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My Encouter With Santa Clause!

Why The Bee Does Not Take A Bath?

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My Encouter With Santa Clause!

Posted Sunday, September 30, 2007 (246 days 1 hour ago.)

    Every child is eagerly waiting for the month of December. Of course! Because of the festival- Christmas. I know it’s too early to talk about Christmas but how could I restrain myself?? Who does not want some awesome gifts and a delicious feast? I guess everyone does! Today I’ll tell you about a curious incident that happened during last Christmas.

    I lay longingly on the bed staring into the dying embers. It was Christmas Eve and after a fabulous dinner I was waiting for Father Christmas. This time I was determined to catch him!

Suddenly I heard a loud thud in the living room near the chimney. I eagerly ran to inquire. My eyes nearly boggled out when I saw a fat jolly man with a thick white and experienced beard. He was wearing a red coat and pant with white cuffs. He also had a huge red cap on his head. Oh yes! I couldn’t believe that this was really Father Christmas!

    He took out a nicely wrapped present and put it near the fireplace beside the Christmas tree. I was thrilled! I resisted my growing urge to open the present and quietly followed Santa Claus. I did not call him as I was scared he would disappear.

    I soon followed him out of the chimney to the end of the dark lane. Here a huge white cloud drifted down towards him and he majestically climbed onto it. I too followed him on the next cloud without any clue about what was going on. He soon reached high up in the sky where his reindeer sleigh was awaiting him.

    His reindeer and the sleigh ran with an amazing speed. Within seconds I watched them reach near the moon. He said some magic words and a mystery door opened out of the blue!

    He returned back with a bag full of gifts. Oh so this was his toy factory! I soon reached near the door and peeped into the strange room. Wow! It was full of elves and fairies making some wonderful toys! So I suppose they are the ones who toil from dawn to dust to make us glad at receiving such great presents.

    I then drifted back home on the cloud with a rather huge smile like Santa! I was truly amazed by this experience. At last I had found out where Santa’s secret toy factory was!

    I eagerly opened the package Santa had left for me. Wow! There was a huge hamper full of books inside it. I guess Santa knew all about what I wanted!

    This has been the most wonderful Christmas of my life1 I am glad that I learnt such fascinating facts about Santa Claus. You bet I cherish this Christmas time the most!

    What about you all? Do you enjoy Christmas time? Come forward and be sure to share your thoughts with me.
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Why The Bee Does Not Take A Bath?

Posted Thursday, September 27, 2007 (248 days 19 hours ago.)

Have you ever seen a bee

That never takes a bath?

I do terribly hate it

Because I found it on my path!

I was surprised

Because it did not sting me

And I am sure you would be too

If you know something about a bee!

I soon learnt about the strange mystery

It was because it could not hear a blink

When his mother told him he had to sting

He thought she told him to stink!!


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