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By CarolynCHolland(9,534) CarolynCHolland

(Original Post) Why must we struggle with life? This six-part series on Adam and Eve responds to the question:. How did they get to the point of having to struggle with life? 

Wildlife on the far side of the field cringed at the couple’s yelling, so loud was their disagreement. This was not the first time it had happened. It seemed to get worse with each battle.

Adam had just returned home after tilling the fields from sunup to sundown.

“Where’s dinner, Eve,” he shouted. “Can’t I at least expect that after slaving in the fields all day diner will be ready when I get home? And look at this meager crop! The harder I work, the worse it gets. It seems all that grows are the weeds!”

“How can I have dinner ready when I never know when you’re going to get home?” Eve yelled back. “And there’s not enough wood? And I spend a lot of time working in the fields too. If dinner isn’t ready it’s your fault. I need fire to cook our meal, and I need food to prepare it. How can I get that stuff when I am so big and clumsy, waiting for this child of yours to be born?”

“We had it made,” Adam shouted back. “Life was perfect! Now look at us!”

“Are you accusing me of getting us kicked out of Eden?” Eve yelled back.

“If you hadn’t eaten the fruit of the forbidden tree we’d still be in Eden enjoying a life of leisure, pleasure and communion with God,” snarled Adam. “You blew it!”

“I blew it? I don’t recall you refusing to eat the fruit I offered you.”

“You gave it to me. You’d already eaten some. What was I supposed to do? You disobeyed God first!”

“Why didn’t you stop me?” cried Eve. “You were beside me when the Serpent tricked me into eating the fruit. You didn’t say anything. You just stood there and listened to the Serpent tell me God didn’t really mean we were going to die. And we didn’t die, did we? So the Serpent was right!”

“Right?” slammed back Adam. “We were expelled from our home, from our life as we knew it. Now we have to toil the earth for skimpy crops. And look at you! Suffering with child, morning sic, with swollen legs and all. God certainly wasn’t fair to us. He didn’t have to do this to us. He could have been merciful!”

“How was I to know it was a fatal fruit?” sobbed Eve. The Serpent made me think God was depriving us from something pleasurable fo rno reason.”

“Too late we learn,” said a subdued Adam, reaching out to comfort Eve. “It wasn’t the fruit that was the problem. Disobeying God was failing the test of free choice. We thought we knew better than God. Life will never be the same.”

No, it won’t, thought Eve, doubting God’s wisdom in creating human beings.

It hadn’t always been this way for earth’s first family.

Visit www.ProBlogs.com/CarolynCHolland next Saturday evening, when Part 2 of ADAM & EVE: HOW DID WE GET TO THIS POINT? will be posted. Meanwhile, visit this site daily to read regular posts, and visit the Beanery Online Literary Magazine at www.ProBlogs.com/beanerywriters  and scroll down the categories to find more enjoyable reading. Remember to add both these sites to your “favs” list.

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Monday, January 01, 2007
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