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The River of Art Meanders-Tracing the origin of Taiwan Art from 1736 to 1969

By CatherineYen(20,979) CatherineYen

Posted Monday, December 24, 2007
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"The flower" painted by Liao, Ji Tsun  (1902-1976, born Taiwan, Taichung)
As a result of research by scholars from different academic fields, there is an increasingly more objective discourse on Taiwan's fine arts, and works of fine art are being interpreted from an ever more multi-perspective viewpoint.  The abundant discourse has more or less provided an "art map" guiding art collecting or museums and galleries.  Art historians examine the status of artworkd on the "art map" through their intrinsic and extrinsic elements.  In Modern Perspectives on Western Art (1971), W. Eugene Kleinbauer cites Henri Focillon's theory that, as products of the imagination, works of art and other human handicrafts are historical documents, and are obliged to reflect the time, place and society in which they are manufactured.  He added that works of art are not only a consequence of history, but also one of its contributing factors.
Previously, in the early days when art galleries first started collecting and exhibiting works, they also attempted to make a start by establishing collections of complete lineages of fine artists.  In recent years, however, art galleries have begun to actively examine and collect works in terms of their significance both to the period in which they were created and to events in the history of fine arts, via the points where art lineages and period character cross.
The pieces in this exhibition were selected from the National Taiwan Musuem of Fine Art's collection.  Taking Taiwan's maritime culture as its reference point, the exhibition aims to explore the transformation and features of Taiwan's fine arts from the ruling period of Ching Dynasty up until the end of the 20th century,  a tumultuous time of complex culture and pluralistic thought.  The works together span the period 1736-1969, and are divided into three parts: 1. The Continuation of Tradition (1736-1895); 2. The Emergence of New Art (1895-1945); 3. The Rise of Modernity (1945-1969).  The exhibition attempts to explore the unique features of Taiwan's fine arts in each period of its development over the course of time.
The works on display were created by major artists from the Ching Dynasty, Japanese colonial period and post-war period.  The musuem endeavor to seek out corroborative references from major art-records and bibliographies.  The selection bringing the viewer the most representative, unique, and influential works of each period.  Over 130 works of art are on display, from categories as diverse as ink, gouache, oil, print, watercolor, photography and three-dimensional sculputer.  With the process of change over the course of time chief in mind, the musuem attempts to present the course of development of fine art in Taiwan.  Historical minded analysis of the art works sheds light on how artists from different periods interpreted Taiwanese history and culture.
Bringing together a classic collection is a complicated process.  Despite the best efforts of the musuem, there are sitll some important works miissing from the collection.  Especially difficult was when it came to the musuem's ability to purchase the early representative works of significant arts.  Where there are gaps in the collection, chronologies, informative videos on the artists and other sources of information redress the balance.  Overall, the musuem hopes to provide the viewer with a truly multi-texture experience of the genealogy of fine art in Taiwan.
At the beginning of the twenty-first century, with information technology booming, and aesthetic schools developing at a fast pace, the musuem hopes that this exhibition, looking back at fine art in Taiwan, will bring to light the progression and development of Taiwanese find art from a glorious bygone era. An  old adage goes: If we understand the past we can better understand the present with this exhibition, by tracing the course of Taiwanese fine art and probing into the ever-transforming forward energy of art, the musuem hopes to encourage more research into fine arts in Taiwan. --   The article is  excerpted from the brochure of National Taiwan Musuem of Fine Arts in Taichung
p.s. The is an ever known complete and stunning exhibition of  the artists in Taiwan, I am really appreciated the endeavour effort that the staffs of the musuem have done to the country -- by author  12/25/2007 

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Monday, December 24, 2007
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Sebastian Burckhardt from Bubikon CH: (108 days 4 hours ago.)
A Very beatiful painting I love it Sebastian Burckhardt

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