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A Husband for Sale

By CatherineYen(20,979) CatherineYen

Elizabeth Gertrude(pseudonym), a friend of mine from Denmark, she sent me a letter and addressed her story. She said she has posted an ad in early 2007 on her town newspaper, entitled as " A Husband for Sale", this title was surely raised a series of discussion and argument, it is startling and I can't hypothesize what and how the impact and crisis will be as a storm to her marriage. I also wonder how the consequeces will be diminished gradually, yet, she sued to the court, and finally won her divorce successfully.

Elizabeth, a well-educated and genteel woman, elegant, delicate, graceful, always wear suitably in the occassions, and good taste in arts and living.  She works for a computer firm, in addition to her good job and attractive salary, she is also a very good investor and connoiseur of arts.  She writes books, articles in arts, and releases critic reports of esteems by peers, she is not only gifted with the talents of taste and beauty, but also precisely and concisely in the field of mathematics and analytical skills.  She is dynamic, enthusiastic, passionate and introversive, that's why she acts as  a leader and the peers always follow her directions.  She is also industrious, disciplinary and responsible for herself and the family, follows her husband's command to fulfil the object and tasks.

Whereas she found lots of visible and invisible suspecious evidences from her husband-Cassidy(pseudonym), the evidences are found sporadically in the car, he is not only committed adultery but harassed Elizabeth's girl friends, the later has lasted for more than 20 years consecutively, and this is a real embarrassment and torture to Lisa-- the nickname we usally called her.  Lisa is heistated to take certain action due to the cocern of Cassidy's career path and social reputation, then it consequently brings the abusive words and violence toward Lisa.  In the name of God and Gertrude Family, she starts to fight back! What an ironic story it can tell, a harmonious family is soon collapsed by a man's unfaithfulness and indecent characteristics. He is surely a dump to disregard her cleverness as innocent and simple, he just trampled her trust once and once again for a long run and disguising for errands but actually for affairs.

Cassidy was born to a non-notable family, his innate sense of inferiority and the birth origin caused his twisted pride and life value, which are hidings of his inferiority, he therefore aimed for the pursue of his social fame and property generation,and with the talents in music as a source and skill, he starts to acquainted the girls.  With the polite and etiquette, the girls like to surround him and he also delivers such impressions-- in order to keep himself fit, he took exercise, he also took laser treatment on his face in order to keep young, all these mattres are penetrated into Lisa's clear eyes, she awared the changes.. especially he frequently belittled the family by rude words.

Cassidy also bought paintings thru X-web(pseudonym) in order to compete with his wife, this extravert reveals his weakness and insufficient security , he begins his conquer and hunt for girls just to prove his attraction.
It is articulate, their marriage situation is gone too far due to the unfaithfulness and  deceiving, since Lisa is always obeying to complete everything in public and private wise that Cassidy commands, and although she ever treated them as an achievement for helping a husband.
He is really disregard her for a lot and for a long time, and while Lisa makes her mind to collect all the adultery evidences by photos, recordings, and find a detectve to trace up, she courageously stood up and put an ad as " A Husband for Sale"-- this sounds a destructive and deplorable decision, since she won't forgive this deceiving and depraved husband anymore.
During eight monthes courtship, she finally gains her freedom and supports from all the friends and children, this is actually a story that Lisa fired an unfaithful and indecent husband, and reveals the true face of a hypocrite. This deceiving husband ever proclaimed to the friends as witnesses: " I don't love her, but I need a family", all the friends teased with laughter "No. you only need a servant, family to you is only an image to hide your hypocrisy, you are clever but without wisdom, and only when you encountered a big disaster, you will find the retrospection and have a true confession." Cassidy wants to step unto two ships with one foot, one is his lust, another is the full function and social image of Lisa, what a selfish and evil person he is.
Life is beyond immagination, Lisa faced the severe difficulties and torture for the past 20 years, and at the age after 50, she suddenly awared the matters ahead is a mess and garbage, although she ever struggled for family and children, she's finally and successfully find her own genteel personality again, indulge herself in article writing, oil painting, dancing, gyms and  busy in auctioneer happily and vigorously. Yet, this hypocrite is still struggling his fame and money, these two things sound the only he can possess and brought him confidence. Money can be something, but can't be everything.  I strongly agree Lisa's courage and decision, and with a big hurrah to her, she might someday found her soul mate, and she deserves it!
The myth is: The wife doesn't reveal a husband's affair due to the concern of his career path and social reputaition.
This is very untrue, only healthy relationship could maintain one's career path and reputation, the truth is she is afraid of losing him, but unfortunately, she has lost him already no matter if she reveals or not of the indecent affairs.  Women should be independent spiritually and economically and Lisa equipped with all the conditions, and she finally found who and what she is, she should think more about herself, and love herself more; the most distinct character of love is repect. Respect comes from the maturity and confidence, the lovers should respect each other, without respect, the life won't be healthy and result in the doom of relationship.

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Monday, January 01, 2007
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