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Most Recent Comments by Danny Davids(13,494) Danny Davids

WiFi: Don't Beg, Borrow, or StealYes, John, it is indeed illegal to use an unsecured WiFi connection. You don't hear about it much because the majority of folks who do it don't get caught. Kind of like what happened when people started out using peer-to-peer music sharing. Everybody did it so nobody worried about it - until...

I (re)Write the Songs: Taking Over Your Computer Via MP3 FilesI'm glad you gleaned some humor out of it. And thanks for reading. GO ROCKIES!!

WiFi: Don't Beg, Borrow, or StealI'm not saying all WiFi costs. I AM saying that not all WiFi is free. Gee, folks...are we even reading the same articles? :)

U.S. Toy Makers Looking at Banner Christmas SalesI agree with you, Mike. A recent news report stated Walmart's sales are down because people are realizing that with lower prices comes lower quality. Quality is becoming an issue in consumer purchasing in the US. Amazing, isn't it?

"No Child Left Behind" a Flawed IdealI agree that parents need to be involved. I also strongly agree that our school system needs to be revamped. There's something wrong when a student takes "college-level" classes in high school and then has to take the remedial versions of the same classes in his first year of college.

A Biohazard Catastrophe; Terrorists Need Not Apply.Wondering how your decaf-drinking friends respond, Mike. :) A good article, but rather unnerving as well.

Consumer Products Safety Commission Chiefs Toy With Integrity.And now I hear they want to bring in the FDA to assist in determining if and when products should be recalled. Boy, are we ever in trouble!

How to tell if a man loves youOn the other hand, you can immediately tell if a woman loves a man because she...um, I mean, she will...uh...you know, Creative, we may have a problem here. ;) Good article!

Televangelists Should Pay Taxes on Personal Profits.Mike, you blindsided me with that first sentence. When I finally got it, I laughed my butt off! (No, wait, I'm wrong...it's still here...) I'm really torn on this one. If these organizations are using their tax-exempt status to avoid paying taxes on their legitimate businesses, they should be...

Seminole Tribal Council Under Federal ScutinySo, Mike, does this mean that we Americans are to blame for the corruption of the Seminole nation? Or is this just another example of human nature taking its natural course? If the United States were the only place where corruption like this took place, I might tend to agree with your assessment....

UK to Deny Health Care to Foreign Nationals?Gee, CF, can you send those lawmakers to the US? We could certainly use somebody like them with the ba...er, uh...I mean, the fortitude to make it clear that if you don't contribute to the system, you don't benefit from it either!

The Twelve Days of ChristmasCarolyn, unfortunately it appears this is one of our Christmas Urban Legends. Both TruthorFiction.com (http://www.truthorfiction.com/rumors/t/twelvedaysofchristmas.htm) and Snopes.com (http://www.snopes.com/holidays/christmas/12days.asp) state the tale is fales.

The Twelve Days of ChristmasSorry, I can't type...that should be "false". :P

Sub Prime Lenders Need to Pay for Their Greed.While I agree that the institutions who implemented these business policies shouldn't get away scott-free, I also know that it takes two to tango. People who saw an opportunity to buy a home they couldn't afford are now pointing the finger at anybody they can, hoping they can convince us to...

Ethanol not as Environmentally Friendly as Claimed.Well, you know what they say, Mike. Survival of the fittest. We keep listening to these so-called "experts" and the meek won't inherit the earth, the insects will!

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