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Well It's Another Sunday

By BJChips(5,633) BJChips

Dear Diary,

Well it's another Sunday. A day when everyone in the house sleeps late except the cat!

After two and a half years of living with each other you would have thought that we'd have reached some understanding about schedules and territory. NO! Not with this guy.

Sam thinks that because he's the oldest he should be granted certain "rights". Such as where his food bowl goes, when and where he takes his naps and the worst of his foul habits is his insistance on sharing the big king bed with me and my human pets.

This morning was no exception. I awoke at 6 and lovingly nudged my human pet to take her for a morning walk. I have discovered that the feamale pet is much more willing to walk first thing in the morning while the male lingers in bed and requires food and beverage before walking.

I took the shortest route possible this morning as a treat for my pet. She seems soooooooo sleepy sometimes that I feel sorry for her and make my morning walk as quick as possible. In exchange for this she follows up with the desired behavior of giving me a tummy rub upon our return to the bed.  Ahhhhhhhhh, nothing like a good tummy rub on a sleepy Sunday.

Well, when we returned that darn cat had taken over the spot vacated by my human. There he was, spread out on the pillow pretending to be asleep. This is a game he plays as he thinks I don't know he fakes it everytime.

I quickly rousted him from the pillow as I was waiting for my tummy scratch. Now that just set him off in a snitt that has lasted most of the day. He was so annoyed by the roust that he awoke my male human pet and demanded attention. BAH!! What a mush up he is!

Bottom line dear diary is that instead of getting an additional hour of Z's everyone was coaxed into getting out of bed early. Hence the newspaper coming in early, hence breakfast being delayed by the reading of said paper, hence my ENTIRE Sunday schedule being set off on the wrong tilt.

I plan on having a strong word with Mr. Smartypants Cat later out of sight of the humans. It's time he learned to rules and who writes them!

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Monday, January 01, 2007
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Comments on this blog post:

Comment by BJChips(5,633) BJChips
BJ, DUDE ,,how did you get your own blog!!! AWESOME!! My human pet, she started a blog too, but doesnt let me post, she rambles. NOW, about the CAT problem,, the way to get them under your control, hide up on the bed, when the cat jumps up, growl loud, chase off the bed, make sure your human doesn't see you. Several times of this, and that bed is YOURS!!! I know,, I have 4 cats-pets, & 1 human!! Now Im off to howlll at the moon, hee, hee. Growls & butt-sniffs,,,Rage
Comment by BJChips(5,633) BJChips
Hi BJ, I like reading your blog and I wanted to thank you for keeping us posted. Also, I saw your page at Purina Dog Chow, and I must say that I am impressed! Dog of the month! Go BJ, Go BJ, Go BJ...

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