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By beanerywriters(11,675)

There are many interesting marriages in the Bible. Below is a skit based on an interview with Hosea about his marriage to a prostitute. It was moderated by Monte on a radio program in Connellsville, Pennsylvania several years ago.
Monte: Today we welcome a special guest---a preacher and a prophet, a man of deep faith. Welcome, Hosea. Although you are much respected in religious circles, there have been questions about your life choices. I recall the news, gossip and scuttlebutt from the early years of your marriage to Gomer. It brings me to ask, how did you and Gomer meet?
Hosea: It’s a strange story, Monte. God really put me to the test in my marriage
Monte: What do you mean?
Hosea: I asked God to help me find the right woman, someone who would be supportive of my work for Him. He instructed me to find a wife of harlotry.
Monte: Oh, my. You mean, God actually instructed you to marry a harlot?
Hosea: I found the instruction hard to believe to. I said, “God, have I heard you right? A harlot? How on earth am I supposed to perform my religious duties with a harlot for a wife!???! God, you can’t be serious!” But He was serious.
Monte: I have to ask, how does one go about finding a wife among harlots?
Hosea: Well, it was embarrassing. I had no choice but to go to the red light section of town to find a wife. Day after day, I walked through the women with my head down, pushing them away as they tried to entice me to use their services. I wandered about, feeling pity and praying for these women, and questioning God about His message. Then, there was this one woman---she had a look in her eyes…
Monte: Gomer?
Hosea: Yes. Every time I went there, I felt a nudging that became stronger and stronger. God was telling me “she’s the one, she is to be your wife.” She was as surprised as I was at God’s instructions. It took a while to convince her to marry me.
Monte: Tell me about your marriage.
Hosea: At first things went well. Gomer seemed to like the change---the respect and stability of being a priest’s wife. We were ecstatic when our first child, Jesreel, was born! After that, I noticed a restlessness in Gomer. She said she felt like she was in a cage, she felt trapped. I couldn’t understand it.
Monte: What happened next?
Hosea: As you know, my work is demanding. Perhaps I couldn’t fill her needs; maybe I just wasn’t home enough, maybe the world’s riches were too appealing. Regardless, she began to wander away from home. I suspected she was returning to harlotry.
Monte:  Wasn’t that grounds to divorce her?
Hosea: Yes. I was so angry that I was ready to say “Go, go, return to the life you seem to want.” But something stopped me. I realized I had fallen in love with her. And she was with child again. She gave me a lovely daughter, Loruhamah. When Loru was weaned, Gomer was with child again. A second boy. God told me to call him Loammi, meaning “no kin of mine.” By this time, everyone knew Gomer was running around. People even thought my other two children were born of harlotry.
Monte: How did your friends and colleagues react to Gomer’s behavior?
Hosea: They tried to tell me to let her go, that she was no good, she was ruining my effectiveness as a priest. I couldn’t do that. My love for her ran deep. More than once I had to go looking for her, taking her to a quiet place to talk. I had to be oh, so gentle with her, speaking tenderly and giving her hope we could make our marriage work. The time she actually left home for that ugly lifestyle was the darkest time of my life. I begged God to help me understand why he had led me into this dilemma that was tearing me apart.
Monte: Why did you keep going after her?
Hosea: Each time she returned, I hoped she would stay. She claimed a part of my heart---I loved her and hoped we could go on to a better life. And I had to obey God.
Monte: What happened next?
Hosea: As I was struggling with God, myself and my friends (who said “good riddance to bad rubbish),” and trying to console and care for the children, someone told me Gomer had been deserted by her lover and had sold herself into slavery. I know it sounds crazy, but oh, how I longed to bring her home. My friends and colleagues were convincing me there wasn’t any hope for a woman like her. Then God spoke to me in my despair. He said “Go, show you love to your wife again, though she was loved by another and is an adulteress. Love her as I love the Israelites, who turn to other Gods.” It was then I knew why God had given me Gomer. I now understood my life was to be an object lesson in the love of God. I’d experienced the sorrow God feels for his children, who, rich in His gifts, seek other gods that money can buy.
Monte: What a testimony! It helps me to understand God wants to redeem His people, and make them whole. That the good life can only be found through repentance of sin and releasing the idolatrous gods of the rich life. No matter what the Israelites did through history, God kept reaching out to them in love, hoping each time would be the time their rebellion would end!
Hosea: Right. That last time Gomer must have hit bottom, because she never again left home. She repented, and with God’s help changed her behavior and moved forward in a life of Faith. Today our marriage is strong, founded on the love of God, who brought us together.
Monte: Thank you, Gomer, for sharing your story.
This skit was based on the Old Testament book of Hosea.
---written by Carolyn

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Monday, January 01, 2007
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Comment by beanerywriters(11,675)
Cousin! The scripture basis for this story was read at my sister Rosemary's wedding 2 years ago. A lovely homily followed with reassurance that it is never too late to start over with God. Thanks for this presentation.

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