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"Power Trip" by Meridith

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By Meridith Kibler(83)
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"Power Trip" by Meridith

Posted Thursday, February 07, 2008 (115 days 22 hours ago.)


The morning gently blew threw his magnificent window

Forest trees abound him as though his slumber in the beautiful wilderness

700 count sheets comfort him as he awaken

Tailored suits and Italian leather shoes express his wealth

To others

A tantalizing smile to charm the ladies

A firm hand shake to command respect

Admiration once graced his young presence

Now truth

Did you think your action plans were simple?

They are concise to you

Really? Are they?

What were your original beliefs, values, plans?

You work for them

We work for us

We saw it before you

You cover your tracks

Cover your high convoluted propaganda

Propaganda sells them to sell us

Appoint someone else to lay the judgment

Judgment you’ve delegated.

Convincing those elected to believe your working for them

When we all know the insincerity of your truth

See, you started with high hopes

High dreams…just like the rest of us.

Somewhere you forgot where you began

It was good, very good

Then turned bad, very bad

You broke the saddle

Covered your ass

Used words representing no answers

See, we have families too

It started when you decided to not take responsibility

It started when you thought only for yourself

It started when you forgot to ask, how someone’s day was

Or asked, then walked away when they answered

Did you look into their eyes…no….

Because you fear, now you fear

You don’t meet them at the door anymore

And they know

You should fear

We know


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