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Dogs Rule, Cats Drool - Bed Hill Is Mine!

By BJChips(5,633) BJChips

Dear Diary
DOGS RULE!! The battle for Bed Hill has been fought and yes, I am the victor! Sam the cat has been banished from the human bed and is currently sleeping in his “kitty cozy” downstairs.
The waging of this battle was a carefully thought out strategy that, if I do say so myself was a brilliant plan first conceived by a friend of my and passed along.
It is a plan that is both cunning, yet brilliant. So masterful that victory was assured from the onset.
The strategy was to conceal myself from the enemy by lying on my tummy in the very center of the human pet bed. From this position, facing the door and hallway I can see the enemy as he approaches.  With great patience, I waited, silent and steadfast until the cat approached.
By mid morning I head paw steps on the floor and a moment later, the cat appeared. I held my breath and waited. Seconds ticked by before my enemy leapt upon the bed, confident that it was his to nap on at his leisure.

I sprung at him and shouted “ARFFF ARFFF ARFFF!!!! GRRRRRRRRROOOWWWLL! “ I yelled and lunged forward shoving the creature off the bed onto the floor with all my weight. CRASH! He landed hard, up righted himself and fled the room in a state of total terror.

Satisfied that the first skirmish was mine I settled down to await his second attack. It came much later in the day and only after he had spent several long minutes sitting watching the bed in an attempt to determine if I was lying in wait. I held my breath and slouched low in the quilts until, at last he launched his attack.
I repeated my battle plan and this time launched him several feet from the bed. He retreated and didn’t return for a third attack.
I have been on the human pet bed all day to day and not in hiding either. I proudly claimed my new turf and slept on my back for several hours undisturbed by the cat. In fact, he has not set one paw upstairs today. The coward has hidden himself downstairs where he will wait for the humans to come home before showing himself.
Tonight I will sleep undisturbed across the foot of my human pets bed. I will lie on my back, paws spread while dreaming of meaty rib bones and chasing birds through the backyard.  The cat, defeated will be downstairs confined to his tiny cozy. Ah sweet victory you are mine!
P.S. Much thanks to my good friend Rage who originally used the strategy to rid him of the annoying cats in his home. Thanks buddy!

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Monday, January 01, 2007
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Comments on this blog post:

Rj from Minnesota: (214 days 11 hours ago.)
thats a good strategy i may persume

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