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Category: Sports » Baseball
(posted 80 days 18 hours ago.)
Wrigley Field: What’s in a name is plenty to Cub Fans. - Mike Fak(18,246) Mike Fak The other day, the entire front page of the Chicago Sun Times was devoted to the outrage storming through Chicago’s bars, taverns, coffee shops and even churches. Notorious new owner of the Tribune Corp, Sam Zell went on record as saying he was looking into selling naming rights to one of the...

Category: Sports » General Sports
(posted 118 days 10 hours ago.)
How Athletes Can Boost the Economy - Rob Trahan(12,495) Rob Trahan Ever have an epiphany (or as Smee from 'Hook' says: an apostrophe)? Ever have an idea so brilliant it couldn't have possibly come from you? Every once in a while I have an idea that is even more astute than usual. Here's my latest one: To combat the slowing economy, have every professional...

Category: Sports » Football
(posted 129 days 9 hours ago.)
Super Bowl Storylines? There's Only One - Rob Trahan(12,495) Rob Trahan Storylines are great. I love storylines. If I go see a movie and it doesn't have a good story, chances are I'm not sitting through the whole thing. I've never finished a book that didn't have a good storyline. And I've quit on many a TV show because the storylines were played out. So is it...

Category: Sports » General Sports
(posted 129 days 10 hours ago.)
Has The All Star Game Seen Better Days? - Rob Trahan(12,495) Rob Trahan There are a lot of ways professional sports can be trimmed down and made more bearable. The NFL can do away with the 2-hour halftime during the Super Bowl, "celebrity" interviews during Monday night football games, commercials after every play and punting. Major League Baseball can do away...

Category: Sports » Baseball
(posted 144 days 10 hours ago.)
Congressional Hearing on Steroids in Baseball Just Got Interesting - Rob Trahan(12,495) Rob Trahan Ladies and gentlemen, bar your doors and hide your children. The steroids issue in baseball just got a lot hairier. Congress is involved and this time they're in it for more than just grandstanding. In March 2005, The congressional committee that interviewed Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Rafael...

Category: Sports » Football
(posted 153 days 22 hours ago.)
NFL Wild Card Weekend Preview - Rob Trahan(12,495) Rob Trahan As the clock hit all 0s Sunday night on the Titans-Colts game, the playoff picture came into focus. With their win, the Titans secured the final open playoff spot and the Browns fell victim to Tony Dungy doing what was best for his team. Wild Card weekend is next and there are a few...

Category: Sports » Football
(posted 154 days 21 hours ago.)
Patriots Pursuit of Perfection Pushes Forward - Rob Trahan(12,495) Rob Trahan My wife's not going to like this post. If you see her, don't tell her I said this. The 2007 Patriots are the best regular season NFL team ever and there's a good chance they will be the best team ever. With their 38-35 win over the New York Giants Saturday night, New England became the first...

Category: Sports » Football
(posted 154 days 22 hours ago.)
Flag Football: Preparation Versus Athleticism - Rob Trahan(12,495) Rob Trahan Rodney Harrison is 35 and spent most of Saturday night flying around hitting anyone in sight. Marvin Harrison is also 35 and still plays Pro Bowl caliber wide receiver for the defending Super Bowl champs (when he's not hurt). I'm 31 and can barely walk after a three hour flag football game...

Category: Sports » Football
(posted 156 days 15 hours ago.)
NFL Loses, We Win ... Finally! - Rob Trahan(12,495) Rob Trahan I love a good story about the big guys getting knocked down a peg. Probably because I've never gotten to be a big guy. The latest big guy to get knocked down is the NFL. True, their ongoing war with Time Warner and Comcast pits big guy against big guy, but in this case the NFL has been...

Category: Sports » Baseball
(posted 156 days 16 hours ago.)
Clemens on 60 Minutes January 6, Does It Matter? - Rob Trahan(12,495) Rob Trahan Since George Mitchell's report came out before Christmas and current and former players have been confessing, at least in part, to their involvement in the Steroids Era in baseball, all anyone has been asking for is some word from Roger Clemens. Something other than a canned statement from a...

Category: Sports » Football
(posted 164 days 11 hours ago.)
Your College Football Bowl Guide - Rob Trahan(12,495) Rob Trahan Bowl season is upon us. Beginning with the Who-Gives-A Crap, er Poinsettia, Bowl tonight, pitting two traditional college football powerhouses, Utah and Navy, virtually every night between now and January 7 features a meaningless football game. Oh, sure, the students and alumni of the...

Category: Sports » Baseball
(posted 171 days 11 hours ago.)
Mitchell Report Is Out: Who's Responsible? - Rob Trahan(12,495) Rob Trahan I wish that I could say I was surprised at even one of the names on George Mitchell's list released today. Clemens name didn't surprise me. Neither did Pettitte's when you consider he trained with Clemens. Tejada? No way. I'm angered as an Astros fan, but not surprised. What did surprise me...

Category: Sports » Football
(posted 173 days 10 hours ago.)
Making Pro Football Memories - Rob Trahan(12,495) Rob Trahan I was attending college out of state when Bud Adams skipped town and took the Oilers with him to Tennessee. He's lucky too. I would have had some choice words for him. I don't know if he would have heard me from all the way out here in the suburbs, but my friends would have and they would have...

Category: Sports » Football
(posted 179 days 10 hours ago.)
The Heisman Trophy Winner Is ... - Rob Trahan(12,495) Rob Trahan The Heisman Trophy finalists have been named. Tim Tebow of Florida, Darren McFadden of Arkansas, Chase Daniel of Missouri and Colt Brennan of Hawaii are headed to New York for the trophy presentation Saturday night. Who's going to win? Let me get a couple of things off my chest first...

Category: Sports » General Sports
(posted 180 days 10 hours ago.)
NPPL San Diego Cup - Dynasty Wins! - Inronmen Wins Kansas City 1 on 1's - 325baller(295) 325baller Dynasty takes down Avalanch in 3 games to win both the series championship and the Commanders Cup. NE Hurricanes beat Impact, taking 3rd place and denying Impact the series championship. Impact, the semi-pro team that moved up at the start of the season was on the verge of dethroning Dynasty as...

Category: Sports » Baseball
(posted 180 days 11 hours ago.)
Florida Marlins to Willis, Cabrera: See Ya Later! - Rob Trahan(12,495) Rob Trahan Sometimes I wish I was independently wealthy. Not just because I would be able to buy whatever I wanted or go wherever I wanted, although that would be nice too. No, I have a theory that if I were a multimillionaire, I would understand why some of them do the asinine things that they do. ...

Category: Sports » Football
(posted 182 days 10 hours ago.)
BCS Championship Game is set, who's in? - Rob Trahan(12,495) Rob Trahan Who's going to the BCS Championship game? Is it the 11-2 team that won it's conference championship game by beating the #1 ranked team in the country? Nope. How about the 10-2 team that won it's conference title for the sixth year straight? Not exactly. Maybe it was the only undefeated team left...

Category: Sports » General Sports
(posted 183 days 12 hours ago.)
Tennis - a good way to relieve stress - Praburaj Raj(74) Tennis is a one of the best games available. More than 5 million people around the world play tennis,which is not surprising considering how much it is recommended by doctors and physical trainers alike.It demands a person to put in both physical and mental effort without sacrificing...

Category: Sports » Baseball
(posted 199 days 11 hours ago.)
Where Did Competition Take Barry Bonds? - Rob Trahan(12,495) Rob Trahan Competition. It is the defining concept of sport. Without competition, football, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, jai alai, cricket, tennis, and on and on would just be exercise. Competition starts early (and with each generation, it starts earlier and earlier). My six-year-old son's...

Category: Sports » Soccer
(posted 202 days 11 hours ago.)
A Championship Game You Need To See - Rob Trahan(12,495) Rob Trahan Even the most fair weather of fans watch the Super Bowl. Anyone who knows which hand a baseball glove goes on will at least pause to take a look during the World Series. Same goes for the NBA Finals and the NHL Stanley Cup Finals. I'd like to suggest another final to watch this weekend. It's...

Category: Sports » Football
(posted 204 days 14 hours ago.)
NFL To Crackdown on Helmet-To-Helmet Hits - Rob Trahan(12,495) Rob Trahan A couple of years ago it was the horse collar tackle (Roy Williams still doesn't know that's illegal). This year it's the helmet-to-helmet hit. It's not a new rule, but the offense has been so prevalent that the league felt the need to issue a memo about it. The Supervisor of Officials, Mike...

Category: Sports » Baseball
(posted 208 days 12 hours ago.)
MLB General Managers Recommend Instant Replay - Rob Trahan(12,495) Rob Trahan MLB General Managers voted Tuesday to move Major League Baseball into the eighties. They voted 25-5 to recommend limited instant replay during baseball games. Next step, nighttime games under the lights! The recommendation is limited to boundary calls. Whether potential home runs are fair or...

Category: Sports » Baseball
(posted 212 days 9 hours ago.)
Barry Bonds Boycotts the Hall of Fame - Rob Trahan(12,495) Rob Trahan To be a professional athlete, you have to like the spotlight just a little bit. Some athletes crave the attention a little more than others. Like Alex Rodriguez, Kobe Bryant, Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson. And Barry Bonds. Bonds had the opportunity to go quietly into the night after the Giants...

Category: Sports » Baseball
(posted 217 days 9 hours ago.)
Red Sox Win! Red Sox Win! - Rob Trahan(12,495) Rob Trahan In the end, there wasn't much drama. In the end, all the heart in the world wasn't enough to combat superior talent. In the end, it was the Boston Red Sox, the favorites, with the champagne shower. Colorado deserves every accolade they get by going 21 of 22 to get to the World Series. They...

Category: Sports » Baseball
(posted 217 days 9 hours ago.)
Alex Rodriguez is out, Scott Boras is the Antichrist - Rob Trahan(12,495) Rob Trahan There are a lot of big egos in professional sports. Athletes have huge egos, owners too. But sometimes I think agents have the biggest of all. They come no bigger than that of Scott Boras. Boras announced during Game 4 of the world Series that his client, Alex Rodriguez, was opting out of...

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