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How to tell if a man loves you

By Creative(54,965) Creative

Posted Friday, November 09, 2007
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Women may be in a relationship for years and never know the answer to this question. So if longevity of relationship is not a guide as to recipricol love then what is?

I expect only men can really answer this question, but I suspect that generally men who are 'in love' will want to keep a strong hold on their 'prize' namely you and thus they will show some sign of wanting a commitment. The commitment could be in the form of engagement, marriage, living together, exchanging rings, or even a tattoo of your name printed across his chest!

Does this mean the notoriously commitment shy men don't love you? Not necessarily so. It could though mean that they are not quite sure of how they feel and do not fully appreciate just HOW much they love you. This is a common problem for men who spend years with a woman, refusing to commit and then one day they find the woman has packed her bags and moved on. Only then do they seem to realise what they had and what they have now lost and go into over drive trying to get the lost love back. But for the woman, this could be too little too late.

Other signs of 'love' might be attentiveness. The man might desire and seek out your company and perhaps lavish you in affection and or gifts.

Some women may think faithfulness is a sign of love and that an absence of it is evidence of no love, but I'm not so sure about that one. Sex and love mean very different things for men and women and I know from the male friends I have had who strayed from their partners that they DID love them very much. What makes men unfaithful when they love someone is the topic of another blog!

Jealousy and possessiveness might be indicators of love but again not necessarily so. Sometimes people just don't like 'sharing' so jealousy in itself is not a good indicator. Those men who are very possessive and jealous may be so because their own behavior is in question so they assume yours is too, or they could just be reacting to the effects of a past unfaithful partner.

Small clues, which have caught my attention, are lots of eye contact, lots of touchy feely and wanting to remain close at bedtime.

In conclusion, as to how you know if a man loves you, I'll be darned if I know!
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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Friday, November 09, 2007
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Comments on this blog post:

Comment by Danny Davids(13,494) Danny Davids (205 days 20 hours ago.)
On the other hand, you can immediately tell if a woman loves a man because she...um, I mean, she will...uh...you know, Creative, we may have a problem here. ;) Good article!

Comment by Creative(54,965) Creative (205 days 19 hours ago.)
nah, that's no way to tell! ;)

Jessalynn Coolbaugh: (205 days 9 hours ago.)
Oh dear... you mean the poor creatures actually do fall in love? And here all this time I thought it was just...

Well... you get the idea ;p

Love the post!:)

Comment by Creative(54,965) Creative (205 days 4 hours ago.)
Many fall very hard indeed - it can be hard to shake 'em ;)

I miss U Mike from Waialua, HI: (160 days 19 hours ago.)
you can tell when your on cloud 9 and can't come down, because the feeling you have for each other is mutual! sometimes there are no words to explain. But only the both of you can understand that there is absolutely no one else in the world you'd rather be with but with eachother! Love is a splendid feeling. Love.......it is powerful.

Sam from Grimsby: (148 days 15 hours ago.)
well i have a boyfrien that as jst gone to prison for 2 years and im finding it hard on the sex way so i did a noth guy but one thing i no is i never feel the way i do for my boyfriend i wish he was her i go c him every week but it the lieing that hurts cos all i want is him and i will wait but why am i doing this sex is only sex but my man is love more thn ii canexsplane in wrds i need him so much

Celeste victoria from Zapata, tx: (142 days 18 hours ago.)
well, dunno if any1 will answer but, i have a little bro and he likes and dislikes my boryfriend, and like 3 or 2 months ago he had told me that my bf was driving bside these 2 chicks n a car and that he was all trying to act kool and turn up his music 2 fullblast, and he put his cap backwards and layd back a little u no like that cruisen style, and he was shown off how fast his car could go,and then he just hit the gas hard and then wentf 2 pizza hut....:.( and i dont now if i should believe him or not, but of course there is asking my bf so i asked he said that if i believed him and i told him i dont no, then he siad that not to beleive him because he wouldnt do anything like that to hurt me..but im still kinda botherd by it, he buys me stuff even if i say no he gives me suprizes, and i dont even no if he trusts me i love him very much and i hope he loves me as well, im a 18yr old with a 21yr old...plz sum1 give me advice or tell me what u think about it. e-mail c_e_8067@hotmail.com, or vampire_witch_night@yahoo.com

Comment by Creative(54,965) Creative (142 days 17 hours ago.)
Hi Celeste
It's kind of par for the course for young males to act like that, so if he did, it's not such a big deal and not necessarily any threat at all to your relationship. That is 'in my opinion' of course. Men like to crow, they crow for other women and they crow for other guys. Re your little bro, you know him well enough to know if lies about random things. Men rarely admit to this type of thing so your bf's denial is not evidence of innocence. I would let the matter pass.

Meanwhile, not a good idea to ever give your email address on public site, edit it out if you can. If you cannot with your permission once you have read my reply I can delete your comment.

Jessie from Bluegrass state: (127 days 14 hours ago.)
never been to this blog before but was feeling confused about my current relationship and was curious. I have meet some men that have no pproblem telling u how they feel and then there are the ones that u have no clue. Currrently im in relationship wiith one that I have no clue. We have been together for almost four months no im not looking for the love thing it is much too soon. I really like this man he is great to me and fun. The only other thing is he is eight years younger then me doesnt bother me but told a couple of people and they seem to think its going no where. They say well u have been through a lot just have fun I want to have fun i am but then i want something else the true love that everyone wants in there lifetime. Maybe I should take everyones advise and just have fun . But life is to short to waste........maybe ill get the courage to ask him were its going someday soon

Comment by Creative(54,965) Creative (127 days 4 hours ago.)
Hi Jessie

I dated someone 10yrs younger than me, he was the one who wanted to move the relationship to the next level. I just went at his pace, as he was younger. We parted (my choice) and remain good pals. Ignore your pals who say it's not going anywhere, 8 yrs is nothing. He could be older than you and the relationship could be going nowhere. Age is not the marker of success.If it was there would be much less divorce in the world right? All we'd need to do is marry someone our own age, but it doesn't work like that. My advice is have fun, do not ever mention moving things on yourself. $ months is too early to be asking 'where this is going' and the words alone could make him run in the opposite direction. Men do like to raise these things themselves and it makes you much more interesting if you're not pressuring him. Take life a day at a time. Enjoy!

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