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Category: Technology » Internet
(posted 117 days 1 hour ago.)
Tax Software Versus Tax Service: Which Is Better? - Danny Davids(13,494) Danny Davids I was going over my calendar a few days ago, looking at the special dates for 2008. New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Day, birthdays for our older dog and younger daughter, Groudhog Day--all done. The next dates of importance are, let's see--Valentine's Day, Presidents' Day, St. Patrick's Day...

Category: Technology » Internet
(posted 119 days 16 hours ago.)
The life and times of someone without Broadband - Creative(54,965) Creative Given that there are still people in this modern world of ours without Internet connection, I find myself strangely affected by not having broadband and having to return to the grim dark and slow paced life of dial up. How quickly we adapt and accustom ourselves to new technology and...

Category: Technology » Internet
(posted 124 days 20 hours ago.)
Political Censorship? Google Bans Personal Attacks in Political Ads - Danny Davids(13,494) Danny Davids Are you as tired of the latest round of mudslinging political ads as I am? Then you should be happy to know there is one less place you'll find them--on Google. With all the different types of ads popping up on the Internet, Google determined that the only fair thing to do was to notify users...

Category: Technology » Internet
(posted 131 days ago.)
Increasing Internet Costs: Cable Company Tests New Billing Plan - Danny Davids(13,494) Danny Davids Remember what you used to go through to get on-line access? You plugged a modem into your computer and used your phone line to connect to a free bulletin-board system (BBS), passing packets of messages and the occasional file from one ring in the system to the next. Then you broke down and...

Category: Technology » Internet
(posted 136 days 23 hours ago.)
Internet Access Limits Approaching Fast: IPv6 to the Rescue! - Danny Davids(13,494) Danny Davids Enjoying that new computer you just bought, complete with all the latest bells and whistles? Having fun surfing the Internet, downloading music and playing games and chatting with your friends? Think you'll be up and running on the Internet for the foreseeable future? Think again. The current...

Category: Technology » Gadgets
(posted 142 days 23 hours ago.)
The Future of Television: Meet OLED - Danny Davids(13,494) Danny Davids Hey, you high-tech toy freaks out there. Want the absolutely, positively, best television set you can buy and be on the cutting edge of technology? Then follow the lead set by the vendors at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week and get your hands on the future of television:...

Category: Technology » Internet
(posted 143 days 18 hours ago.)
You're Fired! Legal Ramifications of Illegal E-Mail Content - Danny Davids(13,494) Danny Davids It's pretty much a normal day at the office. You turn on your computer, sign in to the network, and check your e-mail. After getting your morning cup of coffee you scan the new messages and reply to a few that are personal. You forward the joke your cousin e-mailed you to several of your friends...

Category: Technology » Gadgets
(posted 149 days 16 hours ago.)
Electronic Votes: Better or Worse Than Paper? - Danny Davids(13,494) Danny Davids This year we in the United States will (hopefully) be going to the polls and casting our votes for a new President. Thanks in part to the fiasco our national election generated in 2004, the issue of how to properly and safely cast a vote that cannot be tampered with or altered is paramount....

Category: Technology » Internet
(posted 150 days 4 hours ago.)
Forum Etiquette – Information for Newbies! - Creative(54,965) Creative Having been around forums a while now I can tell you that they vary vastly in their community structure and operation and how well they operate and how friendly the inhabitants are really depends on how the forum is administered. If the forum admin are militant and try to suppress and control the...

Category: Technology » Gadgets
(posted 151 days ago.)
Train Yourself! Avoid Being Part of the Big Chief Brigade! - Danny Davids(13,494) Danny Davids In over 27 years of providing computer support and consulting services, I've had to work with all kinds of people. Some are thrilled with the latest technological gadgets; others are not. Yet most realize that these devices can makes lives easier and more productive, especially in the business...

Category: Technology » Gadgets
(posted 158 days 20 hours ago.)
Your New Electronics Device: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility - Danny Davids(13,494) Danny Davids So your Christmas wish came true. You've received the newest/fastest/latest electronic gadget and you can't wait to start using it and show it off to all your friends. Hold up there, Speedy Gonzales! Before you take that new toy out into the world, there are a few things you want to do to make...

Category: Technology » Gadgets
(posted 165 days 21 hours ago.)
Buying a Computer? Don't Forget to Include Support Costs - Danny Davids(13,494) Danny Davids With Christmas nearly upon us, many gift-givers may be thinking of purchasing a computer for that special someone. You've probably researched the brand you want, checked with those in your business and social circles to find out exactly what options you want, and maybe even included a software...

Category: Technology » Gadgets
(posted 172 days 17 hours ago.)
High-Tech Tools Don't Make Up for Low-Brains Users - Danny Davids(13,494) Danny Davids The story you are about to read is true. The names have been changed to protect the guilty, although they certainly don't deserve to be protected. About two months ago I started getting phone calls on my work cell from people I didn't know. Because it's a work cell, I don't bother answering...

Category: Technology » Gadgets
(posted 178 days 17 hours ago.)
Senior Citizens: Wii's Growing Gaming Community - Danny Davids(13,494) Danny Davids "Wii would like to play," the two Japanese men say as they bow politely to the camera, Wii game system and controllers firmly in hand. Cut to teenaged girls playing the latest Mario game, followed by a family embroiled in a fishing competition, then a group of senior citizens playing bowling, and...

Category: Technology » Gadgets
(posted 185 days 18 hours ago.)
Backing Up Your Data: Quick, Easy, and Cheap - Danny Davids(13,494) Danny Davids I know a lot of people who use computers at work, at home, and on the road. Through necessity, they've learned some of the basics about how their system works, and what to do if there's a problem. They know what program to run to scan for a virus, test their wireless connection, and even get...

Category: Technology » Gadgets
(posted 186 days 4 hours ago.)
ALL ABOUT GADGETS, MOBILES & TECHNOLOGY - Muhammad Raheel Jahangeer(80) What seems to be a minor leakage on the Sony Ericsson web site tells us that they soon will announce the Sony Ericsson K660i model. The Sony Ericsson K660 is not officialy announced but rumor has it that this will happen on Tuesday. The K660 data sheet was found on the Sony Ericsson web...

Category: Technology » Internet
(posted 189 days ago.)
Auction? Garage Sale? On-line Store? No--it's Craigslist! - Danny Davids(13,494) Danny Davids One-year old electric dryer in excellent condition--$50. Six-year old queen mattress, box spring, and frame in excellent condition--$50. Small chest of drawers--$25. Saving money by buying on-line from local individuals or companies and avoiding shipping charges--priceless. No, this isn't an...

Category: Technology » Gadgets
(posted 196 days 11 hours ago.)
Revolutionary i-Stream Console Distribution Rights - Jay Burton(89) The i-Stream Console was referred to in earlier developmental stages and in an earlier press release as the "i-Box." However, the parties have agreed that since several companies already have proprietary technology that already bear that trademark, the term "i-Stream Console" will be used to...

Category: Technology » Gadgets
(posted 199 days 18 hours ago.)
Steampunk: Where High Tech Meets Victorian Design - Danny Davids(13,494) Danny Davids You've seen the movies. You know, those old science-fiction ones set in the late 1800s or early 1900s, where the Industrial Revolution meets the Computer Revolution, and technology looks like something designed by Leonardo da Vinci or Jules Verne. Without even knowing it, you've already seen...

Category: Technology » Internet
(posted 204 days 16 hours ago.)
How to Prevent Identity Theft - Creative(54,965) Creative The more reliant we become on technology to buy, sell and do business over the Internet the more vulnerable we become to Identity theft. People finding out and using our personal information to commit crime, steal from us and steal from others while they pose as us. I have myself fallen foul to...

Category: Technology » Internet
(posted 209 days 23 hours ago.)
Silly Rabbit, MySpace and Social Networking Are for Kids - NOT! - Danny Davids(13,494) Danny Davids "Social networking." Know what it is? No? How about "MySpace"? If you know the latter, then you're familiar with the principles of the former. Social networking has been around forever (it's not what you know, it's who you know!), but it's taking on a whole new dimension because of the Internet....

Category: Technology » Internet
(posted 213 days 21 hours ago.)
RSS: Check All Your Favorite Web Sites at Once - Danny Davids(13,494) Danny Davids You see it more and more on Web sites: "Click Here for your RSS feed." You may be wondering, what the heck is RSS? Do I benefit by using it? Or is this just another sneaky ploy to get my email address for more advertising spam? Read on and find out if RSS is for you. RSS (which stands for...

Category: Technology » Internet
(posted 215 days 16 hours ago.)
Neopets: Online Game for Kids of All Ages - Danny Davids(13,494) Danny Davids With online gaming becoming more and more popular, kids are itching to try their hands (keyboards? joysticks?) at this Internet-based entertainment medium. Parents may be concerned about the costs, as many of them require the purchase of startup software (to run on the PC) and a monthly...

Category: Technology » Internet
(posted 217 days 18 hours ago.)
Your Pet Can Star in Its Very Own e-Card! - Danny Davids(13,494) Danny Davids For those of you who have never received one, or don't know what they are, e-cards are the electronic version of greeting cards. Generally you go to a Web site that features e-cards, register with them, then pick your card, type in your message, enter your name and e-mail address as well as the...

Category: Technology » Gadgets
(posted 222 days 10 hours ago.)
All Your Electronics Devices Can Finally Get Along! - Danny Davids(13,494) Danny Davids The television. The DVD player. The VCR. The GameCube. The stereo. The DV-R. These devices are all designed to provide entertainment at home. Each has its own set of power and connector cables. Most of them have to connect to the television in order to work properly. Unfortunately, even modern...

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