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Questions I Would Like To Have Seen Asked During The New Hampshire Debates

By DrAbuelo(2,706)

Posted Sunday, January 13, 2008
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While Scott Spradling did a better than expected job in asking the candidates some of the tougher questions about issues that ranged from military intervention in Pakistan to the Iraq war. But his series of questions, as to be expected, fell far short of reaching the full spectrum of problems that is being faced both here at home and the world at large. So, here are just some of the questions I wish were asked.

1.                  With so much controversy surrounding Abu Ghraib prison, both as a well known center of torture, based on the pictures taken from the center, and as a danger to American civil liberties, which of you support closing the prison down?

2.                  We have seen George Bush add more signing statements to each bill he as passed than every president before him combined, do any of you believe that these statements have any real legal value or is this away to circumvent the law?

3.                  Do you believe that Government should have right to spy on Americans and others without a warrant?

4.                  Should telecommunications companies be immune from legal actions when they allow spying on their customers?

5.                    With all of the outrages committed by the Bush administration, for example questionable reasons for going into Iraq, faulty handling of the New Orleans disaster and even illegal wiretapping, do you believe that he or any other sitting president should be impeached or face some other legal actions?

6.                  With all problems surrounding Blackwater and other paramilitary groups being used by the US government both on the domestic security front and in Iraq, should these companies be dismantled? Remember there are many reports of unjustified shootings in Iraq and there is no legal dynamic to govern them.

7.                  What is your stance on the attack on affordable housing in New Orleans?

8.                  According to several reports, the grand majority of jobs that have already been outsourced to other countries are being replaced with jobs that offer much smaller salaries which are often non-livable in terms of wage, how do you propose fixing this problem. In a related question, how do you recommend creating livable wage careers?

Those are just a few questions that were sorely lacking in a debate that attracted the US population as a whole. Further, it would shine some light on where each Democrat stands on some of the most pressing issues that are affecting us today. But,

With the media being what it is, it is not surprising that they were not asked.

Until next time.  

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Sunday, January 13, 2008
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Comments on this blog post:

Anonymous: (140 days 12 hours ago.)
What makes anyone think that the government is supposed to fix all the problems? According to the way you worded several of the questions you wanted asked, the government has CAUSED many of the problems. The government is either good at breaking things, or good at fixing things. They cannot be both. (They've tried, and it hasn't worked.)

Comment by Robert Melaccio, sr(28,936) Robert Melaccio, sr (138 days 23 hours ago.)
The road to change is through the ballot. To implement change you must truly change ideology and people. That ideology is the same on both sides of the isle and their deeds are what we now have. While we may still have the rich and powerful regradless of who we vote for [money always trumps peace bunch] unless we vote we will have the same. We will be able to send a message, loud and clear to them that they do not have a gaurentee of election. Vote Congress out because it matters not who the President is. he sets course, the crew gets it there. This is the real power of the election process. If they want to effect change why not now. They got together on Comprehensive Immigration why can't they on these and other issues and NOW?

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