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Category: Lifestyle » Relationships
(posted 199 days ago.)
"Green Sex": Procreate and Save a Tree At the Same Time! - Alf Gordon(13,356) If the title of this article has you chuckling, join the crowd. I laughed out loud when I first saw the phrase in an article. Thinking that maybe the author was talking about a locale for the activity, I read on. Turns out there's a group of people who believe that the changes we make in one of...

Category: Lifestyle » Just for Fun
(posted 200 days 20 hours ago.)
Whelping Boxes and Butt Waddles - BJChips(5,633) BJChips Hello Fellow Bloggers, B.J here with part three of my "pregnancy" story. I will be begin by saying that the morning sickness didn't last long, and by the mid point of Zoe's pregnancy she had stopped making that "sound". Everyone was relieved to be able to chow down our...

Category: Lifestyle » Just for Fun
(posted 205 days 18 hours ago.)
61 Days of Torture as Told by a Daddy Dog - BJChips(5,633) BJChips Hello fellow bloggers! As promised in my last post, more of catching you up on my past few months and the pregnancy of my new wife Zoe. When last we spoke, Zoe and I had just been wed, and as happy as she was with the nuptials she was as equally unhappy with the ensuing pregnancy. Now...

Category: Lifestyle » Relationships
(posted 206 days ago.)
How to tell if a man loves you - Creative(54,965) Creative Women may be in a relationship for years and never know the answer to this question. So if longevity of relationship is not a guide as to recipricol love then what is? I expect only men can really answer this question, but I suspect that generally men who are 'in love' will want to keep a...

Category: Lifestyle » Just for Fun
(posted 211 days 1 hour ago.)
Arranged Marriages In The Canine World - BJChips(5,633) BJChips Well fellow bloggers it is time for me to start catching you all up on my life over the past few months. I hardly know where to start, but for the sake of consistency I'd best start at the beginning. My life had been carefree, well with the exception of the cat and a few annoying yard...

Category: Lifestyle » Just for Fun
(posted 212 days 19 hours ago.)
Hey Hey Hey BJ IS BACK ON HIS BLOG!! - BJChips(5,633) BJChips Whoa Ho Fellow Bloggers I am BJ Chips, a blogging Lhasa Apso with LOTS of Lhasatude, and I am back! Got my paws firmly on this laptop keyboard and BOY have I got lots of news for all you canines out there... and for your humans too .. Have been such a busy guy, I mean I've been busy as a dog...

Category: Lifestyle » Just for Fun
(posted 213 days ago.)
Things We Can Do Without: On Our Roadways - Alf Gordon(13,356) From the moment we pull out of our driveways to the moment we turn off our automobiles in the safety of our garages, we are surrounded by technology, both old and new, which does its best to guide us in our journeying and provide a safe trip. However, it's apparent that some of this technology is...

Category: Lifestyle » Art
(posted 214 days 11 hours ago.)
For Art Itself-- Acclaim the splendid art of Alexie Harlamoff (1848-1925) - CatherineYen(20,979) CatherineYen A Russian Beauty Alexei Alexiwicz Harlamoff was born at Saratov, Russia in 1848. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg and won a gold medal and a travel scholarship in 1868 for his painting The Return of the Prodigal Son . This enabled Harlamoff to go to Paris...

Category: Lifestyle » Familly and Children
(posted 216 days 14 hours ago.)
How to Throw a Halloween Party for children - game ideas - Creative(54,965) Creative I threw my first Halloween party for 5yr olds last year and it was such a smash hit that I am back by popular demand and doing it all over again this year. To throw a really great Halloween party that small children will enjoy, build up is key! I start the build up to the Halloween Party...

Category: Lifestyle » Art
(posted 218 days 13 hours ago.)
Enigmatic and Fantastical World of Dashi Namdakov - CatherineYen(20,979) CatherineYen Private collection(Bronze) Title:" Master Bull", as legend has it, the mythical bull, the legendary forefather of the Buryat people, used to inhabit the South-Western enbankment of Lake Baikal. The sculpture is executed in the monumental and expressive style that underlines the...

Category: Lifestyle » Opinions
(posted 221 days 21 hours ago.)
Prostitutes, Escorts and Massage Parlours - Creative(54,965) Creative An interesting trend has been slowly infiltrating main stream culture, and that is the presence of 'escorts'. I can still remember the days when a person who had sex with someone for money was called a Prostitute and someone who was paid to accompany someone to a function was called an...

Category: Lifestyle » Art
(posted 222 days 9 hours ago.)
Splendor of the Baroque and Beyond-Exhibition in Taipei National Palace Musuem - CatherineYen(20,979) CatherineYen "Self Portrait of the Artist" (Circa 1638 or 40) by Peter Paul Rubens(1577-1640) Splendor of the Baroque and Beyond: Great Habsburg Collectors— Masterpieces from the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna The collections of the Kunsthistorisches (“Art History”) Museum Vienna in Austria...

Category: Lifestyle » Religion
(posted 224 days 2 hours ago.)
The Price of a Miracle-Keep the ball moving, because you are my friend - CatherineYen(20,979) CatherineYen Amsterdam Street Scene - photo by PoHan Wu 2007 I received the following story from my friend, it was like a ball passed on among the friends, although I don't know who is the writer, the following story is really touching our hearts, I paste it herewith and hope you could read it....

Category: Lifestyle » Art
(posted 225 days 10 hours ago.)
The Art of Chinese Brush Pen and Ink Stone - CatherineYen(20,979) CatherineYen The Brush Pen and Ink Stone photo taken by Kuo, Tung Tai at Artist-Pai, Feng Chong's studio "The Art of Chinese Brush Pen, Ink-Stick and Ink-Stone-- The Philosophy of Life" The usage of Chinese brush pen, counted by monthly, The usage of Chinese ink-stick, by yearly,

Category: Lifestyle » Relationships
(posted 227 days 16 hours ago.)
How to remain Young - Creative(54,965) Creative When I was a child, I was not in the rush that my peers were to be an adult as I realized my childhood would be brief compared to how long I was likely to spend as an adult so I wanted to celebrate my youth and make the most of the freedoms it afforded me. I wanted to be an adult only in as much...

Category: Lifestyle » Just for Fun
(posted 229 days 17 hours ago.)
Things We Can Do Without: In the Automobile - Alf Gordon(13,356) Thanks to modern technology, our automobiles are getting more intelligent, more comfortable, and more fuel-efficient. We have GPS systems, individually warmed and cooled seats, mutiple DVD players to entertain the kids, and even service-on-call systems. As these new innovations continue, there...

Category: Lifestyle » Just for Fun
(posted 235 days 23 hours ago.)
Things We Can Do Without: In the Public Restroom - Alf Gordon(13,356) In our accessory-obsessed society, it seems there's nothing too outrageous that people won't purchase to ensure they're being pampered at a level to which they've grown accustomed. However, when the new enters, the old must exit. Based upon my personal observations, there are some items which are...

Category: Lifestyle » Travel
(posted 236 days 6 hours ago.)
Last Minute Cheap Airline ticket - Eros Tours(86) We offer Last Minute Cheap Airline Tickets. US Domestic Cities ,Canada, Europe, Mexico, South and Central America and Asia. We offer cheap tickets for Los Angeles, Atlanta, San Francisco, and Las vegas. Last Minute Cheap Airline Ticket is out specialty. Last minute cheap airline...

Category: Lifestyle » Familly and Children
(posted 238 days 21 hours ago.)
What has the West got against Mothers? - Creative(54,965) Creative I have today read yet another scathing piece in a newspaper about mothers who do not go out to work and I can only reply thus: Dear Western society, Here is the apology you have all been waiting for: I am sorry that I wanted to be a mum and that I love my children and want to...

Category: Lifestyle » Art
(posted 239 days 8 hours ago.)
The art of Wu ShiWei-Taiwan artist - CatherineYen(20,979) CatherineYen private collections From left to right: 1. Clear Spring 2. Profound Elegance 3. Heart of Emptiness 4. Competent Beauty Inlay the music and lyric onto the painting -The art of Wu, Shi Wei Knowing Wu Shi Wei in year 2001 autumn, I was intr

Category: Lifestyle » Opinions
(posted 243 days 23 hours ago.)
Haunted Houses for Adults: Children Shouldn't Play with These Dead Things - Alf Gordon(13,356) With October upon us, many people start thinking about Halloween. It's time to get that cool new costume, buy candy for the trick-or-treaters, and of course head out to the local haunted house for a good scare. Over the past few years haunted houses have graduated from cheap thrill to big-budget...

Category: Lifestyle » Familly and Children
(posted 246 days 1 hour ago.)
My Encouter With Santa Clause! - Meghna MeghnaK(180) Every child is eagerly waiting for the month of December. Of course! Because of the festival- Christmas. I know it’s too early to talk about Christmas but how could I restrain myself?? Who does not want some awesome gifts and a delicious feast? I guess everyone does! Today I’ll tell you...

Category: Lifestyle » Just for Fun
(posted 248 days 19 hours ago.)
Why The Bee Does Not Take A Bath? - Meghna MeghnaK(180) Have you ever seen a bee That never takes a bath? I do terribly hate it Because I found it on my path!

Category: Lifestyle » Familly and Children
(posted 251 days 17 hours ago.)
Little Green Men and Parental Responsibility - Alf Gordon(13,356) Driving home through my neighborhood the other day, I came this close to hitting a pedestrian...well, it looked like a pedestrian...I mean, it was pedestrian-shaped. Actually it was a plastic sign shaped like a stylized child (think the man/woman pictures on restroom doors and you'll get the...

Category: Lifestyle » Opinions
(posted 251 days 19 hours ago.)
Acting White or Acting Black? - Alf Gordon(13,356) It's finally happened. The pressure of being a public figure under constant scrutiny has driven Jesse Jackson over the edge. The good Reverend has accused Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama of "acting like he's white". The comment was made in reference to the "Jena 6" incident in Jena...

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