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Category: Lifestyle » Photography
Descendants 350 - trchambers(47) History has always been an interest of mine ... even when I was in grade school, for some reason ... but I think it's boring for a lot of people, particularly youth because there's a sense of detachment. The past [certainly, the distant-past] situation/event seems to have no connection or...

Category: Lifestyle » Photography
An American Teacher's Experience Near Zhengzhou, China - trchambers(47) I've had [still having] an incredible time in China. I thought I would share a bit of my travelogue about this country and through my student connections at Sheng Da College near Zhengzhou [2003-2004 academic year]. While near Zhengzhou, which is the capital of Henan Province [central China]...

Category: Lifestyle » Photography
The McEwen Photographic Studio - trchambers(47) When I recall " The McEwen Photographic Studio " , I can't help but having profound memories of a process that I consider significant for me, my art students [school leavers] and the late Frank McEwen. When I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Zimbabwe, Africa, I served as a curator for the National...

Category: Lifestyle » Opinions
What's All This About - whitebill84(2) Although criticism of ideas is an important part of intellectual growth, I envision a blog that uses dialogical processes for moving the conversation forward. Reasoned comments and arguments along with a healthy dose of respect for all is more productive than polemics that threaten to rip apart...

Category: Lifestyle » Just for Fun
Well It's Another Sunday - BJChips(5,633) BJChips Dear Diary, Well it's another Sunday. A day when everyone in the house sleeps late except the cat! After two and a half years of living with each other you would have thought that we'd have reached some understanding about schedules and territory. NO! Not with this guy. Sam thinks that because...

Category: Lifestyle » Just for Fun
Monday, A Day At The Office - BJChips(5,633) BJChips Dear Diary Today was my day to go with my female human to the office. When we’re out in public I refer to my human pets as Mommy and Daddy. I have found this makes conversation easier. Once or twice a month I go with Mommy to her office and spend the day with about twelve other humans in...

Category: Lifestyle » Photography
Dyer Street Portraiture - trchambers(47) My first documentary portraiture project is " Dyer Street Portraiture " . I put this together in 1983. The project provides intimate street shots, and reveals the nature of the environment through detailed background content. The environment is one of simultaneity where military personnel blend...

Category: Lifestyle » Just for Fun
The Battle For Bed Hill - BJChips(5,633) BJChips Dear Diary, The battle for bed hill has been waged and is currently in truce talks. It all began this past Sunday when the scoundrel Cat took over the pillow spot previously occupied by my female human pet. I had roused him from that spot and he had retaliated by waking up the male human thus...

Category: Lifestyle » Familly and Children
August 18 - crystalarcand(8) Mrs. Erb's first grade class 162 Box Tops Congratulations!

Category: Lifestyle » Familly and Children
August 25 - crystalarcand(8) Mrs. Ronyak's first grade class 121 Box Tops Congratulations!

Category: Lifestyle » Just for Fun
Dogs Rule, Cats Drool - Bed Hill Is Mine! - BJChips(5,633) BJChips Dear Diary DOGS RULE!! The battle for Bed Hill has been fought and yes, I am the victor! Sam the cat has been banished from the human bed and is currently sleeping in his “kitty cozy” downstairs. The waging of this battle was a carefully thought out strategy that, if I do say so...

Category: Lifestyle » Just for Fun
The Holiday Weekend - Part One - BJChips(5,633) BJChips Dear Diary, Well, here it is, the last long holiday of the summer. The hot days are gone now and the cooler days and nights make for better sleeping. With the temperatures only in the seventies during the day I get to take the humans on more car rides. High summer temperatures limit the number of...

Category: Lifestyle » Shopping
Labor Day = Marathons?? - Jusanothagal(8) Well, as I'm a tad new to the ProBlog family - I just wanted to say Hello and welcome. Being that its Labor Day, I noticed that there are an awful lot of marathons on DirecTV today: CSI on Spike (Season 6 - YEA!) CSI: Miami on A & E (our version of William Shatner - aka David Caruso - " Yes...

Category: Lifestyle » Just for Fun
Death of Steve Irwin - BJChips(5,633) BJChips Dear Diary, Today a friend to the wildlife community was killed while filming an episode of his television show. Steve Irwin, known to many as the " Crocodile Hunter " was a great friend to animals everywhere. A strong conservationist who spent most of his career helping to educate people across...

Category: Lifestyle » Art
The Ethics of Chinese Paintings - CatherineYen(20,979) CatherineYen

Category: Lifestyle » Just for Fun
FOR SALE TO A GOOD HOME - BJChips(5,633) BJChips Every year thousands of canine americans end up in shelters and rescue. A lot of us end up there because humans think we're cute as a puppy then find out that we grow up and sometimes we're bigger then they think. This poem says it all, the author is unknown. For Sale - To a Good Home I was...

Category: Lifestyle » Just for Fun
Holiday Weeked - Part Two - BJChips(5,633) BJChips Dear Diary, Well after a day filled with gutter cleaning and garage rearranging the weekend progressed as usual. Today it rained. I love the rain; it brings out wonderful scents and aromas in the air. I love taking my human on long walks when it rains. I stop and sniff the air, ahhhhhhh what...

Category: Lifestyle » Philosophy
The Best Way to Predict Your Future is to Create It--the Tasks of Life - CatherineYen(20,979) CatherineYen Veneral Master Hsing Yun of Fo Guang Shan The following "tasks of life" were introduced by Venerable Master Hsing Yun , the founder of Fo Guang Shan Monastery in 2005. They can be regarded as a motto for life. There are total 100 tasks that people should pattern and achieve.

Category: Lifestyle » Art
Silent Witness--Maio Xiao Chun's Photo- The Last Judgement in Cyberspace - CatherineYen(20,979) CatherineYen Maio Xiao Chun- The Silent Witness The Last Judgement in Cyberspace The Beijing based photographer and digitial artist, Miao XiaoChun gives a series of fresh modern reading of the works, he turns his attention to the cultural tradition of the west and deconstructs Michelangelo's...

Category: Lifestyle » Art
A Tribute to a Young Artist- Liu, Hong Yuan (b. 1976, China) - CatherineYen(20,979) CatherineYen ** Chinese Opera White

Category: Lifestyle » Art
A Tribute to the Couple Artists in Taiwan-Chen, Hung Mien & Lin, Su Nu - CatherineYen(20,979) CatherineYen A Tribute to Couple Artist-Chen, Hung Mien & Lin,Su Neu Mr. Chen, Hung Mien-photo by Kuo, Tung Tai Knowing the Couple artists- Chen, Hung Mien and Lin, Su Nu for years, both of them devotes themselves in Chinese ink paintings, calligraphy and chops' carving through their entire...

Category: Lifestyle » Just for Fun
Sleeping With Humans - A guide for canines - BJChips(5,633) BJChips Dear Diary, This is for all you canines who want to enjoy the comfort of your human’s bed. First off, let me say that sleeping with your humans can be both rewarding and challenging! There must be rules established from the start and you, as a canine must stick to the ones you’ve...

Category: Lifestyle » Just for Fun
The Great Kibble Caper - Part One - The Crime! - BJChips(5,633) BJChips Dear Diary, There has been a theft! Yes, I have been robbed, someone has violated my kibble container and kibble, priceless, wonderful, meaty morsels of life sustaining kibble have been taken! I’m telling you fellow canines guard your kibble canisters with both paws! Something foul is afoot...

Category: Lifestyle » Photography
Acclaim to the photographer Kuo Tung Tai's works-Tea Series (Photo Updated) - CatherineYen(20,979) CatherineYen ** Acclaim to the photographer in Taiwan -Kuo, Tung Tai I like to dig out the in-depth beauty which exists everywhere in universe, but sometimes, our eyes are covered by the materialized matters. We should view things by heart, not by eyes only. To evoke the innate spirits and...

Category: Lifestyle » Just for Fun
Murder In The Grass - I suspect FOWL play - BJChips(5,633) BJChips Dear Diary What a day I’ve had! I am totally exhausted! On top of the investigation into the theft of my kibble yesterday I have been confronted with yet another mystery. There has been an apparent homicide in my back yard! I should first explain that we have a large yard with many trees...

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