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The Battle For Bed Hill

By BJChips(5,633) BJChips

Dear Diary,
The battle for bed hill has been waged and is currently in truce talks. It all began this past Sunday when the scoundrel Cat took over the pillow spot previously occupied by my female human pet.
I had roused him from that spot and he had retaliated by waking up the male human thus sending my Sunday morning routine into a tilt. I will not stand to have the routines of this household changed about at the whim of that creature. This is war.
The battle began in earnest around two in the afternoon on Sunday. I, having been deprived of an additional hour of sleep had selected a prime spot for a nap in the center of the human pet bed.  I was stretched out in a most comfortable; yet quite physically vulnerable position of lying on back when the first attack happened.
I was sprang upon and hit in the stomach by this creature! An attack I can only describe as the like of being hit by a fifty-pound weight. By the way, dear diary I have neglected to tell you that Sam the Cat weighs a mere 32 pounds to my 13!
Armed with eighteen toes (nine per front paw) he battered me with quick left and right blows while I staggered half asleep to regain footing! Finally, awake I discharged a loud shout “UFF FFFF  FFFFF! GURRRRR RR ERRRR!!” I shouted back.
We circled each other, tempers flairing, lips curled, teeth barred ready for all out war! The cat HISSS SSSS SSS SSED at me I GROWWWLLLL EEEEEEED at him! We were both warriors ready to fight till the death if need be…..
Battle interrupted! Female human pet had heard the battle cries and was approaching on the stairs from below.  Ah, gentle reader, an example must be set for the pets in the household. Never, I repeat never let them see such a battle in progress. The risk is that they will learn to battle in such ways and cause total havoc in the household.
Hence, when the female arrived in the room we were both (this is killing me) sitting quietly. I was in the process of yawning and stretching as if just rousing from a nap. The cat innocently washing a paw uninterested in the human pet or me.
It is now two days later and I have had to endure two nights of sharing Bed Hill with him without the slightest indication of conflict. BHA!!! It is not over, we shall continue until I have conquered the cat and won sole ownership of this bed!

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Monday, January 01, 2007
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Comments on this blog post:

Comment by BJChips(5,633) BJChips
I think you are one cool dog BJ. You've got you're own blog and access to a computer. Never knew you Lhasas were such cool dogs. I'll keep reading, you keep writing. DOGS RULE, You go dude!!!
Comment by BJChips(5,633) BJChips
I have read all of your blog posts BJ, and I have to agree with Chuck...You are the coolest! You are the first "Dog Blog" that I have read, but I must say that you have a pretty interesting life. P.S. Make sure you let that cat know who the real master of the house is!

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