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Sustainable Cosmopolis:Eco-container Art Project

By CatherineYen(20,979) CatherineYen

Posted Thursday, January 24, 2008
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Work by the invited artist group-Zik Group from Israel. glass, metal, container and light

Through actions, artistic creativity starts to spread, sending inspiring sparkles among cities, villages and communities.  Through arts, the possibility of creating harmonious coexistence between humans and nature is no longer s utopian and unattainable expections.  This concept is exactly what the "Sustainable Cosmopolis:Eco-container Art Project" intends to convey and present.

"Ecology" refers to the study of organisms in relation to one another and to their surroundings, derived from the Greek word "oikos", meaning house or dwelling.  By using the container as a main carrier of the artwork, the festival will integrate such actions as artistic creation, exhibition, declaration, ritual and navigation in an attempt to broaden the visions of local citizens as well as to lead them to take a better look at their home and then to realize its beauty.

Corresponding to the theme of home and also to Kaohsiung's goal of becoming a city of happiness, the festival will take place in Neiweipe, the sweet and happy "home" of the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts. It is hoped that through this festival, local citizens and participating artists can know more about the land which they call home and start to dialogue with the land and the surrounding natural environment to which their lives are closely connected.

Titled " Sustainable  Cosmopolis:Eco-container Art Project" the Kaohsiung International Container Arts Festival, 2007 contiunes the use of containers as a creative medium representative of he marine city as in the previous festivals.  Outstanding artists from home and abroad participate in this meaningful biennial event.  "Taking place in the Neiweipe Cultural Park, a vast eco-park not frequently seen in world class musuems, this festival not only gives the participating artists the opportunity of making their creatiionsn in such a special site but also renders special meanings to the green park.  It also manifests that, in addition to more economic prosperity, Kaohsiung is seeking to become a better and greener city with more environmentally friendly values and to inspire more consciousness about the environment and the ecosystem through artistic creation" 

If an ecological system regers to an environment where natural creatures can coexist, then a place, the hpeople who live together in the place, and even the artistic and cultural activities which occur in the place can also be regarded as one.  To a broader extent of the same logic, each individual, event, thing, river, building, space, vehicle, manual or entertainment activity, language or thought, and memory of production and consumption can be regarded as a living organism in the ecological system.  Therefore, in Kaohsiung City, if we pay close attention, we can hear the voices of the ocean at Kaoshiung Port, feel the impulses of the mountains at Sizihwan Bay, detect the hearbeats of the city and notic each inhale and exhale of the streets.  The city is alive day and night, telling different stories of happiness and sadness occurring under its facade of neon-lighted prosperity.  Each city itself an ecological system.  Discussiions about ecology shall not be limited to the kind of nature where humans are absent.  We are a part of the ecology and so is the city that we call home.  Living in a city that is economically prosperious and environmentally decadent as Kaohsiung, we shall not only be concerned about our ecological environment but also take further actions. This festival is also hoped that we may make contributions to the ecological preservation in Kaohsiung, in Taiwan and around the globe.
The invited individual artist and group artists are from Taiwan, Australia, Serbia, United Kingdom, Japan, Israel,Thailand, France, and Germany  --the above data are excerpted from the brochure of Kaohsiung International Container Arts Festival-2007
Remarks: After the exhibition, some of the containers will be moved to Genoa, Italy for a long term outdoor exhibition, this is a grand event, which opens a gate for a culture exchange betwen Italy and Taiwan. Some containers will be resumed its function as before for its voyage on the sea.  I expect the great creation will be continued in south Taiwan.   

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Thursday, January 24, 2008
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