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Why is "White Pride" Considered Racist and Taboo?

By writer68(280) writer68

Posted Wednesday, January 30, 2008
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Barack Obama is running for the position of President of the United States, yet he openly admits going to a church, Trinity Church of Christ, that admits to being "committed to Africa". If he is a member, it's safe to deduce that he follows their beliefs, right? Obama himself has stated that his, "heart belongs to Africa." This is the first time a presidential candidate has confessed commitment to a foreign land, and still be a major player for the presidency. But, why? Obama's church has what they call a "12-Point Value System" that includes the following: Commitment to the Black Community, Commitment to the Black Family, Pledge Allegiance to All Black Leadership Who Embrace the Black Value System and Personal Commitment to Embracement of the Black Value System. He has also said, quietly, that he would put Africa on welfare should he win the presidency.

Why is this all but ignored in the media? Would a white candidate with the same views for white ancestry also be ignored? Absolutely not. For some reason, people in America still believe that whites have more rights than any other race. This is simply not true! Do you actually think it's culturally acceptable for us Whites to openly speak about racial pride, and Blacks are not? Think about this for a moment. How would the media, and society, react if say David Duke ran for President again? Or, take any white person that goes to a church that says "we are committed to white people." Would they be accepted, or would they be considered a genocidal racist? You know the answer to that. To have racial pride is a healthy and natural thing, but to be the President of the U.S. with Obama's views is an entirely different matter. For the media to keep quiet abut this is absolutely shameful. Political-correctness has gone overboard.

If Sen. Obama expects to be President of the United States, he owes this country an explanation, not for his lineage or for his religion, but for his association with a racist organization that pledges allegiance to a foreign land. Why isn't Barack Obama's faith-based problem making national headlines and the nightly news?

Speaking further about White racial pride acceptance in America, are you aware that the NAACP and the Anti-Defamation League (Jewish group) are trying to have the Shamrock (4-leaf clover) and St. Patrick's Day outlawed because they are considered "racist"? Why? Because they are connected to white history. That's all. But BLACK HISTORY MONTH is on every calender in the country and openly accepted. Any White History Month to speak of? No way! That would be considered simply hateful, bigoted and racist as Hell!

Take the whole Imus "nappy headed ho" fiasco for example. What part of that term is racist? None. Black rappers, actors, etc., say it all the time in movies and on cd's. But, because a white personality said it, he was called a "racist". Now, look at Beyonce. She publicly stated that she "only makes music for my black peoples." No word from the press, but her record sales went way down after that.

I have videos on YouTube of black "leaders" and preachers calling for white genocide, but nothing happens!! Why? Because blacks are allowed to talk about black pride and "evil Whitey" without being labeled racists, and whites that even mention any sort of pride are called "Nazis." The black ex-Harvard ex-professor named Kamau Kambon said live on C-SPAN, "We need to exterminate white people off the face of the planet!" Hardly anything was mentioned by the media. I show videos on the net of blacks committing horrible crimes because CNN, FOX, MSNBC refuse to. What am I called for showing actual, factual events? Nazi, racist and hater! Why? Because "Whitey" is supposed to accept whatever non-whites do, no matter what. They call it being "pro-diversity". And when "Whitey" says he's/she's tired of seeing whites being beaten and murdered by non-whites, it's considered "hateful and racist."

Another thing to consider is this. How many White Only Miss America Pageants are there? Zero. But there is a Black Miss America Pageant held every year. Is there a National Association for the Advancement of WHITE People? No. But there is a National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). There's also the Congressional Black Caucus in Washington D.C. Does anyone speak specifically for whites or white interests in our government? Of course not. Why, that would be considered down-right racist. Any "White-only" magazines on store shelves? Nope. Any "White-only" TV channels? Nope. Any "White-only" college scholarships? Nope. Any "White-only" student organizations? Nope.

Why? Why? Why??? Because it is NOT accepted for the white race to show any sort of pride, togetherness, or heritage. Those that do are automatically labeled "racist". We are constantly urged to shy away from our own history and self pride and to accept "diversity" instead. The funny thing is that non-whites preach pro-diversity, but yet, they themselves have race-specific organizations like student groups, scholarships and even churches where whites are not allowed to participate. Why can't we whites have any "for us only" things like other races do? Why, that is considered racist.

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Wednesday, January 30, 2008
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Comments on this blog post:

An anglo american from Nunya: (112 days 8 hours ago.)
The racial double standard in the united states is an outrage. I'm not a racist white though I am proud of my cultural hertage and should be allowed to say so openly without provoking hatred in other racial groups. It's all enough to make an open minded white person become a bigot (im fighting the tendancy to do so but it's getting harder).
Obama has no business being in office with his background being such as it is.

K Owusu from Los Angeles, CA: (110 days 9 hours ago.)
I think you have brought up some great points here, and it does signal a double standard of sorts. Now before I come up with my explanation or view of things, I should let you know that I am a British black male, now living in the USA. I was born in Ghana, and brought up in England where I lived for about 24 years, where the racial segregation is not as bad as it is in the USA. I totally agree with and understand your frustration, and don't totally agree with how things are playing out in the world. However, it has to be taken in a historical context.

I think the main reason the "white pride" is more of a taboo these days and "black pride" is not is because it is seen that in the past the concept of "white pride" in a sense was abused and led to feelings of superiority culminating in slavery, differences in class structure etc, a lot of which still exists today. Whereas the concept of "black pride" does not have that same history and was actually non-existent for a long time. To be honest the public concept of "black pride" is relatively new when compared to "white pride". I would prefer if both eradicated and replaced with a general "humankind pride". Skin colour shouldn't be a thing to separate people in this way.

Also about "black history month". The only reason it is being publicized in this way, is because for 100's of years it was pretty much forgotten, and not really recognized in mainstream education. A lot of history is written from the perspective of europeans/north american whites. The introduction of Black history month was to instill a balance of both histories which are both relevant, although I agree it isn't being done in the right way.

Lastly the beauty pageants in the past were actually all white, with black women not being allowed to participate. This was during the time of racial segregation. Although, I don't agree of how in our day, you get black only beauty pageants, and not white only ones. I think there should be no segregation when it comes to all people, not just beautiful women.

In conclusion (and I have written way too much), this unfairness you talk about is more because of the historical contexts of racism, and peoples attempts to rectify it, than black people imposing their rule and way on things. I know a lot of it doesn't seem fair, but hey, what in the world is fair? All we can do is make the best of it and spread love.



SonofIreland from US: (90 days 21 hours ago.)
It is an interesting topic of conversation and one that can be difficult to deal with. As a person of European descent I am very interested in my ancestery and how those cultures lived, their customs and gods. I am currently involved in a group that is renewing the tradition of the worship of Northern European Gods and find it very healthy for me.

However I also realize that historically some white cultures have been involved heavily in the exploitation of other white and non white cultures. Personally as someone of almost total Irish descent I have grown up hearing what the British did to us and so do not embrace the idea that all white cultures were the same or acted in the same manner. In fact Irish people were very opressed for a long time in the United States and the class background of my family still reflects that.

Personally I believe that everybody should approach these issues on a personal level. Clearly all people have the right to life land and liberty no matter what race or mix of races they come from. Ideas like racial sepetarism are simply unworkable and will lead to strife before they lead to harmony. I am all for organizing with people of color for the advancement of working class people while promoting healthy interest in Europe amongst all who wish to embrace the old world, including people not of European descent. In fact the group I am working with now has people of all racial orientations who find the northern religion touches their heart.

The one thing that I am still unsure about is whether a value can be placed on the continuation of peoples genetcially. I see no problem at all with peoples mixing and think it can bring diversity and strength. But I must admit I hope that diversity of cultures always remains to some extent. This makes me uncomfortable as I feel like when I say it people think I am being a racist,, which perhaps I am ?

Glad people are discussing it.

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