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Category: Entertainment » Blogging
a cheater from nigeria - tearfulfish(104) the last blog.i mention a cheater from african.that makes me remind another cheater from african. i knew him is on icq website.soemtimes.when i am free.i go to there to take a look.just so boring.that day.he talkd to me.then.asked me add him in msn.sometimes.no reason.do that you donot want to...

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
A magic dream! - tearfulfish(104) these days.so good weather.sunshine is so warm.some birds are singing out of window.donot know why.when i face the nice sunshine.always want to fly as a bird in sunshine.or as a tree .singing in soft wind? " if i had a nexe life.i would like to be a tree,living in a high peak " .see sun raises...

Category: Entertainment » Movies
The Black Tulip (La Tulipe) - CatherineYen(20,979) CatherineYen The Black Tulip- cast: Alain Delon I saw this movie while I was in Senior High School, the highlighted background of French revolution, and the stunning cast of Alain Delon was the most attractive to me. Alain, the most handsome man in France as addressed in 50-70 era, his...

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
Welcome - Sally(2) Welcome to my blog!

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
New Social Bookmarking feature can help your blog get more readers! - blog(83) Social Bookmarking is a relatively new concept which has become extremely popular. Sites like De.licio.us, Digg, Reddit, and Furl are places that people can save their favorite bookmarks on the web and share these with others. ProBlogs.com is pleased to announce our new Social Bookmarking feature...

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
A New Place... - LostDreamer(4) A new place, a new world, new relief. I've made this so that i can just write and share, and think, about everything thats going on with me. I hope that this will give me a place to clear my mind, or organize my mind...and i really believe it will, i believe this place to be an amazing truth for...

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
a uninvited guest in dream - tearfulfish(104) the last night.in dream.i walked in hometown...i never want to go back my hometown.but.cannot believe.i always dream there.always there.i know.her beauty always keep in my heart.never forget.anyways.there.have so much my dreams.have so much nice momeries..of course.there are much sadness too........

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
Holocaust Survivor Seg I - beanerywriters(11,675) 2006 2:54 pm Holocaust Survivor Seg I Robert Mendler wants people to know he is not a statistic or a number. “I am a human being,” he states. “Listen to me. I will tell you what happened to me and everyone I knew and loved.” My next writing assignment is an article on...

Category: Entertainment » Music
A Tribute to Erich Kunzel-Conductor of Cincinnati Pops Orchestra - CatherineYen(20,979) CatherineYen Erich Kunzel Awarded 2006 Medal of Arts by President George W. Bush "It's a big honor to our family friend~ Maestro Erich Kunzel, he is richly deserving this recognition, we are very proud of him since he has spreaded the wonderful music to the world, a pattern with elegance and persona, a...

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
Regina Jus Thinkin and Writin - beanerywriters(11,675) Just a little about me. I am just a fledgling writer, who was born of the prompting and talent of a seasoned and talented writer just two short years ago. Up until that time, I had no idea I could write, but with the proper support and a whole lot of guidance, I am now an English major at...

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
hiding - tearfulfish(104) after our last chat.i set my msn invisible. i am hiding.i donot want to chat with him.in fact.donot want to chat with anybody. a little disappointed.seems.he didnot log in these days.what was he doing? i want to know.but.i dicide not to care for him again. i read a lot about meeting...

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
Lois's Bio - beanerywriters(11,675) I graduated from Duquesne University with a degree in journalism. After graduation I moved to Philadelphia, where I wrote features for the Philadelphia Daily News. It was a wonderful experience because the Daily News features editors encouraged creativity in both story ideas and writing style. I...

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
Butler Street - beanerywriters(11,675) Butler Street was my first piece of writing. Butler Street by Regina Butler Still dazed by what had transpired before me, I leaned over the kitchen sink and ran cool water over the rags I had gathered while I asked the woman to be seated. Under the circumstances, I was amazed at how calm I felt...

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
The Time is Now... - beanerywriters(11,675) The Time is Now... Hello. I needed a few moments to catch my muse and I thought this prompt would work well. I enjoy free writing abstract prose to loosen me up before writing a long paper for college. Thank you for inviting me. Regina The Time is Now… The time is now to move forward into...

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
Prompts Nov. 10 - beanerywriters(11,675) Beanery Writers Group invites visitors to submit writings on one or both the prompts used at their meeting today. Write 10 minutes on: PROMPT 1: Fictionalize an event that happened to one of your parents, siblings or relatives. PROMPT 2: Writer about the headline " Lightening zaps turkey---AND...

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
Nov. 10 Mtg. Business - beanerywriters(11,675) The next BW meeting will be Friday, December 8 at the Coffe Bean Café on route 30 in Latrobe. There will be no fourth Friday meetings in November (Thanksgiving) and December (Christmas). Full schedule will resume in January. Congratulate Joe whose submitted item will appear in the...

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
Self-Publishing - beanerywriters(11,675) Self-Publishing as I wander through it. I have been ordered by our leader to write on this matter. I rode a bicycle around the world. That took 18 months. I wrote a book about my travels. That took 10 years. Publishing the book is taking the rest of my life. I found and chose Xlibris on line...

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
A Fairy Queen - StephanieFay(6) In Ethophia, there is a queen in the fairy kingdom who has no king. She is widowed with twin daughters, D'Nyelli and A'mandi. Her husband was killed during the Great War between fairies and wizards 20 years ago leaving her with two one-year-old girls to raise by herself. " Your Majesty...

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
Who Cares? - beanerywriters(11,675) On Oct 3, 1998 Andy Rooney celebrated his 2,500 th newspaper column, which were then appearing in 144 newspapers across the country (lagging behind columnists George Will and Dave Barry). “The column,” Rooney wrote, “is usually about 700 words long. Seven hundred times 2,500...

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
A Fairy's Occupation - StephanieFay(6) The fairies are amused, yet offended by the mortal world's view of them as cute, michevious pixies. In reality, there are two kinds of fairies: Hunters and Domestics. A hunter is usually a male or female fairy who is very fast, very strong, very logistic, and very animalistic in instinct. A...

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
A Princess's Destiny - StephanieFay(6) Flying through the grey fog, a dragon roared. D’Nyelli hesitated and looked up in the cloudy sky. She couldn’t see anything through the dense fog. “D’Nyelli!!! Where are you? Answer me!” yelled a familiar voice. She cringed at the sound of that awful voice. She...

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
dog, human's friend or enemy? - tearfulfish(104) these days,in china.there are many case about rabies.i know the illness when i were little.a aunt told me about it.she said:once you had the illness.then.you will fear light.fear water.to be crazy to bite another people.all body will be aching as if there are much ants to bite you.....from that.i...

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
my eyes - tearfulfish(104) i didnot connect to net for few days.today.when i open my email box.i found there are some email from friends.all them care for my eyes.thanks all friends! yes.from the last year.after i used a contact lenses.my eyes gets worse. after that.i read news.to know.the company (in usa),their product...

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
In defense of the older employee - beanerywriters(11,675) Years ago I ran a blind post office ad for a graphic artist. I worked for a small publishing company and we needed someone for freelance artwork and design. I received about eight responses to the ad. They were from artists/designers with varying degrees of experience. One response was from a...

Category: Entertainment » Blogging
Pop! - joelharris(21) (This article is transferred. Original post date: 10/3/06) So I've got the new site going. I'll be adding some of my rambling thoughts here...and I've got a lot of stuff on my mind, see? So...stay tuned! For now, you'll notice that I have added another section to my gallery, called " Macabre...

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