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Scuttlebutt has it

By WhoAskedYouBill(40)

And I tend to agree we are not a nation of doers but more one of self centered overweight female dominated spectators. 

I offer on the whole, we, as a people, are not the doers of this world because, it appears, a great number of us are of or the offsping of the me generation hence only interested in what affects us personally.

E.g., We have milk toast and toastette politicians who are more concerned with doing nothing or complaining rather than rolling up their sleeves and pitching in to get the job done for the benefit of us all.  Personal and Party power, not the welfare of this great nation, it seems, are their prime concerns. 

We have milk toast and toastette TV, Radio, and Entertainment Field personalities, such as Jay Leno and David Letterman among others who are more interested in chasing the almighty dollar for themselves rather than putting the welfare of this great nation first.

I offer we are among the worst of peoples when it comes to acting as one people because we have far too many self interests and the majority seem only concerned with their rights.  Those who say otherwise I say are self flatterers and non-participants.  Saying "We Support Our Troops" and supporting our troops are two entirely different things.  For many, like Letterman and Leno, it is self-serving lip service designed to con audiences.  I find nothing funny about their verbally attacking our President every weekday night for the past seven plus years in a derrogratory manner not once but six, seven, and even times a night.  Especially Leno when he makes fun of our President's National Guard Service.  We know what former President Clinton did to avoid military service but we do not know if Leno carried a matching purse to the Selective Service Office when registering.

Our Armed Forces Recruiting Services Offices are not being visited by eligible young men because the majority of young men of this nation are willing to let their few noble peers do the job for them while they go on doing what they do best: avoiding commitment to anyone or thing but themselves and their personal interest.  Such young men are too busy nailing down a Summa Cum Laude spectator place in history for themselves to offer their overworked peers in the military a helping hand.  They don't serve the nation, they prefer to watch those who do on Television when they have time.  They don't visit the VA Hospitals nor are they among those who welcome our troops home or see them off.  Yes, I believe they would hire someone to represent them at such functions if only the rest of us would give them credit.

Now, I admit, I may be carrying this a bit too far because even this nation's slugs at times are doers.  Don't believe me?  Just listen to our politicians pick our President apart on everything he has done or accomplished.  And believe me they also do most of the complaining about what is wrong or about what they have not received.  They are very good doers when it comes to complaing or Monday morning quarter-backing.  They are masters of telling others what has been done wrong, how they would have done it better if only...  If only what?  For once in their lives they stood up for something besides their self interests?  If only once in their lives they got up off of their fat buttocals and did something of benefit to others, for the nation not self or party? 

If only what?  For once in their self-centered lives they had an original thought?  If for once they chose to set their self-centeredness aside and give their overworked peers in the military a helping hand.  Yes, to me we seem to have an overabundance of pitiable young men and in our midst who avoid service to the nation in preference to personal gain.  I use the word pitiable because they can do for themselves while doing good for the nation if they want.  What is worse, each spectator dreams of being the hero he watches on a playing field or receiving a medal for a heroic deed in battle and yet I offer not one in ten-thusand spectators will ever achieve fame for having done something willingly to benefit others, more than likely their 15 minutes of fame will be in a court room as party to a criminal deed like the Enron affair.

If but only some of the spectators set aside their self interests and enlisted in the military our tired young sons and daughters who have been holding the line would have some relief and the nation could rejoice at such blessing.

What seems hard for this nation's current overly large batch of spectators to understand is that this great nation does not hire "foreign legions" to defend us -- we do our own dirty work and yes, sadly, the dirty work has always been best done by the young.  What America needs most now, in my opinion is a rennassiance of attitude among our young that service to the nation is good and that national benefits are savored best when one earns the right to them through the sweat of his brow and personal sacrifice.

National Service is a great teacher of appreciation for what the meaning of Democracy is; what it means to enjoy free speech, to have a vote, and what an honor it is to stand at the side of a classmate, a peer, in common cause at the mouth of the cannon on behalf of this great nation.

If all of us set our differences aside and came together in common cause and purpose I can only offer it is beyond my wildest imagination what a wonderful song we as a people, as a nation, would sing for all the world to hear.

Well, that's the Scuttlebutt, anyway.   SYOTB  










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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Monday, January 01, 2007
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