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By GunpowderPlot(30)

The pentagram appears on the roof of the pentagon,

Mark Chapman’s passions shatter glasses, scaring St. John.

Apocalyptic preview, to see through the mist thick,

A mystic comprehends and puts a name to this shit.


Illusions dissipate, and the cash returns to paper,

Sacred plants regenerate, the sage inhales the vapor.

The vipers venom sinks in, the serpent strikes the Gemini,

The first reflection crashes and its doppelganger right behind.


Are you surprised when the sol rises once again?

Would you prefer to see the world was crucified at end?

So it comes to pass that Aquarius heals the blind,

If only the globe’s death warrant was not already signed.


But King Bush the second, is no match for our conspiracy,

It’s not just me, We’re lurking and were moving forward fearlessly.

You can’t chant your ohms in the holiest of holies,

The weaponry- machinery, made up of screws and pulleys.


But World War Four will surely be fought with sticks and stones,

And at that time the world will find that we were not alone.

Project civilization will see it never flew,

The plane was falling faster and disaster comes on queue.


It’s true, the bird was free and it was never to be caged.

I choose to build my walls all day and find myself a-mazed.

If I created the place and time I find myself at present,

A gift of God, I stand outside, I’m neither king or peasant.


The ode of Ovid soon revealed to be no less than gospel,

Who played his part upon the stage? Judas-devout apostle.

Laughter echoes endlessly, It’s funny ’cause it’s true,

Buddha was an atheist and Jesus was a Jew.


Ten thousand generations chose to procreate and grow,

But if one generation ceased, it’d be last one Earth would know.

The suicide of species would astound the future men,

But how you ask, for when we end Genesis starts again.


The universes infinite as the space within an inch,

When you know where you came from, the return becomes a cinch.

And so I speak of many things, some true and others myths,

But all are weaved together, and the point? Follow your bliss.

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Monday, January 01, 2007
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