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Category: Business / Economy » Economic News
Piracy - buckeye(156) According to the Motion Picture Associaton of America, movie piracy is a " growing global epidemic " At this site, http://www.pcworld.com/article/id,116842-page,1/article.html , which consitsts of an article on the rising use of illegally downloading movies over the internet. This report which...

Category: Business / Economy » Economic News
Punishment - buckeye(156) Continuing with the subject of piracy there are some stricter penalties that have been implemented since the on going rise of movie piracy. If convicted one could end up with a 10-year prison sentence. According to The Inquirer (http://www.theinquirer.net/default.aspx?article=31256) the new laws...

Category: Business / Economy » Economic News
NIGERIA'S FEUDING PRESIDENCY - daretaiwo(93) We have a democracy threatening issue in Nigeria currently and that is the animosity existing between our Prsident and His Deputy. It has gotten to a crescendo that it is only by divine hands of God that the feud will be settled amicably. We have a President who has been most favoured by God....

Category: Business / Economy » Economic News
AFRICAN TOURISM: NIGERIA - daretaiwo(93) In the next few weeks, my Blog will be dedicated to showcasing Africa and its rich Cultures. A lot of misinformation have been take as facts in the past and through this medium, I shall try within my busy schedule to share information about Africa, its People, its Culture and its Tourism sites....

Category: Business / Economy » Economic News
9/11 - Is there a Silver Lining on Such a Dark Cloud? - TheOptimist(4,576) As we take time today to remember the great tragedy that occurred on 9/11 five years ago, it would be impossible to deny that it was a horrible day. I would never want to down play the great amount of pain and tragedy that was caused by such a terrible act of cowardice and evil. However, is there...

Category: Business / Economy » Economic News
9/11: Its hiigh time the tactics are changed - daretaiwo(93) Africa and Africans commiserate with The United States on the 5th Anniversary of September 11. Africans also commiserate with themselves for all Africans and Africans in diasporra that lost their lifes on that fateful day. Its already five years and this should be the time for stock taking. Its...

Category: Business / Economy » Economic News
NIGERIA'S IMAGE ABROAD - daretaiwo(93) A lot has been said about Nigerians abroad vis-a-vis their involvement in Scams. While not trying to make excuses without a reasonable basis. I wish to state that Nigeria is the largest and most populous black Country in the World. With an estimated population of almost 150million, there is the...

Category: Business / Economy » Economic News
Film School - buckeye(156) I guess I should have posted this as one of my first blogs considering most people need to get a degree to start doing anything in the film industry. Film school has always been an interest of mine since high school, but I knew that it would be too expensive to go to a top notch school. Now I...

Category: Business / Economy » Economic News
RE: Nigeria's 2007 Election - daretaiwo(93) The Elections are few months away. But the Government has started playing dirty. Allegations and counter allegations of frauds are flying around between the Presidency and contenders to highest seat of Government. I still can fathom why African Leaders find it dificult relinquishing power. This...

Category: Business / Economy » Economic News
Why Great Things Are Happening. - TheOptimist(4,576) I truly believe that all the great things that have been happening in my life are a direct result of my " habit of action " . I have spoke of this a before, but I feel that it is important enough to touch upon again. The following is taken from Napoleon Hill's " Laws of Success " : " Today I...

Category: Business / Economy » Economic News
Could we be seeing the last of blockbuster movies? - buckeye(156) I came accross an article that quoted a filmmaker foreseeing the end of the making of blockbuster movies. The Filmmaker? George Lucas. Yes, that George Lucas who made millions off his Star Wars movies. He was quoted in this article saying, " The market forces that exist today make it unrealistic...

Category: Business / Economy » Economic News
Blogging in General - TheOptimist(4,576) Well it has been a while since my last post, so I thought I would get back to it... Blogging to me is a type of release. It is a way for me to keep motivated and stay focused on my goals. When I neglect my blog I feel like I am shunning a responsibility. Even if there were no readers (I've had...

Category: Business / Economy » Economic News
does OneUglyDomain.net = $1,000,000? - TheOptimist(4,576) Some of you may know of Andres Kello. He is from Australia and is trying to break the worlds record for the most expensive domain name ever, with TheRecordBreakingDomain.com . I trade domain names myself, so I was interested in this project, and I have blogged about it in the past. What has now...

Category: Business / Economy » Economic News
Theatre isn't convenient - buckeye(156) In recent years the box office has been taking a hit. It seems that people are being more selective when it comes to watching a movie at the theatre. Well if you think about, why not be more selective? I usually can't find time to see a movie. Most of my free time comes after 10:00 and the last...

Category: Business / Economy » Economic News
DVD profits compared to Box office - buckeye(156) I want to stick with this ongoing theme on failures of blockbuster movies. Certainly there are many factors that attribute to this. Last time I wrote about the inconvenience of going to the theatre. This time I wanted to focus on the relation of DVD sales to Box office sales. DVD profits have...

Category: Business / Economy » Economic News
Are Big Screen TV's affecting Box office sales? - buckeye(156) To continue the theme on the failure of blockbusters I'm going to reach out on this blog. However, I do think there is a correlation between these two subjects: Big Screen TV's profits vs. blockbuster profit drops. I found an article with Star Tribune that reported sales are up 22% for the...

Category: Business / Economy » Economic News
Taking it one day at a time - TheOptimist(4,576) I sometimes find myself overwhelmed. When it seems that everything must be done all at once. It is easy to be discouraged at these times and throw your hands up in the air. " Forget it, it is just to hard! " When I was younger this was actually the way that I dealt with pressure and feelings of...

Category: Business / Economy » Economic News
A 16 year old with an idea becomes a multi-millionaire - TheOptimist(4,576) This is an interesting short news clip about Jared, a now 23 year old, that has created a company based on an idea that he had when he was only 16 years old. It goes to show that the best way to be successful is to create something of value to others and help others along the way. Here is the...

Category: Business / Economy » Economic News
Independence? - buckeye(156) I wanted to focus away from big business for once and dabble in the genre of indie films, otherwise known as independent films. Most independent films are ones that do not receive financing from a major movie studio such as MGM or Warner Bros. A lot of times a film can be qualified as an...

Category: Business / Economy » Economic News
Rise of the Indie - buckeye(156) I found a great site that focuses on identifying what indie’s really are. There seems to be a certain stigma that derives from the word “indie”. I would have to agree with a lot of the comments in this article, “ If it's cool, creative and different, it's indie ”...

Category: Business / Economy » Economic News
Youtube - buckeye(156) The introduction of Youtube has changed the film industry similar to what Napster did to the music industry. Maybe not in the legal matters, but the sharing of video is spreading. Youtube allows people to share videos over the internet. So if you think of a certain scene in a movie or a TV show...

Category: Business / Economy » Economic News
Youtube continued... - buckeye(156) It's the subject of Youtube continued!!! OK, maybe not that exciting but I would have to say that if you mention Youtube to someone they probably have already heard about. I remember when I found out about the site, I searched for video clips for over an hour. I then told someone about it and...

Category: Business / Economy » Economic News
The War of Art - TheOptimist(4,576) The war of Art is the title of a book I have just read. It is excellent, and I recommend it to anyone that is interested in following their dreams and accomplishing their goals. The book is written towards those that are interested in art and writing, however the ideas can be applied to anyone....

Category: Business / Economy » Economic News
Documentary - buckeye(156) Documentary films have become a common thing in theatres today. At least more so than in the past. Some of the more famous documentaries are used not about something for the discovery channel or animal planet, but they are used as a source of journalism. Documentaries like Roger and Me, Farenheit...

Category: Business / Economy » Economic News
Mockumentary - buckeye(156) I wanted to blog about the use of mockumentaries since I’ve focused a little on the documentary genre. A mockumentary is a film presented like a documentary, but it isn’t based on facts. Most mockumentaries are used to portray a satire or comical parody. More recent examples of...

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