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"I can’t do it alone".

By Robert Melaccio, sr(28,936) Robert Melaccio, sr

Barak Obama said "I can’t do it alone’ as part of a speech he made in Rhode Island recently. He stated very clearly while he can be an advocate, for change to come it has to be from the bottom up, not top down and get this, without you, he can’t bring about change on his own.

Ok, I ask you, what in you opinion has he just admitted? Do you see it as having integrity and honesty and morality? Well I see it differently by his stances on issues and what he has done and failed to do. Frankly, real nice person but in my opinion he is not the leader he professes to be and I will tell you why. What he is telling us is that We the People have the power for change. and only We the People and that it rests only with us. Why is it so hard to understand? can it be we have seen such bad leadership for decades we do not believe much anymore? Could it be we don’t want to hear it because we are captivated by his eloquent speech and his race and potential history in the making?

Now I can respect  a person if they sincerely feel he is the right person for the job. Yet, if you are just voting for him for historical, politically correct, or as a statement of pride one might rhetorically ask if you can throw away your ideals, beliefs, values, faith to accomplish this and have you also thrown away your character? It is the truth and a fair question simple and pure.

So power rests with We the People. We make change not because of an Obama, a Hillary, a McCain or for that matter any other but because We the People vote. Yes we vote those who do not do for the common good out. They key words are "the common good" not individual good or one ggroup over the otehr, the common good. It is why we are a Republic. Representation of the people, by the people and for the people and no other ideology, belief, system or for Free Trade or Big Business.

Now leaders lead and make decisions and take actions that bring about change and We the People place people in those lead positions to do just that. If we have to do it ourselves nothing would ever get done and there would not be leaders. We come together for the common good expecting them to take action for the common good of us all. What is so hard about all this, really. If they do not, any part, all of, even one, then they do not do that which we expect and therefore do not deserve office, hello! We expect mind you a leader who can lead and nothing less. They do this in any number of ways.

So why I have to ask myself how more then 80% of you Americans, yes 80% plus do not think they serve us, still and I’ll say that again we still put them back into office. They are and always were the same bunch Obama, Hillary, McCain, Kennedy, Graham, Pelosi, Bush, Martinez and on and on and on regardless of party. They have given you what you got. Is that hard to understand. Simply, the haves and the have not.

I’ll tell you why simple and pure and the truth in my opinion, you vote for them but you won't like what I have to say and you will  most likely deny it. That is you either get something from them or it is possible to get something from them. Yes and that’s a fact Jack as the movie line goes. Common now you can be truthful withyourself, no one is listening but your heart.  It is not about the common good any longer it is in reality about what’s good for you, period and damn the rest! Ok, maybe not all but a good majority.

So if we no longer think for the good of all we no longer have what is known as a Republic, a Union of the People by the People and for the People regardless of what anyone says. Be they religious, politician, educator, Business person or just plain Joe or Jane it is what it is. In my opinion we have forsaken Republic for the term Democracy, a different animal.

Don’t think so, well the signs are all about the symbols to be read for those who care to. It is in the works and deeds and acquiesces and approval. When men turn their backs and look the other way when law is flaunted, when oaths mean little then a ritual, when ideology favors other nations over our own, I got news for you it is lost. Hey get mad, perhaps it is about time. When good men do nothing and allow these things to happen they reap what they sow.

Obama also says that we have to change the same old tired ways in Washington and he is right. he just give the right answer. Yes, this mess brought to us by the same old tired people. Read my earlier articles because I have named who he evidently is referring to, unless it is only Republicans and we all know that isn’t the case. I don’t need to name them all do I. Obama said when Congress goes wrong he will name them as to who they are before the American people and let us know that they did wrong. How many times has this same bunch fooled you? Ok, fool me once shame on me fool me twice shame on you. Are we into I’m going to tell the teacher all over again? Go to time out. Perhaps a little hard but just what is this man admitting? Hey, he may have had an awakening but where has this man been? Election time you know and they are all talking change.

Now talking about leaders lets jump over to the Republican candidate.

Today in the associated press Mr. McCain in my opinion let his agenda be known loud and clear.

ROUND ROCK, Texas - Republican John McCain said the desire by Democratic presidential rivals Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement would jeopardize crucial military support from Canada. "Trade and national security are interconnected with each other". [Cough Iraq?]

In my opinion it speaks to the type of leadership we can expect from him and in my opinion that is Comprehensive Immigration and SPP and The North American Union. Ever hear any questions about that or answers. No you won’t either. The most you get is we’ll deal with that after the election and we build that fence [that deosn't work] 

Now go through history and pick any leaders out and see what the great ones did, good or bad. Did they solicit input, most certainly. Did they ask for support, surely. However, and this is the however of however’s, when it came to doing, they did and do. They got it done by the shear force of their being. They lead, they make change, they take charge and changed the course, the direction the very essence of their nation. Do not leaders do this? Is this not expected when they are placed in positions of power and trust [check that word out].  No they lead, weigh outcomes make decisions.

No Mr. Obama we need someone who has a vision, lays out their plan and agenda and just doesn’t throw around blue sky, catch all slogans and rhetoric. Yes and this is just not directed to you but all these "leaders". We need jobs, yes when, where, what kind, are they stay at home jobs and do they go to Americans? We need Health Care, ok and what type are you taking about? What will it cost me? What will it cover? What are the deductibles? Is there any wait time? Will I have my choice of doctors? You say you will bring the troops home. Ok when, how, can you? What if another trouble spot pops up are we ready for that? Don’t you know?

No don’t expect people to get out and march when they have no money, are trying to survive, worried about their job in an At Will State that doesn’t give you enough time to use the toilet much less take off. No, Mr. and Mrs. average America are worried about getting laid off, or finding a job and on and on and on. You in Washington at $185,000 or more a year, working little, might have some spare time, but we average people are struggling.

So I’ll give you A plus for admitting you can’t do it alone and a D minus because of ability. Like I said the history books are full of doers, leaders, changers. It is evident you already percieve you may need a crutch.

Hey, sorry I picked on you. I see the other two in the same light and Congress even worse. Just an opinion based on deeds, all of yours. No if you want to lead get all your beings back to Washington and do so now. The nation is in a world of hurt and you want to tell us about it when we can’t put gas in the care, pay the electric bill. Understand we know, we are living it. Lead now not later. If you are that person you claim, do it now. The rest will fall into line and based on my prior article you need not campaign for any others voters. The ones who like you have already spoken. As for the rest of us 60% we want deeds, works action. That is your best bet to get elected, do it now and shut us up.

No, we have not see change because frankly in my opinion there is no change in ideology, perspective, thoughts, concepts, idea’s, perceptions and your education and indoctrination does not allow you to think any other way then what has been tried and failed. That can only propagate more of the same. So, as they say on the corner, you have already covered your back.

My opinion real change comes when We the People wake up and make it and put people in who can lead. That is someone outside of this bunch because they have proven in my opinion they can’t.

Robert T. Melaccio Sr. 2008 Copyright ©2008 Robert Melaccio

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Sunday, March 02, 2008
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