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Category: Technology » Internet
Hello world! (An introduction to me. Read first) - Phoenyx(5) Hiya! The name's Erin, but everyone either calls me Phoenyx or *cough* Mommy Midgee... Ahem. Anyway. Web Development says the we're going to be creating a blog anyway, so I thought I'd get a head start and see what the whole blogging craze is all about. so far so good. Just note whenever...

Category: Technology » Internet
All of my poetry! - Nathjes(22) Heart It beats Pumps blood Breaks when rejected Heals when loved Is whole when married Grows old with age Dies when the time comes.... Death Like taking candy from a baby It snatches your enti(spirit) Leaving the psni(physical)behind Death decides Will you be snei(reincarnated) Or stay dean(dead)...

Category: Technology » Internet
Angel Spell - Nathjes(22) This spell has to do with angels and nightmares. I was sick and tired of the nightmares so I created this spell for protection in dreams from nightmares. Guiding angels hear my plea Keep a wacthful eye over me Wacth me here wacth me there Keep things more fair Destroy the nightmares for me...

Category: Technology » Internet
9:23 P.M. - Nathjes(22) Yeah its around that time . I got up, got ready for school, went to school, came home, and settled down. The beauty of it is that I didn't recieve any homework. Even if I did...I would have completed it, exspecially if it was form English or Algebra! English is my favorite subject. I have...

Category: Technology » Internet
1st post - DaSnipe(7) Hey it's my first post so everyone welcome me here :) Thanks Steve

Category: Technology » Internet
The site is ready. 3....2....1....Launch! - AlexaSucks(220) We are proud to announce the launch of AlexaSucks.com ! If you haven't already visited this website please do so now, it explains the whole thing. While you are there please take a few minutes to follow the 10 steps listed on the site and spread the Alexa Sucks message to the world. At this time...

Category: Technology » Internet
AlexaSucks.com's stats budge! - AlexaSucks(220) The AlexaSucks.com site was just launched a couple of days ago, however we have already seen our unranked site crack the rankings! The daily stats only show for sites in the top 100,000 (we will be there soon), but the weekly average is already 803,761. Please keep in mind that the site hasn't...

Category: Technology » Internet
Alexa ranking progressing nicely! - AlexaSucks(220) Hello All, It has only been 5 days since we launched the AlexaSucks.com website and we have already heard from naysayers that say it won't work. We say to these people that they should stick to doubting themselves where their predictions have a better chance of being right! The fact is...

Category: Technology » Internet
The first casualty in the AlexaSucks fight: My SeoChat account - AlexaSucks(220) Perhaps we were a little naive to believe that Alexa Toolbar users would help us in this quest... It seems many of those that have the toolbar installed have an unspoken pact to protect the status quo. These are the webmasters with the impressive Alexa numbers that the general public is so...

Category: Technology » Internet
Article about AlexaSucks.com published in the Jerusalem Post! - AlexaSucks(220) An article about the AlexaSucks.com project was published in the Jerusalem Post last week. View the article on the Jerusalem Post website (This link will only work for about 3 more weeks) If the above link doesn't work you can

Category: Technology » Internet
Blonde Blog - Sandyra(45) Welcome to Blonde Blog. Yes, I am a natural blonde and no, I'm not ditzy. Far from it. If anything, I'm too intense for my own good. So I've developed sort of a dry sense of humor, as you will see reading my blogs. My " kinfolk " way back hailed from Tennessee, Oklahoma, Missouri, and...

Category: Technology » Internet
Ahhh, Camping -- Bugs, Dirt, and Rain - Sandyra(45) If you aren't prepared for any eventuality, camping can be a miserable experience. However, if you follow a few simple steps, camping can be a very rewarding, refreshing experience for you and your family. What to take can be divided into a few main categories: 1. Shelter - check BEFORE you go...

Category: Technology » Internet
UFC and Pride Fans - Don't Miss Out on This! - Sandyra(45) If you are an MMA fan, there is a great new site you must check out! On t his MMA site you can win up to $500 just for picking this season's winners. You can also earn points by guessing how it will turn out -- knockout, TKO, unanimous decision, or split decision. You can bet fantasy dollars by...

Category: Technology » Internet
Hmmm, just having a look around. - Bruce(14) Online Now! Pretty cool stuff!

Category: Technology » Computers
(posted 42 days 22 hours ago.)
Building a PC for Dummies...Dummy - Rhozan Betuel(109) Rhozan Betuel I've always wondered how some people just knew everything about computers; how to build them and most importantly understanding all that lingo you have to know in order to put the parts together correctly. I figured that people who know their stuff, prrroooobbaaably have spent years and years...

Category: Technology » Computers
(posted 44 days 16 hours ago.)
Be a Good User: Tell Me What's Wrong With Your Computer! - Danny Davids(13,494) Danny Davids I've been providing computer support for over 25 years now. Doing anything for a quarter of a century usually gives one a good perspective on how a job should be done. It also provides some practice in determining whether a computer user is "good" or not. I'm not talking about somebody who is...

Category: Technology » Gadgets
(posted 51 days 22 hours ago.)
Cell Phone Evolution: I Can't Hear You Now, I'm Using All These New Features! - Danny Davids(13,494) Danny Davids It's time for a new cell phone. My contract with my current provider is nearly up, and cell phone technology has changed enough in two years that I'm having problems with my existing phone. So I've started looking at my options. There are a lot of them, and that's just with my provider. But I do...

Category: Technology » Gadgets
(posted 59 days ago.)
A History of Downloading Music: What Do You Own? - Danny Davids(13,494) Danny Davids A co-worker approached me last week concerning her daughter's MP3 player. During our discourse she brought up an interesting question: When I buy a CD or pay for a music download, what do I get? The answer may surprise you. Even back in the days of vinyl (if you don't know what that is, kids...

Category: Technology » Gadgets
(posted 59 days 3 hours ago.)
Technophobia - what is it, have I got it and how do I get rid of it! - Creative(54,965) Creative Technophobia is possibly a made up term, made up that is by me to represent my 'phobia' of all things technical. I am am course writing this slightly in jest. I do not avoid at all costs technical things and do not have panic attacks and run weeping into a dark empty corner when the mobile...

Category: Technology » Computers
(posted 62 days 21 hours ago.)
Do You Know What's In Your EULA? Adobe and Other Vendors Don't! - Danny Davids(13,494) Danny Davids If you've ever installed software on a computer, you've seen a EULA even if you don't know what it is. The End-User License Agreement is that always-lengthy, often-boring, and seldom-read screen displayed during the installation process that informs you exactly what you can and cannot do with the...

Category: Technology » Internet
(posted 74 days 22 hours ago.)
Music Copyright Lawsuits Continue: Houston Man Pays for Illegally Downloading Music on the Internet - Danny Davids(13,494) Danny Davids Awhile back I wrote a blog entry on Jammie Thomas , the Minnesota mom who was taken to court by the recording industry and ordered to pay $222,000 for over 1,700 songs she downloaded for free from the Internet. If you think that was a one-time occurrence, think again. A Houston man accused of...

Category: Technology » Internet
(posted 81 days 22 hours ago.)
Jerks Abound on the Internet - Danny Davids(13,494) Danny Davids I don't know if it's because I'm growing more observant as I age, or if it's because I'm growing less tolerant. Either way, it's a rare day that I don't witness some ignoramus showing the world around him just how asinine he is. I'm not talking about the occasional social gaffe that all of us are...

Category: Technology » Gadgets
(posted 92 days 10 hours ago.)
USB Bluetooth Device Lets Your Computer Talk To Your Bluetooth-Compatible Cell Phone - Danny Davids(13,494) Danny Davids Like a lot of people, I own a cell phone. While I don't use it for playing my music or sending scads of pictures and text messages to all my "peeps", I do enjoy using some of its more entertaining features. (Translation: I like ringtones and wallpaper.) The problem for me is locating those unique...

Category: Technology » Science
(posted 102 days 21 hours ago.)
Boy's Magnetic Personality Crashes Computers - Danny Davids(13,494) Danny Davids In the tech support world, there are a lot of stories floating around about users and the weird problems they experience with their computers. Some you've probably received via e-mail or seen on the Internet. There are the users who simply don't know what their computer can do (like the infamous...

Category: Technology » Gadgets
(posted 109 days 19 hours ago.)
D:Scribe Lets You Text By Hand(writing) - Danny Davids(13,494) Danny Davids Cell-phone texting is all the rage these days. Teens, tweens, and 20- and 30-somethings use texting like 40- and 50-somethings use e-mail. Perhaps you want to take advantage of the technology, but have a problem getting your phone's number pad to type in all those letters and symbols. Or maybe...

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