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Category: Entertainment » Blogging
Adding a picture to your blog is important! - blog(83) If you want to attract more visitors to your blog add a picture! In order for your blog to be featured on the ProBlogs homepage in the Latest Notes section your blog must have a picture. If you want to add one you just need to click on the Information option on the top of the blog admin page. You...

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
Adjusting the blog - beanerywriters(11,675) Hi all BWs, If you are wondering why things are all lopsided on the blog, I've figured out how to do some things and have sorted items so there is less confusion. At least after today. But if you want to read an awful poem, I posted it as a new addition today. We are in Cleveland and I have...

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
Laurel Highlands - beanerywriters(11,675) 22/09/2006 10:40 am Laurel Highlands by Dale Some mountain men in the Laurel Highlands continue to distill their own moonshine in copper pipes and pots. During prohibition, they used this product as a way to survive, either by bartering or for cash. Those visitors who had reason to intrude on...

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
Editor Dies - beanerywriters(11,675) Monte checked our home phone messages last night and discovered the editor of the Fay-West section of the Tribune-Review passed away last week. He had ongoing heart and health problems. The message came from a friend, Barb, who does freelance work for him. I wrote for him for a number of years...

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
Add a video to your blog using the new YouTube feature! - blog(83) now on ProBlogs.com! As you probably know, YouTube was recently bought by Google and is now one of the most popular websites on the Internet today. YouTube allows members to upload videos and share them with others. We have had many people ask us about adding videos to their blog here at...

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
Invitation for Visitor Writings - beanerywriters(11,675) Writing is for fun. If you, as a Beanery Writers Group blog visitor, read our member responses to the prompt " The Time is Now... " please comment on them. We also invite you to submit your own response to the prompt " The Time is Now... " Instructions: write freely for five minutes, then edit...

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
Please critique... - beanerywriters(11,675) Hi Beanery Writers Group members Please go to Joan's Writings and critique her submission. To do so, click on her name above the writing. Since it occurs twice, and only one has the " notes form, " you may have to click to find it. It got goofed up in my rearrangement of items. Thanks for your...

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
Journalism Question - beanerywriters(11,675) While reading back newspapers on my return home from vacation I read an article about the shootings of the Amish schoolchildren in their schoolhouse. The following paragraph came from the October 6 article: As the caskets passed the church, journalists were asked to take pictures only of the...

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
Failures towards Sucess - themystic1(189) After the accumulative effects and the worse experience in teenage life being in sweet sixteen I've come through this time,it's a big bang I hit really hard being smash and felt shattered.I thought it was a teenage problem but infact after scrolling through books,blogs and websites on whatever...

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
Elation, Despair and a Sugar Rush - beanerywriters(11,675) Since this is a WRITING site, I hope that Beanery Members and visitors will join me in submitting comments on writing. We welcome posts on interesting facets of all genres of writing. A newspaper article on an author last-named Buckley, first name in lost part of the article, writes of novel...

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
Gia's Bio - beanerywriters(11,675) Gia is published in over eighteen publications. Her work appears in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ( " Life Support " , health section, and poetry), Western Pennsylvania Women of Distinction, Mature Outlook, Writer's Digest Writing Basics, Pittsburgh Boomers, Leaves, Handspun, Tribune-Review, The...

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
October 27 Meeting - beanerywriters(11,675) Our fall break is over. We will meet Friday, November 27, from 1:00 to 3:00 pm at the Coffee Bean Cafe on Rt. 30 in Latrobe. If you have any questions, call, E-mail or blog me. I hope you have been doing some writing during our hiatus. See you there! Carolyn

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
Let people know that your blog has been updated- Ping it! - blog(83) When you ping a search engine it tells them that your blog has been updated. We at ProBlogs.com are working on a new Ping feature that we hope to release very soon, but in the meantime there are other services available. One service that we can recommend is called ping-o-matic, there website is...

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
A Trip From Long Ago - beanerywriters(11,675) I must hurry and brush my hair, my teeth, get dressed and wake up my sister. Today we leave for a train trip to California! I'm 7 so this seems much more exciting to me than to my parents. We pile into the Kaiser (it's a wonderful green/yellow hard top), and get to Boston early in the morning....

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
Two Prompts - beanerywriters(11,675) Group members wrote on two prompts at their October 27 meeting. We invite site visitors to write seven minutes writing on one or each of both of the prompts, then edit it and post it on this site. The prompts are: The Biggest Lie I Ever Told and/or How I Felt When Someone Lied About Me. To post...

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
Today I open a blog account - neloremc(1) Today I feel very happy, because I open a blog account in the problogs,

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
The Time is Now - beanerywriters(11,675) The Time is Now… The time is now to put our faith back in God. As we stand beside Lady Liberty, to remember peace is what she stands for. Our eyes are set upon Old Glory as she flies high above fields of green and the bloody battlefields. The time is now to teach our children to dream of a...

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
Star's Bio - beanerywriters(11,675) I live in western Pennsylvania. I’m a member of the Pittsburgh Poetry Society. My poems and artwork have been published in several newspapers and journals. I have a chat book of poetry. I also enjoy photography.

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
The Time is Now... - beanerywriters(11,675) The time is now to start writing. With that first burst of cool air, my energy returns in full. No excuses. Clean out those files. Discard usless clutter. Organize those delicate clips in a scrapbook. Start rewriting and sending out to different magazines. No more diversions--coffee breaks...

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
The Time is Now... - beanerywriters(11,675) In some cultures there is a belief that there is nothing but Now. The past is gone; the future does not exist. We, in this culture, seem to concentrate on either or both the past and the future and ignore the present or, in some cases, relegate it to an annoyance or something we wish we could...

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
Oct. 27 Mtg: Blogs - beanerywriters(11,675) The first discussion of the day was on the Beanery Writers Group blog. Presented were tips to building a blog readership, some of which were already being practiced. First was to publish regularly, avoiding long periods when nothing is posted. This is important to maintain the interest of the...

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
Oct. 27 Mtg: Morality in Writing - beanerywriters(11,675) Oct. 27, 2006, BW Mtg. Notes continued: Morality in Writing. After discussing ways to blog successfully (see Notes to BW Members, Oct. 27 meeting notes, blogging) at our BW Group meeting, we discussed morality issues in writing stories. We used material from two sources illustrated by a news...

Category: Entertainment » Reading
Don't tell anyone how I live ... - Herzog(8) Lenny was right to worry about his " reputation " .

Category: Entertainment » Reading
Shipwrecked - Herzog(8) Woebegone is me ... cast out upon the waves from nightmare Tartarus ... and saying to those remaining ghosts and phantoms pecking at the shore, " fetch me now a comely brisket " ... and speak no longer of the mystery.

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
JOURNEY'S END - beanerywriters(11,675) HAPPY HALLOWEEN FROM THE MEMBERS OF THE BEANERY WRITERS GROUP! This holiday story was read by Joan at a Halloween storytelling event at the Compass Inn in Laughlintown, Pa. The Compass Inn was a stage coach inn begun in 1799 on the Lincoln Highway, Route 30 (which goes from New York City to San...

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