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25 Things you should NOT do on a First Date!

By Creative(54,965) Creative

Posted Monday, January 21, 2008
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Some of the tips that follow should go without saying, but you'd be surprised what mistakes some people make.

I have been on a date with a man who rested his feet on the table in the classy bar we were drinking, right next to our glasses and nibbles. I thought that was a big no no, very uncouth and disrespectful. More was to follow when later he joined me in the Theatre auditorium by climbing over the seats to get to ours rather than following the regular route around them. Needless to say that was our first and last date.

Now follows a fairly simple list of what NOT to do on the all-important first date when first impressions are everything.

Do Not:

  1. Belch, fart, pick your nose, spit, eat with your mouth open, and chew gum.
  2. Get drunk or so tipsy that you can't talk coherently or stand! Women need to be especially careful, as you need to be able to know that decisions you make at this time are the same as those you'd have made sober and by that I mean consenting to sex. Take responsibility for yourself and make sure you don't drink alcohol on an empty stomach, or mix your drinks.
  3. Smoke - unless your date is also a smoker, most men and women don't enjoy kissing an ashtray, so if you want a kiss at the end of the night give the fags a miss.
  4. Eat garlic; this is for the same reason as above. Your date won't kiss you if you have smelly breath.
  5. Order messy food, like spaghetti bolognaise as nerves and alcohol combined could result in a very messy date.
  6. Forget to shave your legs; you'll regret this later if things take that extra step! Of course men you can give that one a miss, but you may want to shave your face.
  7. Forget condoms, ideally sex on a first date is a no no, but realistically take precautions just in case you find your date irresistible. Otherwise just say NO!
  8. Say you want to meet their parents or start talking about marriage and babies. This goes for both men and women. Your date will head for the hills if either of these topics comes up on a first date and it does not matter how well things were going before hand! First dates never go so well that you are prepared to consider a proposal of marriage!
  9. Talk about your exes, this will show you have baggage and haven't moved on. Also how you treat your exes is a clue to how you are in relationships, so less is more when it comes to talking about the past. Give it a miss.
  10. Take your kids with you, seems obvious but it's happened.
  11. Talk endlessly about your kids. Do mention you have them, but then move on.
  12. Forget to mention you have kids, this would be misleading and it's for them to decide if they want a ready-made family.
  13. Start talking about sex. As a woman, it's a good idea to hold something back. Men like the chase and while most men will take what is on offer, they may not come back for seconds if it was too easily obtainable. If you want to be the girl he takes home to meet momma, say no on that first date.
  14. Moan about things. Dates should be fun, not about listening to your problems whatever they are about.
  15. Be late, this may get things off to a very bad start especially if your date is in a mood when you eventually arrive.
  16. Appear desperate or fidget or tell them your life story. Keep a good amount of eye contact, pay a couple of compliments, but not too many. Appearing mysterious is much more alluring that laying it all out there.
  17. Tell them you love them - argggggggghhh, need I say more on that one?
  18. Babble- take a breath, let them speak too.
  19. Talk about yourself non-stop; ask about them, their interests, family, work.
  20. Obsess about their exes. This will demonstrate possessiveness and jealousy and may raise a red flag.
  21. Complain about the bill. Make sure you know where you are going in advance and prepare accordingly.
  22. Flirt with other people around you, that may be waiters/ess' or patrons. Don't do it! Give your date the attention.
  23. Forget to ensure your date gets home safely. Be a gentleman and escort her to her door or get her a cab.
  24. Go out with dirty clothes on. Food stains on clothes are never attractive and you need to look like you put in some effort.
  25. Cancel at the last minute.
That's my top 25, meanwhile if you have some funny first date experiences let's hear them!
You can read more from me on my home page HERE. Two great dating/relationsip eBooks to give away for a limited period only!

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Monday, January 21, 2008
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Timmothy Baronian from Whittier ca: (76 days 9 hours ago.)
my first date was extreamly funny im a guy im 16 and i got my license about 4 months ago i took her to a nice steak house u know a laid back steak house W/E a little bit after the bill came she ordrd so much food her money came out to 56 dolors hahahaha mine came out to 22 so i paid obviously and shes like really skinny and to me it didint look like she ate to much she hides that really good i gues any ways after paying the bill i walked out the door fell over the curb and hit my nose on the floor and broke it she had to drive my car (which was a stick mustang) and take me to the hospital which was one hour away very interesting first date huh....

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