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The Media’s White Wash Of The Winter Solider Conference

Posted Friday, May 16, 2008 (16 days 15 hours ago.)

If one were to task the man or woman on the street if they knew that a Winter Soldier conference was held just a few months ago, chances are you would be met with a blank stare or asked what you were talking about. Former winter soldier John Kerry was asked if he was going to attend the gathering but instated that he knew nothing of the event, which is not surprising considering only one media source even mentioned it. The Washington Post had buried the conference deep in “local events” column. So it is little surprise that the great PR firm which calls itself “the media” can keep the argument of the Iraq war going under the rather superficial banner of supporting the troops or supporting a withdraw. To do so they continue to use similar propaganda campaigns to those that were unearthed by the New York Times a week ago, which by the way bordered on a jail able offence which violates laws first passed in 1951 and have been repassed every since. Further more, by white washing this conference, the “support our troop” argument becomes a little hollow considering that not one TV channel nor radio station outside of WBAI and the other Pacifica outlets even mentioned the testimony of troops who spoke so patiently about their regrets and long term disabilities due to the war.  So instead of me writing, I urge you to click or cut and past the links below. The words of those who were their say more than I could possibly type.  









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John McCain The Neo con

Posted Saturday, April 26, 2008 (36 days 20 hours ago.)

A lot has happened since I started this piece which was be Part Two of a series focusing on the advisors of the candidates in both political Parties.   Since there are only two, yes two, Republican candidates left, and only one has any real relevancy in the race at this point, I decided to focus on John McCain who is the current media sweetheart and self proclaimed war hero.

One of the biggest misconceptions about McCain, thanks in part to a media that goes out of its way not to challenge the paradigm of the moment, is that he is the most "liberal" of all the Republican candidates   Even some Liberals have swallowed the Kool Aid on this one.  But looking at McCain’s proposed policies and the inside personalities that he surrounds himself with, it becomes painfully obvious that he is every bit the Neo Con that Bush is and maybe even more. In fact he has aligned himself with the likes of Paul Wolfowitz and other players in the Project for the New Century who support the remaking of the world in the image of the United States.  

As reporter Robert Dreyfuss noted on"Democracy Now", McCain wishes to form “The League Of Democracies” which would by-pass the United Nations when it comes to going to war with various countries and build a stronger front in NATO against Russia in Central Asia. This group would re-establish US unilateralism against his version of the “Axis of Evil” with what he calls, “Rogue State Roll-Back.”  This means targeting Governments which McCain sees as being hostile to the United States. The McCain plan would allow the US to overthrow these Governments and install those leaders that are sympathetic to the Neo Con agenda. The most often cited countries are Iraq, Cuba, North Korea, Iran and Syria.  He is now looking to become increasingly more antagonistic towards those countries that challenge US dominance in the world, most notably, Russia and China.

In fact McCain has already called for the removal of Russia from the G8 along with inviting several former Soviet nations, like the Ukraine and Georgia into the governing body. Such a move would send a firestorm throughout Moscow. McCain said that he would forward the Bush plan of building a satellite missile systems in Poland and other Eastern European countries but he would not concern himself with Moscow. Such an act would strain the US relationship with Russia to the point that we find could ourselves in a no-win situation in some of the world’s problems including those throughout the Middle East and, equally important we could find ourselves in another arms race with Moscow.

Those who think that voting for John McCain is a vote against the neoconservative agenda,  should take a look at his advisers. The following is a detailed look at some of the men who shaped the ideas and plans that McCain the Neo Con is now pushing under the guise of “keeping out country save.”   

On top of the list is Terry Nelson, a Bush-Cheney insider. According to the group Media Matters, Nelson has been linked to some perverse scandals surrounding the Republican Party in general and Tom Delay in particular.  Perhaps most infamous was campaign ad aimed at Rep. Harold Ford Jr, an African American candidate for Congress in Tennessee.  The ad closed with a white woman telling Ford to call her, an obvious attempt to incite rage from white conservative communities of Tennessee. Questions also surround Nelson’s involvement in a phone jamming operation in 2002 used to disrupt Democratic campaigns in New Hampshire.  

Then there is William Kristol, ultra-conservative writer for the “Weekly Standard” and one of the architects of the neo-con think tank, falls in line with the rest of the cohorts in the far right wing media and political spin doctors, believe in American hegemony on a global scale. Shortly after the fall of the Soviet Union Kristol stood at forefront of the Republican radical fringe calling for the reshaping of the global politic to serve US interests, even at the expense of the international community.

Like Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz and others, Kristol saw Iraq as a starting point for what has become the march for the US’s expanded empire.  He has long been promoting the idea in article after article in the Standard. In 1998 he signed onto a letter With Paul Wolfowitz and Donald Rumsfeld which urged the overthrow of Saddam Hussein. In the letter, the group floated the erroneous claim of Hussein possessing weapons of mass destruction and his intent to use them against US interests.   They claimed that the Iraqi government could cause the largest crisis in Middle East since the end of the cold war, “We are writing to you because we are convinced that current American policy toward Iraq is not succeeding, and that we may soon face a threat in the Middle East more serious than any we have known since the end of the Cold War…”  For the full contents of the letter go to http://www.newamericancentury.org/iraqclintonletter.htm.

After Bill Clinton snubbed the request, the group sent a letter to Newt Gingrich and former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, saying that the US should build and maintain a strong presence in the area. The letter can be viewed through the link. http://www.newamericancentury.org/iraqletter1998.htm.  To their dismay Bill Clinton absolutely rejected the proposal to overthrow the man that George H.W. Bush put into power in 1963. The authors of PNAC had to wait a few more years before they got their man George W Bush.

Every time we hope that Henry Kissinger once and for all finally disappears into the great ether of horrid war criminals, he always seems to come back. Kissinger, certainly the least deserving of recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, is quietly doing what he does best inside the McCain camp. For those who know Kissinger's history, there are far too many examples of war crimes connected to Richard Nixon’s right hand man to fit into one blog.   They range from his support for the invasions East Timor and Cambodia to the attempted cover up of the Mai Lai Massacre to the bloody ascent of Augusto Pinochet in Chile in the early 1970s.  Given this history one must really be worried about the possible war with Iran under a John McCain presidency.   Kissinger has never seen a war crime that he doesn’t support as long as it moves forward an agenda. Up until the late 1980s, he rationalized the US support for General Suharto with the excuse that it was necessary to "fight Communism". Today he will most certainly use the generic tag of “the war on terrorism” when discussing any future violations of human rights.

While the great PR firm which calls itself the media has been transfixed on comments made by Barack Obama’s former pastor Reverend Jeremiah Wright, there seems to be limited interest  in speeches made by controversial reverend and John McCain supporter John Hagee.  The Texas preacher is well known among the Catholic community. He is best known for calling the Roman Catholic church as the “great whore,” apostate church," the "anti-Christ" and "a false cult system" that inspired Adolph Hitler to initiate the Holocaust.

Recently McCain was asked about the support he received from Hagee, during ABC’s news show, "This Week With George Stephanopoulos." Host Stephanopoulos asked McCain if it was a mistake to solicit and accept the endorsement of such a figure. At first, McCain said it was a mistake but seconds later contradicted himself by saying, that he is happy to have it. According to a report by Glen Greenwald of salon.com, Tim Russert had a chance to press the issue of the support but instead, seemed content with the kid gloves approach when dealing with the issue. This came after a show where Russert continued to weigh on Obama to denounce the support he received from the Reverend Louis Farrakhan, which Obama did.  

John McCain has often praised Hagee as an honest man and was proud to receive his support. But lets keep in mind Hagee's Catholic comments are actually one of the more benign statements he has made over the years. Here are some of Hagee's Greatest Hits. On Terry Gross’s show on NPR, John Hagee stated that “All Muslims are killers and we can thus never negotiate with any of them.”

During the same interview, he claimed that  “God caused Hurricane Katrina to wipe out New Orleans because it had a gay pride parade the week before and was filled with sexual sin.” Then there is this little number, “The End Times Rapture is imminent and the U.S. Government must do what it can to hasten it, which at minimum requires a war with Iran and undying, absolute support for a unified Israel, including all Occupied Territories.”

So while Barack Obama has been forced to explain comments and connections to Wright, McCain can openly hug Hagee with no real in-depth questions from any of the major networks. But this has been the pattern of the media's handling of John McCain; not only with Hagee but with all of his advisors.  Let one of the Democratic candidates slip up, however, and you're guaranteed that gaffe is all you will hear for months afterwards.

But John McCain, as stated above, has become the media’s new darling, to the point where they are willing to sell McCain "the moderate" while McCain the Neo-Con furthers the Project For The New American Century’s radical agenda.

Until next time.



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Race And The Obama Campaign

Posted Wednesday, March 26, 2008 (67 days 15 hours ago.)

Perhaps it was a bit naïve for Barak Obama to believe that he could slide through the dirty game of American politics without the issue of race becoming a focus point on his campaign. Looking back several months now, it appeared that he had avoided discussing race on any real platform outside of touting the progress of the United States during the California Democratic debates. Instead he spoke of Uniting the United States after eight of divisive politics and pulling US forces out of Iraq, along with creating “Green Jobs” with the production of a renewable energy infrastructure, all issues that many White Americans consider safe. He even rode a wave of inspiration with those three words, “Yes We Can,” a campaign message that first started with current Obama Adviser David Axelrod during his own political run.   His approach put him ahead of Hillary Clinton in most, if not all the polls, in the months of January and February and he was all but on his way to ending the race during the Ohio and Texas primaries. But this is American politics and to think for a second that the best in the game wouldn’t play the race card is more than a bit of a mistake

            During his rise in the polls, several Karl Rove like tactics were already being too used to put questions into minds of the voters. The first rumor that started circulating around the web was that Obama was a Black Muslim, despite the fact that he had been going to the same church for the past years. The rumor stated that he gave up his mother’s religion and joined the nation of Islam. The aim was to stir the hornet’s nest of current US suspicion of Muslims in a fashion not so dissimilar to that of the American hatred towards the Japanese during War II or the Communists the cold war. Anyone who has followed politics for any amount of time could see that the situation was heading towards a, “oh no here we go again” scenario. Conservative talk show hosts, Bill O Reily of Fox and Glenn Beck even did their best not to disprove the message when the issue was brought up on their shows.

          But the issue didn’t really hurt the support he was receiving even among white republicans to what was meant to be a Rovenian type of trick which fell flat on its face. The issue of race came up again during the South Carolina primaries when former president Bill Clinton dismissed Barak Obama’s victory in the state. Clinton remarked that Jessie Jackson also did well in South Carolina in the 1983 elections, but then went on to become a non-factor. Clinton has since back peddled from the remark stating that he took too much heat over it. However the aim of the message was clearly to entrap Obama in the race net. The remark actually back fired on the Clinton’s as Hillary’s numbers began to drop. Mr. Obama continued deliver the message of Unity which put him in front of both of his presidential rivals.

            The latest attempt to lay the topic of race at the feet of Barak Obama was by former liberal icon Geraldine Ferraro. Ferraro, like Bill Clinton tried to dismiss the Obama rage by connecting his race to the sudden surge of his popularity. While the move only led to Ferraro’s resignation and more bitterness by the Obama people towards Hillary Clinton, It was the spiritual leader and close friend to the Obamas that forced the Illinois senator to go where he once tried to avoid, on the path of race. About a week after Ferraro’s statement, Pastor Jeremiah Wright of the Trinity United Church of Christ gave a sermon where stated that the United States was built on bigotry and then went onto say three words that could amount to a bomb to the Obama campaign, “America God Dam.” From that point on it as been little more than damage control for the Barak camp. Any ties that Obama has with the preacher have become fatal. So it came as no surprise that it was time the for the presidential candidate gave a speech dealing with the issue of race. The surprise came when Obama refused to disown his friend Wright.


            In the speech, Barak Obama recognized the racial divide between Whites and Blacks and he acknowledged the frustration and anger by both parties. Barak Obama warned the country that the anger over the issue is real. He then called for understanding and unity among all the races. It was in fact the important speech that he needed give if he has any chance to put the issue of race to sleep for the foreseeable future. The bad news however, while Obama might have tried to avoid the topic altogether, White America seems to want no part of it and now we may be seeing the unfortunate backlash with the decline in his numbers. Since the remarks by Wright and the speech itself, Hillary Clinton has regained the lead and some white supporters of his have turned to the Clinton camp.


            The real question here has yet to be asked by the mainstream media, why is White America so turned off by the issue? The answer could very well be two fold. First, the US seems to be country of sweeping problems under the rug. Something like race is on top of that list. By not facing the racial divide, it allows some within white communities to believe that there is no longer inequality among non-whites in this country, despite numerous reports by the human rights commission to prove other wise. According to a report from United for a Fair Economy, on the present pace, it would African Americans 594 years to close the economic gap. But lets make no mistake, the, to acknowledge the racial economic, health and education gap would mean that someone would have to take responsibility for what is commonly referred to as “sins of the father.” And in a society where tradition is more important than progression. Questioning ones ancestors is unacceptable. 

          The second reason for the rejection of the race issue could stem from the fact that many Whites find themselves slipping economically. At a time where even white jobs are no longer safe and are being sent overseas due to the disastrous economic policies like NAFTA and CAFTA, many of the Anglo population are more worried about the dying communities around which you can see in the South and the Mid-West.


Until next time. 







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