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Most Recent Comments by BJChips(5,633) BJChips

Well It's Another Sunday
BJ, DUDE ,,how did you get your own blog!!! AWESOME!! My human pet, she started a blog too, but doesnt let me post, she rambles. NOW, about the CAT problem,, the way to get them under your control, hide up on the bed, when the cat jumps up, growl loud, chase off the bed, make sure your human...

Well It's Another Sunday
Hi BJ, I like reading your blog and I wanted to thank you for keeping us posted. Also, I saw your page at Purina Dog Chow, and I must say that I am impressed! Dog of the month! Go BJ, Go BJ, Go BJ...

New Type of Mud Puddle
Hey BJ You are one cool dog buddy! Listen, I'd be careful around this new mud puddle. We had one in our yard for awhile and I darn near drown in the thing! It all looks innocent but beware! Strange tidle surges can occur especially when your human pet is out there with a garden hose. Keep...

The Battle For Bed Hill
I think you are one cool dog BJ. You've got you're own blog and access to a computer. Never knew you Lhasas were such cool dogs. I'll keep reading, you keep writing. DOGS RULE, You go dude!!!

The Battle For Bed Hill
I have read all of your blog posts BJ, and I have to agree with Chuck...You are the coolest! You are the first "Dog Blog" that I have read, but I must say that you have a pretty interesting life. P.S. Make sure you let that cat know who the real master of the house is!

Thinking Helmets - And How To Use Them
Your posts are very entertaining and my compliments are your level of writing skill. Keep up the good work!

Twenty Five Questions For God
BJ,,,, wow,,,,Taitti from Heaven!!!!! Ya know, If its that good in Heaven,, maybe we should get a couple of 2-way tickets??? But maybe we wouldnt want to come back, so I guess we had better stay around the humans for a bit,,,So Im putting on ma Thing Helmut and have some kibble dreams, later with...

From A Female Point of View
BJ I've had a number of dogs in my lifetime but I've never seen one who wrote so well and had so many international computer savvy friends. Keep blogging, you're an example to canines everywhere

From A Female Point of View
DUDE!!!! BJ!!!! Hey,, youve been holding out on me Dude!!! Whats this sweet 7 year regal Aussie thats writting you???? She sounds so regal,,oh yea,, she said she was,,,So Dude, does she have a pedigree?? Bet shes hot,,wooof,woof,,,,Oh she said shes in heat?,,,Well, good luck with her BJ,, Hey man...

Sleeping With Humans - A guide for canines
Oh B'J fanks for da tips on da bed, we cant go on da bed no more cos dat pekey daisy puked up on da humans quilt..... so now we is all on da floor. woofs & kisses from Dolly & Chloe

Purina Dog Chow - Dog of The Month
BJ, you are cute and has a good master. How lucky you are ! Hope you will be a handsome boy in next life.

Sleeping With Humans - A guide for canines
Welcome back BJ!

Holiday Weeked - Part Two
Just checking your blog. What have you been up to lately?

The poem is really touched me, the same cruel thing happened frequently in Taiwan. I raise some homeless dogs, they are poor without confidence, I can see that thru their eyes. I participate PETA, this is an association proclaiming people to be nice to treat animals. You have a beautiful blog...

Why We Should All Be Thankful
BJ, What else can I say Dude?? You have said it all, and really good too! Now I have to get my human to read this so she will know just how Thankful I am that she runs to the store just to make sure I have my breakfest bisquites! WOW,, what a human, and shes all mine!!! Love, your bro,,,RAGE

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