it might mean in the coming months for Obama’s popularity. Most...

Category: U.S. News » Current Events
(posted 184 days 21 hours ago.)
Seminole Tribal Council Under Federal Scutiny - Mike Fak(18,246) Mike Fak If there has ever been a culture that lived by the beat of a different drum it was the Seminole Native American Tribe. The Seminoles are the only other sovereign nation on these shores as they never surrendered nor signed a formal treaty with the United States. Rather than be subjugated by...

Category: U.S. News » Current Events
(posted 188 days 1 hour ago.)
Phony Bomb Threats at Schools Require Real Punishment. - Mike Fak(18,246) Mike Fak Living in Central Illinois is a lot like living in any small town area across the country. For the most part, nothing really terrible happens here. Vandalism sticks it ugly head up once in a while. There is a robbery from time to time but like most of America, things are fairly peaceful. In...

Category: U.S. News » Politics
(posted 188 days 6 hours ago.)
The Obama and Hillary War - RainbowCows(153) I have turned off my TV. Is the battle over yet?

Category: U.S. News » Current Events
(posted 190 days 21 hours ago.)
To Each His Own (Sport): Racism and Team Ownership - Alf Gordon(13,356) The Houston Dynamo, our local soccer team, just won their second championship last weekend; in response, the city held a big pep rally during the week to celebrate. I was leaving work as the crowds of fans were coming in to celebrate. I heard a couple of guys talking behind me as I was walking to...

Category: U.S. News » Current Events
(posted 198 days 23 hours ago.)
Televangelists Should Pay Taxes on Personal Profits. - Mike Fak(18,246) Mike Fak My favorite story in the Bible is the one where Emperor Jesus goes on tour. The entourage of gilded chariots, body guards, personal masseuses and wagon trains of gold and fine silks as he goes about the Holy Land asking for more dough makes for a compelling read. Oh wait. I got my Biblical...

Category: U.S. News » Politics
(posted 205 days 21 hours ago.)
Poll To Focus On Younger Voters - DrAbuelo(2,706) Many election polls ignore the 18 to 25 year old population since historically they tend not to vote in the same volume of older categories. So for those younger voters which one of the three are you most likely to vote for in the 2008 presidential elections? For the 18-25 year old population...

Category: U.S. News » Current Events
(posted 205 days 22 hours ago.)
Consumer Products Safety Commission Chiefs Toy With Integrity. - Mike Fak(18,246) Mike Fak Well the great mystery of how dangerous, lead covered toys could be all over American store shelves has been solved. Now the who-dun-it definitely had a fall guy all set up with the Chinese manufacturers. The story also had toy companies like Mattel as obvious bad guys in this debacle. But now...

Category: U.S. News » Current Events
(posted 209 days 1 hour ago.)
U.S. Diplomats Complain As They Face Draft. - Mike Fak(18,246) Mike Fak In a show of solidarity, members of the Foreign Service, more commonly known as the U.S. Diplomatic Corps, took their grievances to an open meeting convened by the U.S. State Department. The diplomats and their union are up in arms about the report that not enough representatives were dumb...

Category: U.S. News » Current Events
(posted 209 days 20 hours ago.)
How Do Illegal Immigrants Rate in the United States? - Alf Gordon(13,356) These days, if you don't see a story on your nightly news about the "undocumented workers" issue in the United States, you're comatose. It's one of the hottest topics of discussion in the country today. And the way that politicians and the media are leaning on this issue lets us know just how...

Category: U.S. News » Politics
(posted 209 days 21 hours ago.)
The Martin Anderson Case And The Issue Of Race In America - DrAbuelo(2,706) The Martin Anderson Case And The Issue Of Race In America

Category: U.S. News » Current Events
(posted 212 days 22 hours ago.)
A Biohazard Catastrophe; Terrorists Need Not Apply. - Mike Fak(18,246) Mike Fak Whenever I feel like getting a heated conversation started at a local coffee shop, I throw out a simple question. I ask why fellow caffeinists think we haven’t had a major attack in our country since the World Trade disaster. I have yet to have someone state they believe it is because we have...

Category: U.S. News » Current Events
(posted 216 days 1 hour ago.)
FEMA, a Disaster Not Waiting to Happen. - Mike Fak(18,246) Mike Fak Since you are a blog reader, I find it unnecessary to spend any time restating the incredibly inept blunderings of our Federal Emergency Management Agency during Hurricane Katrina. Suffice it to say as time moves on and more and more facts of that debacle are made known, it has become apparent...

Category: U.S. News » Current Events
(posted 220 days 1 hour ago.)
"No Child Left Behind" a Flawed Ideal - Mike Fak(18,246) Mike Fak In 2002, President Bush, with the aid of a majority in Congress, passed the “No Child Left Behind Act”. The law, which had the altruistic intention of requiring every child in America receive a quality education was a very good idea. The problem was the President failed to understand that the...

Category: U.S. News » Current Events
(posted 223 days 1 hour ago.)
Mishaps Reported at U. S. Labs working with Deadly Viruses and Toxins - Mike Fak(18,246) Mike Fak My grandmother always said it was the little things that count. I hope she wasn’t right when it comes to this story. I’m talking about micro organisms, the bad kind; like Ebola or the Black Plague, or Anthrax or other micro organisms we have created and now must find a cure for. From time to...

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