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Category: Lifestyle » Familly and Children
(posted 60 days 12 hours ago.)
How A Little Boy Got His Dog - Paul Eilers(358) Paul Eilers When I was a kid growing up, our house was situated on a corner lot, with the backyard consisting of a concrete driveway, a basketball goal and a garage. There was a deck on the side of the house and a nice front lawn - but no backyard. Consequently, my brother and I never had a dog. ...

Category: Lifestyle » Familly and Children
(posted 60 days 12 hours ago.)
I Bet They Play Whiffle Ball Now In Heaven - Paul Eilers(358) Paul Eilers After the death of my grandfather, a few years passed and I began to hear about a friend of mine who was having quite a health challenge. Juan Chesson was probably the nicest guy you would ever meet. He was a year older than me. I was in several classes with his younger brother, Harold....

Category: Lifestyle » Relationships
(posted 70 days 18 hours ago.)
Long Distance relationships- can they work? - Creative(54,965) Creative A friend of mine maintained a long distance relationship for nearly 8 yrs. She lived in one country, he in another, meeting up for holidays and such. They even maintained this after they were married, so it certainly worked. That is until they stopped living apart and finally moved in...

Category: Lifestyle » Just for Fun
(posted 71 days 23 hours ago.)
The Last 5 Months - Kara Kilhoffer(63) Well...well...well...I have made it 5 months through this pregnancy and already I'm ready to give up! The back pain, the ongoing morning sickness which the doctor insists goes away after the first 3 months, and the once a month doctor appointments. I really feel that through all of this, the...

Category: Lifestyle » Travel
(posted 73 days 1 hour ago.)
EXPLOSIVE ERUPTION IN HALEMAUMAU CRATER HAWAII AFTER 84 YEARS! - Michelle Amido(351) Michelle Amido After 84 years, at 2:58 am, Wednesday, March 19,2008, a small explosion occurred at Halemaumau Crater at the summit of Kilauea Volcano. The explosion scattered debris over an area of about 30 hectares covering portion of Crater Rim Drive and damaging the Halemaumau overlook. The activity was...

Category: Lifestyle » Opinions
(posted 75 days 20 hours ago.)
What are you going to do with your life? - Lola Plume(75) As soon as they can speak people begin to ask children "What are you going to be when you grow up?" Surely a seven year old should be thinking about what to do at the weekend or what toy or game they want to play with next. It doesn't make sense to ask someone that young what they plan to be...

Category: Lifestyle » Travel
(posted 79 days 4 hours ago.)
Kilauea Lava Flow on the Big Island of Hawaii - Michelle Amido(351) Michelle Amido “Spectacular” … “unbelievable” … “nature at work”… words fail to describe the magnificence of Kilauea. The only active volcano in the United States, Kilauea has been in a constant state of eruption since 1983. Watch the molten lava flow and cascade into the ocean, steaming, churning...

Category: Lifestyle » Relationships
(posted 79 days 11 hours ago.)
My ABC's to CELIBACY - Michelle Amido(351) Michelle Amido I haven't had sex in 7 years.... Yep...you read it right. I haven't had sex in seven years!!! For most Filipinos this might be not too hard to believe, since the culture dictates it. More so because I don't live in the metropolis where there are too many temptations. I live on the northern...

Category: Lifestyle » Relationships
(posted 80 days 16 hours ago.)
What causes Jealousy - Green eyed monsters! - Creative(54,965) Creative Jealousy is a funny old thing isn't it? It totally blinds people to their own shortcomings and misgivings. If you are a man or a woman who has a little something about you, then it can on occasion encourage others to turn into green eyed monsters. They start small with snippy little remarks...

Category: Lifestyle » Familly and Children
(posted 81 days 19 hours ago.)
"My Mom is Cool!"--Bridging the Generation Gap - Michelle Amido(351) Michelle Amido If you find yourself humming to an old tune that your 13 year old child doesn't know about or your son or daughter doesn't want to be seen with you because of the clothes you wear, or maybe your child just plain out tells you-- "You don't understand, coz you're old." You might be having a...

Category: Lifestyle » Relationships
(posted 89 days 22 hours ago.)
my best beer friend - Earl reylan Sarsuelo(78) Earl reylan Sarsuelo t was passed summer when i was transferred to a familiar boardinghouse. silent, calm and neat. then i remembered the time when i first came to this place. there, i met my schoolmates and friends in high school, they will be my boardmates now. i reckoned the days in highschool, we were not so...

Category: Lifestyle » Relationships
(posted 91 days 3 hours ago.)
If you want to find your one true love - take a chance! - Creative(54,965) Creative I have seen these words written a lot on Internet dating site profiles. ‘Looking for that special someone’ but in the case of the men’s profiles they often follow that up with, ‘ I won’t have a meaningless relationship for the sake of it if she’s not the one .’ Two things about this: ...

Category: Lifestyle » Relationships
(posted 103 days 18 hours ago.)
The Pitfalls of Internet Dating - Creative(54,965) Creative I have written quite a few posts on Internet Dating but this one is more of a cautionary note detailing some of the pitfalls. One of the pitfalls being that for some, the unending supply of flirting opportunities , may be more attractive than committing to a real life relationship with one...

Category: Lifestyle » Opinions
(posted 104 days 16 hours ago.)
New Zealand and The Media Impression - JG(47) JG I was recently contacted by a British family thinking of moving to New Zealand. They asked me what I thought New Zealand and what it meant to my family. The both parents in the family are involved in occupations that bring them close to the darker side of UK life. This is my reply. Thanks...

Category: Lifestyle » Just for Fun
(posted 104 days 18 hours ago.)
Brittany Spears Takes Dump; Ends 4 Hour Constipation - Kobra(1,428) DISCLAIMER This article is a complete work of satirical fiction intended for submission on CRACKED and unofficially posted on Kobra's Corner . None of this is true. The sound of a flushing toilet was followed by fanfare from Brittany Spears' legion of fans and media consultants. According...

Category: Lifestyle » Relationships
(posted 104 days 22 hours ago.)
False Advertising in Dating - Eathan(80) The last couple days, I've met 2 different women. And both of them ended with the same results. There was no chemistry. The difficult part is trying to pretend to be friendly afterwards. I have no idea why it seems to be a common practice among women to take pictures from 3 feet about them or...

Category: Lifestyle » Relationships
(posted 104 days 22 hours ago.)
The Lost Art Of Converation - Eathan(80) It came to me last night during a conversation with SK31. I realized why she's been so frustrated with me over the last couple months. Sk31 has lost the art of conversation. Dating is as much about physical attraction as it is to being mentally attractive. The most common way we show physical...

Category: Lifestyle » Familly and Children
(posted 108 days 23 hours ago.)
Children do the most disgusting things! - Creative(54,965) Creative Children do the most disgusting things and sometimes I think I'd just rather not know exactly what they are doing! I have today found toothpaste on the inside of my pre-schoolers empty potty. I can only speculate as to how it got there but I am guessing via his toothbrush. Perhaps he was...

Category: Lifestyle » Relationships
(posted 112 days 16 hours ago.)
Valentines Day – How to make it special - Creative(54,965) Creative It’s that time of year again. Red heart shaped balloons are in great abundance and all the gift shops are rubbing their hands with glee as the foot fall increases for this annual celebration of love. So how can you make Valentines Day special for your loved one? Here are my five top tips...

Category: Lifestyle » Relationships
(posted 119 days 18 hours ago.)
What not to put on your Internet Dating Profile - part 2 - Creative(54,965) Creative I have written on this topic previously, but have to include this updated rant. Quite often, in ones inbox one might find a message from a man/woman telling you how fabulous your profile is and what great pictures and begging you to take a look at their profile in the hope you will be...

Category: Lifestyle » Familly and Children
(posted 123 days 18 hours ago.)
Teens and Peer Pressure: How Parents Can Help - writer68(280) writer68 There are many tough jobs in the world today. One of them is being the parent of a modern day teenage son or daughter. Another job that's particularly challenging is that of being an average, everyday, ordinary teenager living in Anytown, America. Both positions are not only challenging...

Category: Lifestyle » Relationships
(posted 124 days 16 hours ago.)
The Egg and Sperm race - Creative(54,965) Creative In today’s modern world, with so much equality for men and women and the rise of feminism, IT girls and ladette culture women are more likely now to hop into bed with a man they just met a few hours ago, than they ever would or could before. This is not all women of course but for those highly...

Category: Lifestyle » Art
(posted 130 days 3 hours ago.)
Sustainable Cosmopolis:Eco-container Art Project - CatherineYen(20,979) CatherineYen Work by the invited artist group-Zik Group from Israel. glass, metal, container and light Through actions, artistic creativity starts to spread, sending inspiring sparkles among cities, villages and communities. Through arts, the possibility of creating harmonious coexistence...

Category: Lifestyle » Relationships
(posted 133 days 3 hours ago.)
25 Things you should NOT do on a First Date! - Creative(54,965) Creative Some of the tips that follow should go without saying, but you'd be surprised what mistakes some people make. I have been on a date with a man who rested his feet on the table in the classy bar we were drinking, right next to our glasses and nibbles. I thought that was a big no no, very...

Category: Lifestyle » Relationships
(posted 134 days ago.)
Why do men and women cheat? - Creative(54,965) Creative Firstly I must make it clear that I have never cheated or had an affair with a married man etc. and so this blog is written purely from what I know of those who have cheated and had affairs. From those I know who have cheated, the reasons for men cheating seems to differ vastly from those of...

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