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Gun Laws; How do we Protect Ourselves from the Dummies.

By Mike Fak(18,246) Mike Fak

Posted Wednesday, January 09, 2008
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I am not a gun enthusiast. I’m just not. That being said I am by no means an anti-gun, card carrying liberal demanding that everyone give up their weapons as we head to a Utopia where no one has guns…except the criminals.

As hard as it may seem to believe for some, there are still parts of this country where guns are used frequently to bring down the family’s evening meal. There are also parts of this country where honest citizens live in a part of town that requires they have arms to protect themselves and their families from the criminals who always have more guns than they need. This is to say nothing of the millions of hunters in this country who find the sport their legal passion.

There has been so much written on gun laws and I don’t want to get involved in an ages old rehash of the issue. Rather I would ask what we can do about legally registered gun owners with no criminal records who are just plain stupid.

In Springfield, Illinois, a man was shot and critically wounded when one of four officers responding to shots being fired believed a man with a gun in his hand was a threat to him and his fellow officer’s lives. The man’s girlfriend is extremely upset as all her live-in boyfriend was doing was firing off a clip of 9mm into the night’s sky to celebrate the New Year and she believes police overreacted. Perhaps the one patrolman did, an investigation is underway, but how smart is it to fire a salvo into the sky in a high-crime neighborhood and not expect something bad might happen. The family all are asking why police even responded when all that happened was shots being fired off at midnight like they do every year right at the change of year.

I don’t recall a personal exemption for reliving the Wild West being allowed on New Year’s Eve but the family all seem to think the man’s actions were, “no big deal". Maybe they can tell that to all the neighbors who had the hell scared out of them when they thought another gang war was erupting outside their front doors.

Another bizarre story comes out of Chaparral, New Mexico. Here a man with a legally registered 357 Magnum was having the gun traced on his arm by another law abiding friend who was going to then create a tattoo on the man’s arm. Neither thought it was important to make sure the safety was on. Neither thought it made sense to empty the weapon before they began tracing it. Both ended up in the hospital after the powerful handgun discharged. The gun owner was shot in the arm, the would-be-tattooist through his hand. Perhaps when they both are released from the hospital they can go get “I’m stupid" tattoos around the holes they put in each other. 

There are more of these stories in the news every week of course. They aren’t stories of villains shooting some innocent bystander which could be in the news hourly if the media so desired. But these stories of people legally owning guns and doing something that makes no sense to the weakest minded among us worries me. I don’t know how you legislate stupid. All I know is if an honest person is killed by a dumb, law abiding citizen with a gun they are just as dead as if they were singled out and murdered by a career murderer.


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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Wednesday, January 09, 2008
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