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Category: Health » Health News
(posted 76 days 9 hours ago.)
Millions Of Parents Have Been Sold A False Bill Of Goods - Robert Scott Bell(2,333) Robert Scott Bell ___________________________________________________________________________ Vaccine compensation fund to pay award to autistic girl; broad implications feared "...this single case of compensation for autism is making public health officials and pediatricians worry that parents will skip...

Category: Health » Health News
(posted 95 days 9 hours ago.)
Lunacy Abounds At The CDC - The Flu Shot Lottery - Robert Scott Bell(2,333) Robert Scott Bell Headline: Feds prescribe new recipe for flu shot " Next year's flu vaccine is getting a complete overhaul to provide protection against three new and different influenza strains — hopefully better protection than this year's version. " Here they go again. The danger of democracy in...

Category: Health » Health News
(posted 95 days 10 hours ago.)
Cardiovascular Suicide and The Church Of Biological Mysticism - Robert Scott Bell(2,333) Robert Scott Bell Autopsies forecast surge in U.S. heart disease " The dietary quality has deteriorated over the last 15 years, " said Dr. Phillip Mellen of the Hattiesburg Clinic, " In our study, the youngest age group was the age group with the worst disease. " Even though most people would claim to...

Category: Health » Health News
(posted 95 days 10 hours ago.)
Getting Off Meds Has Consequences? How About Getting On Them? - Robert Scott Bell(2,333) Robert Scott Bell Headline: Getting 'off meds' has consequences " The consequences can be tragic, though rarely as horrific as the Valentine's Day suicide-slaughter at Northern Illinois University. " Actually, getting ON meds is the dangerous point of origin never to be acknowledged by those who...

Category: Health » Diet
(posted 95 days 18 hours ago.)
Lose weight WITHOUT Losing your Mind! The Ultimate weight loss plan. - Creative(54,965) Creative Promises Promises! If I had a pound for every weight loss regime that claimed to be easy I’d be a multi millionaire and if I lost a pound for every one that was ‘easy’ I’d be maybe a pound lighter. Losing weight isn’t easy, if it were you wouldn’t be reading this, you’d be slim...

Category: Health » Health News
(posted 103 days 23 hours ago.)
Choking Game Poses Serious Health Threats to Unsuspecting Teens - Alf Gordon(13,356) The craze has been around for years, and is surging in popularity again among tweens and teens. No drugs are involved, yet the consequences can be deadly--and have been for over 80 young people since the mid-1990s. And what's unnerving is I remember participating in this in my early college days....

Category: Health » Health News
(posted 105 days 21 hours ago.)
Social Anxiety - The Top 5 Pets That Can Help You - Miro(49) Pets can be more than just companions; they can also aid you in overcoming your social anxiety. Treat a pet kindly, and it will love you for who you are. He/she will never judge you for your looks or shyness. He will depend on you to keep him alive. He will be there to comfort and play...

Category: Health » Health News
(posted 116 days ago.)
Possible Link Between Cell Phone Usage and Male Infertility - Alf Gordon(13,356) Hey, guys! Contemplating marriage? Expect to have a family down the road? Then put down that cell phone before it's too late! Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic did a study of 361 men seen at their infertility clinic. They determined that cell phone utilization may have an effect on the...

Category: Health » Medicine
(posted 120 days 14 hours ago.)
Honey a Day Keeps the Dr Away - Creative(54,965) Creative Most of us are already familiar with honey and lemon as a remedy for coughs and sore throats. The lemon supposedly being a mild antiseptic and the honey effective for it’s soothing and antibacterial properties. But how many of us are aware of the many uses of honey in healing and preventing...

Category: Health » Diet
(posted 124 days 12 hours ago.)
Brown Honey’s Diet Tip Corner! - VOLUMN 1; ISSUE 4: "Positive Focus" - Brown Honey(322) Brown Honey Brown Honey’s Diet Tip Corner! - VOLUMN 1; ISSUE 4 Behavior Tip - Positive Focus Staying positive helps you stay focused on your weight loss program. While you’re dieting try to view the changes you need to make in a positive light. For example, inst

Category: Health » Diet
(posted 124 days 12 hours ago.)
Brown Honey’s Diet Tip Corner! - VOLUMN 1; ISSUE 3 "Turning off the Television" - Brown Honey(322) Brown Honey Brown Honey’s Diet Tip Corner! - VOLUMN 1; ISSUE 3 Behavior Tip - Turning off the Television Watching television is a behavior that can hinder your weight loss efforts. The fact that you may be sedentary for several hours a day does not help you burn

Category: Health » Diet
(posted 124 days 12 hours ago.)
Brown Honey’s Diet Tip Corner! - VOLUMN 1; ISSUE 2: "Take Responsibility and Control" - Brown Honey(322) Brown Honey Brown Honey’s Diet Tip Corner! - VOLUMN 1; ISSUE 2 Behavior Tip - Take Responsibility and Control You may often feel like you don’t have control over your eating habits. However, believing that you don’t have control means that you are not taking res

Category: Health » Diet
(posted 124 days 12 hours ago.)
Brown Honey’s Diet Tip Corner! - VOLUMN 1; ISSUE 1 : "Trust Your Body" - Brown Honey(322) Brown Honey Brown Honey’s Diet Tip Corner! - VOLUMN 1; ISSUE 1 Behavior Tip - Trust Your Body Sometimes you need to trust your body more than a scale. Many factors such as the time of day, the weather, exercise, stress and water intake will influence th

Category: Health » Diet
(posted 124 days 12 hours ago.)
Pre-Diet: What is Pre-Diet? - Brown Honey(322) Brown Honey Brown Honey’s Diet Tip Corner! - Pre-Diet You have made it this far!!!! Here is a pre-diet below...The purpose of this diet is to condition your body! If you eat something off this diet, remember, its all about portion! With this same information, I lost...

Category: Health » Health News
(posted 131 days ago.)
Bad Habits Promote Good Health - Alf Gordon(13,356) I'm a hummer. No, not the vehicle. And although the word used to be a derogatory slang word, I doubt it's in vogue anymore. I mean I hum. All the time. The lion's share of my day is spent humming along with whatever music is playing on the radio, or just repeating lines from songs that get stuck...

Category: Health » Diet
(posted 140 days 22 hours ago.)
What to do with a fussy eater - Creative(54,965) Creative Let them starve....The end oops no, that's not the reply I meant to publish. Fussy eaters, whether they be children or adults are the height of annoyance. I am not a fussy eater. I am not sure whether this is due to being raised with the old 'eat it or you go without' discipline or...

Category: Health » Health News
(posted 144 days 16 hours ago.)
Food Allergies & Fast Food Restaurants! A review on McDonalds - Belinda Long(267) Mcdonalds. It has become the Toys R Us of Fast food for children. But is it safe for children with food allergies? The answer is no. Unfortunately, despite the recent elevation of food allergies in kids, it seems fast food companies have forgotten about the food allergic community....

Category: Health » Health News
(posted 168 days 21 hours ago.)
S.A.D - Seasonal Affective Disorder - Creative(54,965) Creative If you find yourself feeling low or depressed during the dark winter months and not the rest of the year, you may be suffering from SAD, seasonal affective disorder. The link above explains the disorder and states that it is generally treated with 'light boxes' and antidepressants. Both of...

Category: Health » Health News
(posted 169 days 3 hours ago.)
How to talk to someone with hearing loss - Creative(54,965) Creative I am writing this blog post to help those who come across people suffering from partial hearing loss with tips on how to communicate effectively. My little boy presently has glue ear which means that he has fluid behind his eardrum and as such has moderate hearing loss in both ears. He’s...

Category: Health » Health News
(posted 175 days 22 hours ago.)
Advertising harmful to children - Creative(54,965) Creative Just as the sweet and drinks manufacturers are trying to get their product into schools for some subliminal child targeted advertising ( see HERE ) and thus increase their own sales; the government in the UK is about to investigate the possible adverse affects of advertising on children. Possible...

Category: Health » Health News
(posted 188 days 6 hours ago.)
Brilliant! The Government Should Pay Us to Lose Weight! - RainbowCows(153) I just finished watching a video about the city of Varallo, Italy where the mayor has implemented a program to PAY the people of his city to lose weight. He pays them about eight dollars per pound lost. What a brilliant idea! With all the hype about dieting and that the obesity level in...

Category: Health » Medicine
(posted 193 days 19 hours ago.)
Stem Cell Research Debate Disappears in a Moment. - Mike Fak(18,246) Mike Fak It might end up being one of the most important medical findings in history. I’m talking about a recent paper filed by Wisconsin and Japanese scientists that have found a way to create stem cells out of ordinary skin cells. The discovery has a possibility of becoming a viable alternative to...

Category: Health » Health News
(posted 196 days 20 hours ago.)
Bird Flu - Pandemic - Biological weapon? - Creative(54,965) Creative There is a lot in the News right now about the H5N1 strain of the flu virus. Health authorities fear that the H5N1 strain or its descendents could cause a flu pandemic set to kill billions of humans. Is this fear mongering re the pandemic a real possibility? If so then we have much to fear...

Category: Health » Health News
(posted 205 days 23 hours ago.)
It's Official: Human Males Are an Endangered Species - Alf Gordon(13,356) If you're of the female persuasion, your first thought upon reading the title was "Yeah, right." Just one more weapon in the arsenal of the age-old guys-versus-girls war. But it really isn't. Scientists are voicing their concerns about a disturbing trend in human population growth. We've...

Category: Health » Health News
(posted 214 days ago.)
Abuse in elderly care homes - Creative(54,965) Creative For years it has been known that certain abuses take place in care homes for the elderly with serious cases of neglect that may lead to death or general mishandling and poor treatment which can include violence. This article HERE offers some advice and answers some of the concerns of...

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