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USB Bluetooth Device Lets Your Computer Talk To Your Bluetooth-Compatible Cell Phone

By Danny Davids(13,494) Danny Davids

Posted Saturday, March 01, 2008
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Like a lot of people, I own a cell phone.  While I don't use it for playing my music or sending scads of pictures and text messages to all my "peeps", I do enjoy using some of its more entertaining features.  (Translation:  I like ringtones and wallpaper.)  The problem for me is locating those unique files that help me express my own personal taste and personality.  (Translation:  I don't want what everybody else is using.)  I was stuck either downloading files from Web sites (for a fee) or trying to get the files I really wanted uploaded to a Web site, then using my phone to connect to the Web and hope that the files would transfer properly.  But today I learned of another option, one that lets me send files directly to my cell phone without having to use the Internet or incur additional charges.  And it's SO cool!
The device is called a Bluetooth USB adapter.  Roughly the shape and size of a memory stick, it fits into any USB port on your computer.  The accompanying software needs to be loaded on your system, but after that's done you can configure your computer as another Bluetooth device that your cell phone can recognize and communicate with.  Then it's a matter of assigning a name to your computer, configuring a folder on the hard drive that the cell phone can access, and establishing a connection between the folder on your computer and your cell phone.  Move the files you want to send to your cell phone into that designated folder, and then either pull from the cell phone or push from the computer.  Best of all, there's no confusion or conflict with other Bluetooth devices you might have configured for your cell phone, such as a handsfree headset.
I've spent several glorious hours over the past few days making my own ringtones and wallpaper, and then uploading them directly to my cell phone.  Voila!  I now have wallpaper that the vast majority of the free world will never get, because I made it myself.  Ditto for the ringtones.  And I still have other ideas that I'm going to be working on over the days and weeks ahead.
(By the way, this device isn't limited to cell phones.  ANY Bluetooth-capable device, such as stereo headphones, PIM, PDA, or printer, can access the adapter once it's been configured.)
Please note that this will not work for you if your cell phone doesn't have Bluetooth capabilities.  But if you do, you can save yourself time and money (and utilize your audio and graphics talents), ending up with some of the most awesome audio and graphics files you could ever hope to have on your cell phone.  We are talking totally awesome stuff here.  I LOVE MODERN TECHNOLOGY!!!!!

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Saturday, March 01, 2008
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