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Whelping Boxes and Butt Waddles

By BJChips(5,633) BJChips

Posted Wednesday, November 14, 2007
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Hello Fellow Bloggers,

B.J here with part three of my "pregnancy" story.

I will be begin by saying that the morning sickness didn't last long, and by the mid point of Zoe's pregnancy she had stopped making that "sound".  Everyone was relieved to be able to chow down our kibble without having to worry about at what moment that "sound" would erupt and set our paws on edge.

I should note that with her sickness out of the way her mood improved ever so slightly. She resumed her normal routine of snubbing everyone in the house with her arrogance and shoving me and sister Candy out of the television chair, off the human bed or out of her way during her ever increasing potty trips to the back yard.

Sis and I had pretty much bonded by this point, and in my mind, I had decided that sisters, no matter how bad, were better then pregnant wives!! A fact, that popped into my head one night at three in the morning, when I was shoved from the human bed by Zoe after she decided that she needed more room to get comfortable. I took up refuge with Sis on the downstairs sofa and we compared notes about "Preggers" as we now both referred to Zoe.

Candy, being female was sure that things were going to get worse before they got better. I on the other paw wasn't sure how things could possibly be any worse then they all ready were. By my read on the situation, Zoe was not only getting special food but nearly double our ration. She was also getting her way about sleeping in the human bed or the television chair. Sis and I were both told not to "play rough" with her due to her "condition".  How could things get any worse?

That question was answered the following week. Our downstairs room where we had our beds, television and toy box underwent a drastic change one morning. It began with the arrival of a large, wood scented box. The male human had been working on this thing for a few days in our garage, but no one knew exactly what it was.

That morning we were all introduced to a change in "arrangements". Our beds and toy box were brought upstairs and a stretchy gate installed at the top of the stairs. The large wood smelling box moved from the garage to the downstairs and into the spot where our television watching chair had been. Once the box disappeared down the stairs sis and I were herded up the steps and the gate closed behind us.  "Downstairs is off limits to both of you" the humans told us as we peered over the gate and down into what had been OUR space.

Later that day Zoe disappeared down the steps too. She was to start spending time in her "whelping box" and making her nest for the pups. She also started taking her "special" meals downstairs as well and would come back up afterward and regale sis and I about the mounds of cottage cheese, fresh roast beef, yogurt and other morsels she had just consumed.

"What are you doing down there all day?" I asked her a few days later.

"I'm busy making my bed, ah, the pups bed." she retorted licking a spare morsel of cottage cheese off her whiskers.

"All day, every day?" I asked.

"Yes, and I don't want you anywhere around my box!" she snapped, twitched her regal tail and walked away with her nose in the air.

It was at that moment that I noticed the "waddle"  It hadn't been there before but it was there now. Zoe has always had the ability to saunter off, tail held high, nose in the air, with just the right little wiggle in her butt, today the tail was high, the nose turned up and the rest of her swaying from side to side in a pronounced WADDLE!!

"Hey, ZOE!" I called after her.

"Do you know you waddle when you walk?, Hey, Candy, come look at the way Zoe waddles!!"

Fellow bloggers, take my advice.. NEVER.. I repeat NEVER tell a pregnant female she waddles! You will regret that remark for days, weeks... maybe even months!!

I knew I was doomed when she stopped, turned and walked straight up to me. Nose to nose, lip curled, that deep voice that comes from somewhere dark and dangerous.

"What did you say, hairball?"

"Ah, errrr I said you've got a cute little waddle when you walk?" GULP!

"Not what I heard, you undignified piece of rawhide! You called me FAT!"

"Fat never came out of my lips" I replied. I thought fat, but I didn't say fat.

WHOP! Her regal paw slammed down on my head "WELL JUST DON'T TALK TO ME!"

"OK, like er, no problem, I won't say another word." Ouch! Darn that hurts when she does that!

Zoe slept downstairs in her "whelping" box that night and I didn't see her again for the next two days except on her trips to the backyard for business. We didn't speak as she stomped out the back door and back in. But sis and I had several good giggle sessions in the middle of the night as we recalled the way she was waddling around.

In just a few days her belly was all you noticed as she walked past and she began to pant and puff as she climbed the steps frequently throwing herself out flat on the rug at the top.

"Zoe, are you really uncomfortable?" I asked one morning as she lie panting on the carpet.

"Don't talk to me." she puffed " I can't move!" she groaned and got to her paws. "UGH!! This is terrible I'll never get my figure back. I'll be all stretched out and saggy and I'll never set paw in a show ring again!"

"Yes you will, after the pups come, you'll be just like your ol' self." I suddenly felt sorry for her.

"The humans say that there are a least 7." she said softly.

"Seven?" GLUP! "Isn't that a lot?" I was suddenly hit with the realization that I was just a couple of weeks from being a daddy.

"I don't know, but oh, my paws and my back!" she rolled over again and put her head on the carpet.

"I have to get all my hair clipped off." she said suddenly without lifting her head. "I've never not had long hair. I mean, every since I was a pup I've had a show coat."

"All off?" I asked looking at my own foot long locks. "Really? Naked? Like all gone?"

"Yes, all off. I think later this week." she sighed. "I'll be too embarrassed to show my tail anywhere for a year!"

"Ah, you'll look just fine." I stretched out beside her on the rug. "You'll be a beautiful mom."

"Think so?" she asked rolling her head on my shoulder..

"Yep, I'm sure of it." and despite her crabbiness and her waddle, and the fact that I thought she'd look pretty funny without her long hair I kept silent and gave her a kiss on the top of her head.

Three days later Zoe came home from the groomers with a short coat. I hardly recognized her as she waddled into the living room and flopped down.

"SAY ONE WORD AND YOU"RE DEAD!" she growled under her breath.

"One word? I was going to say three words." I sat down beside her.

" And what three words is that?" she asked glaring at me.

"I love you." I replied.

"I love you too." she panted and waddled off down the steps to her whelping box.

I know that mother dogs have great instinct about when they are to deliver their pups, but for the first time I felt a tightening in my stomach too. I knew that the pups would come soon, and that I wasn't welcome in her life anymore until the litter was born and had their eyes open.  I was right, Zoe spent the remainder of her pregnancy downstairs while sis and I stood at the top and gazed down wondering when the time would come that my pups would be born.

I begin sleeping at the top of the stairs and listening for any sound that would signal their arrival.Each night was a little longer as I suddenly was filled with a sense of responsibility and excitement. Sis would join me there in the early hours of the morning and we would talk about puppies, and family.

"You're lucky B.J." sis said to me one morning.

"I am?" I asked trying to see any movement from the darkness below us.

"Unh huh." she sighed. " These humans, they'll take good care of your pups, you'll be a family and they'll grow up and have good homes."

"I know." I replied knowing that she wasn't lucky enough to be whelped into a good family had had lost her mother when she was just three weeks old.

"We are a family." I said flatly. "You, me, Zoe, and the pups. You'll be a great aunt!"

"I'll teach them how to be mischief makers and drive the humans nuts" she said laughing.

"I'm counting on it." I added before we both fell silent and listened down the stairs.

More next time on whelping boxes and learning your a daddy dog.

Barks and Butt sniffs to all, until next time happy blogging!

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Wednesday, November 14, 2007
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