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Category: Sports » Football
(posted 221 days 10 hours ago.)
Attack of the Mediocre Quarterbacks - Rob Trahan(12,495) Rob Trahan Tom Brady is on pace to shatter the record for touchdown passes in a season. Peyton Manning has lead his team to a perfect record while starring in every commercial known to man. We used to have a theory in high school that Tom Skerritt was contractually obligated by the Screen Actors' Guild to...

Category: Sports » Baseball
(posted 223 days 11 hours ago.)
World Series Preview, Sort Of - Rob Trahan(12,495) Rob Trahan Blame the Marlins. That's what I do. When the Marlins won it all in 1997, it gave all of the little guys hope. There was a gleam in the eye of every utility infielder toiling away in Middle America. Sure it was a couple more years before the little guys got on a roll, but roll they did. And they...

Category: Sports » Baseball
(posted 224 days 10 hours ago.)
Paul Byrd and HGH - Rob Trahan(12,495) Rob Trahan Disclaimer: I believe Paul Byrd when he says he was prescribed HGH by a doctor as treatment for a tumor on his pituitary gland. But it is a sign of the times that even Byrd makes the news because of how scandalous steroids and HGH have become. Rarely does a news cycle pass without at least...

Category: Sports » Baseball
(posted 227 days 11 hours ago.)
Joe Torre Deserved Better - Rob Trahan(12,495) Rob Trahan I must confess that I'm not in charge of multi-billion dollar corporations. I don't make decisions that could cost me tens of millions of dollars. But I'd still like to think I know a thing or two about common sense business principles. George Steinbrenner is a man who is long on money and...

Category: Sports » Football
(posted 231 days 11 hours ago.)
It's All Les Miles' Fault - Rob Trahan(12,495) Rob Trahan Opponents of the BCS system root for chaos. They (ok, we) root for the most possible teams having a chance to compete so that the powers that be will finally make the change to something that makes sense. LSU took a big step toward making that possible last night in their 3OT loss to Kentucky...

Category: Sports » Baseball
(posted 234 days 10 hours ago.)
Major League Baseball LCS Preview - Rob Trahan(12,495) Rob Trahan I know I'm a little bit late, but the second round of the playoffs is here (Colorado is leading Arizona 4-1 as I type). What can we expect and who will advance? Join me as I gaze into my Swarovski crystal ball. Fox is Breathing a Sigh of Relief It's only fitting that the inferior series...

Category: Sports » Football
(posted 235 days 9 hours ago.)
NFL Week 5 Winners & Losers - Rob Trahan(12,495) Rob Trahan I love stats. Stats can tell you so much about a game. If a team turns the ball over five times, there's a good chance they're going to lose. Same with time of possession. If a team holds the ball longer than its opponent, chances are it will come out on top at the end of the game. And of course...

Category: Sports » General Sports
(posted 239 days 12 hours ago.)
Sports Week in Review - Rob Trahan(12,495) Rob Trahan Baseball playoffs have started, and it's anything but predictable. Another athlete admitted to using performance enhancing drugs (and the country let out a collective yawn). NBA training camps began and Kevin Garnett looks like a kid in a candy store. And I smell a conspiracy in the NCAA, I'll...

Category: Sports » General Sports
(posted 239 days 13 hours ago.)
Duke Lacrosse Players Going Back to the Courtroom - Rob Trahan(12,495) Rob Trahan I've never been a fan of lawsuits. I understand their function, but I think they are abused more than they are used. There are very few times when I see a lawsuit has been filed that I agree with. This is one of those few. If you follow sports at all, you will recognize these names: Reade...

Category: Sports » General Sports
(posted 242 days 10 hours ago.)
Today's Sports Quick Hits - Rob Trahan(12,495) Rob Trahan OK, here's how this is going to work. I have opinions, lots of them on lots of things. Rather than devote whole posts to each of them, we'll just hit the most important ones quickly (thus the name quick hits. Clever, huh?). Let's get started. Two Game Ones in the books. Anyone surprised? I...

Category: Sports » Football
(posted 243 days 10 hours ago.)
NFL Week 4 Winners & Losers - Rob Trahan(12,495) Rob Trahan I enjoy reading all of the season previews. I think all of the "experts" get together and decide who they are going to give all of the press to. This year it seems like San Diego, Baltimore and the Giants were always in the conversation (it's easy to get the Indianapolis and New England picks...

Category: Sports » General Sports
(posted 246 days 10 hours ago.)
Sports Week in Review - Rob Trahan(12,495) Rob Trahan It's been an interesting week on the world of sports. Players have been arrested (again), injured (again), suspended, defended. Seasons are winding down and starting up at the same time. This team's in, that team's out. Coaches, players and officials are all yelling, who's at fault. Let's take...

Category: Sports » Football
(posted 250 days 11 hours ago.)
NFL Week 3 Winners and Losers - Rob Trahan(12,495) Rob Trahan I wasn't alive then, but judging by Philadelphia's throwbacks it is apparent that people living through the Great Depression had no taste in color. We can only hope that the team will attribute their performance against Detroit to superior play and not those monstrosities. The last thing anyone...

Category: Sports » Baseball
(posted 252 days 11 hours ago.)
MLB's Final Push to the Playoffs - Rob Trahan(12,495) Rob Trahan With a week left in the season, there are still four division races up for grabs. If you're a fan of Major League Baseball, this is either an exciting time for you or gut wrenching (hey, Red Sox fans!). If you're Astros, Pirates, Devil Rays or Rangers fans, you're already looking ahead to next...

Category: Sports » Baseball
(posted 255 days 2 hours ago.)
501 Reasons Why Jim Thome Belongs in Baseball Hall of Fame - Mike Fak(18,246) Mike Fak We live in an era where sports heroes are in the news every day. Far too often, they aren't on the sports pages however. Instead we find their names on the front page for doing something incredibly stupid or selfish or criminal. These sports figures are not in the news for making game winning...

Category: Sports » Baseball
(posted 255 days 10 hours ago.)
Marc Ecko and vote756, Giving the Power to the People - Rob Trahan(12,495) Rob Trahan Did you vote yet? Did you let your voice be heard? You know the old truism, if you don't vote, you can't complain. I'm referring, of course, to the vote to decide the fate of the (in)famous 756th home run ball. Fashion designer Marc Ecko bought the ball in an online auction. His winning...

Category: Sports » General Sports
(posted 257 days 12 hours ago.)
NFL Week 2 Winners and Losers - Rob Trahan(12,495) Rob Trahan If this were college football, the polls would be reeling right now. New Orleans is 0-2? The Giants? The Eagles joined them Monday night in a boo-inducing effort (quick, someone give me the name of any one Eagle wide receiver). But it's not the NCAA, It's the NFL. And almost half of the teams in...

Category: Sports » General Sports
(posted 260 days 15 hours ago.)
Clash of the Titanics - Rob Trahan(12,495) Rob Trahan When I was in high school, my friends and I played a football game every Thanksgiving. It was a bunch of guys who weren't good enough to start for their varsity team. We called it the Toilet Bowl. Today is college football's Toilet Bowl. 0-2 Michigan is taking on 0-2 Notre Dame. I'm not sure what...

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