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9:23 P.M.

Angel Spell

All of my poetry!

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9:23 P.M.

Yeah its around that time <sigh>. I got up, got ready for school, went to school, came home, and settled down. The beauty of it is that I didn't recieve any homework. Even if I did...I would have completed it, exspecially if it was form English or Algebra! English is my favorite subject. I have been writing an outline for making a Magick Circle for Beginners. Its growing pretty long so I guess I'll finish it tomorrow. I hope I finish it tomorrow. When I get on the bus from school tomorrow I am going to go to a friends house. <nod> Yep..I can't wait though. Also ive been reading a book on...Wicca Beliefs and Practices. I think thats the one...I forgot the author, I'll look him/her up later. <yawn> I'm getting tired. Going to bed..night everybody! :)
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Angel Spell

This spell has to do with angels and nightmares. I was sick and tired of the nightmares so I created this spell for protection in dreams from nightmares.

Guiding angels hear my plea
Keep a wacthful eye over me
Wacth me here wacth me there
Keep things more fair
Destroy the nightmares for me
Protect me
So please hear my plea
So mote it be!

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All of my poetry!

It beats
Pumps blood
Breaks when rejected
Heals when loved
Is whole when married
Grows old with age
Dies when the time comes....

Like taking candy from a baby
It snatches your enti(spirit)
Leaving the psni(physical)behind
Death decides
Will you be snei(reincarnated)
Or stay dean(dead)
Will it choose the light
Or will darkness awat you

The cradle
The grave
This I will rave(speak about)
Representing the moon
Looking like a pretty lagoon (Clean, shiny, lake)
There is a turf
A place that she gives birth
On this green Earth
She is the cradle
The grave
So hear me rave(speak about)

Out of Control
I unleash the Taka (power)
I get niched (angry)
Things burn
I don't get hurt
But others do
My Sparta(mind power) taps in
I feel helpless
They misunderstand
A war starts
It rages on
They die
I fall into darkness
Who's gonna stop me?
"Your outta control." he says
Everything goes blank
I'm locked up;caged
Soon I'll awaken

Free At Last!
Feeling like squeezed toothpaste
I leap for joy
I finished my task
I scream "Free at last!"
As I walk out fiery red surrounds me
I feel hot
Ijump into the color blue
I feel fine now
Finally at my destination
I bounce off the walls like a ball
Like a thunder storm...
I shout, "Free at last!"

The Sending
My staff raises out the ground
I grab it
Every lost spirit come
Gather around
For you have been found
I will send you all
You all shall fall
Don't cry..
Or do you wanna fry in the Abyss?
Now go give your loved ones a kiss!
Leave now and don't come back
Or else I we will surely attack
The gates are sealed....

Wolf Form
Eyes pitch black
There is no end to the depth of my eyes
Black and white fur
Represents my neutral self
An ancient necklace around my furry neck
Represents my royalty
You cannot see me
I'm to quick for your eyes
Hear me howl
I am near
Take a closer look
Remember me
This is what I look like
I dissapear
I'm gone for a long time
You say, "I can't find you."
I say, "Your wrong look harder."
This is just one of my forms
This is my wolf form
Can you find me?

Jess and I
We hurt
We Cry
Our wings spread
One black the other white
I Nathalie bad
Jess, good
She and I are one
There is darkness and light
We reach out in opposite directions
Attracted to different sides
We decide and merge
Becoming one
Becoming neutral
We are the balance and are one

Born to do
I start with a very healthy heart
But as I do people trample over it like animals from the zoo
My heart turns in pain
From this there is nothing to gain
Although I do try
So this should be easy as pie
To show them my love
Like a graceful white dove
Please don’t shove me away
For I don’t want you to stray
I’m here to protect you
Don’t let this upset you
Soon I will have to go away
You shall not stray
For I am always with you
I am in and around you like glue…

Who & What Am I?
I am an unknown.
I am unpredictable.
I’m almost unbeatable but I won’t become a goddess until I have my questions answered.
I am and always will be neutral; I am the balance, temporarily.
Human or not you and I are equals.
Get to know me and I you.
Lets be friends…please?
As friends you can lend me your pain and feel better facing the problem.
I will help and won’t leave till you’ve faced it.
Although is this really me?
Will I actually do this?
Get to know me and find out.
Let’s be friends!
Take a risk I won’t bite, as long as you don’t first.

Trouble Deciding
I watch silently
The red thick smoke clouds my thinking
Different colors mix and clouds me even more
I don’t know what to do
Oh me…
Oh my…
I normally go with the flow
Lately now I’ve been rocky like the wind
What to do?
As the red thick smoke clouds me
The different mix of colors fade
My mind almost clear to think
Follow the red smoke
Or my head?
My heart speaks!
What does it say?
Mind and heart unite
I make my decision…
I choose you….

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