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Legitimate, responsible or do they even know?

By Robert Melaccio, sr(28,936) Robert Melaccio, sr

What I have been writing to and the underlying theme of all my articles is simple, morality. Not in what is professed but what is their works. In every single issue of this modern age when one does an analysis of the root cause you will see in some aspect morality raise its head. The 31% interest on Credit Cards, Home Foreclosure, Home Owners Insurance, "Immigration", greed and exploitation and on and on and on it is all about morality or a lack thereof and while many do not like it or will ever admit to it, "that’s a fact Jack", as the movie line goes.

Example, John McCain says we got to help those who have legitimate housing problems. Mr. Obama used the term responsible. Just what the heck do they mean? They are talking about speculators, those who buy and sell for profit and who played a major part in this housing mess? Yes, who are they that did and allowed this to happen?  However, they conveniently do not include themselves who in my opinion by nature of their works or what they failed to do, allowed it all to take place. Yes and how about the builders, the real estate people, the banks and mortgage lenders, the brokers, the title companies, the local and state governments and everyone else who made money and a quick profit? No, by fact, they really don’t know how to apply those words they used because in reality not many can.

Ok here is one example of what I am talking about. A retired couple buys a second home to help their child who has a wife and two children and was laid off.  His job off to parts unknown. They had been paying rent but no job, no rent, so out you go. Give me a break you who say get help from an agency. In my opinion just what can anyone say about you? Now rather then pay rent and go no where they take what little they have, get another mortgage and buy a small home. Now they pay and assist with everything while they try to get back on their feet. Yes with $8.00 and hour jobs and not even a 40 hour work week in an At Will employment state that is not the best situation. Now what group do you lump them into? Are they responsible or legitimate? Do they do a moral deed or a greedy deed? Their guilt, taking care of their own.

So where do these politicians place that family and others like them helping their kids and loved ones out? You got it, nowhere. In reality they should be thankful it hasn’t fallen on the rest of society. However, they are not illegal workers, they are citizens and everyone knows how rich Americans are, right? However, one might ask and by the way, just like the state they live in, do they consider them speculators and do they get to pay higher taxes and all that goes with it because they "own" a second home? You bet your blank they do.

Ok a few more bits. If you want more read my other articles. So what of the 15 million potential foreclosures already on top of the millions expected because people are paying their 31% or more Credit Cards before their mortgages? That was unheard of before so why now? The why is very simple their homes are not worth what they owe. It is cheaper to hand them back. One expert on TV said their credit will be ruined. Rhetorically speaking where was and is his head? Flip a coin and their credit is ruined. The banks and lenders get the write off’s tax breaks and turn a loss into a profit, no risk for them and the average American, well you know what you get and where. The truth is they are paying unsecured debt off first so they can continue to buy. Yes, even though unsecured they can come after you thanks to this Washington bunch. Yes, like everything else unsecured means nothing, as does assigned risk. These people accept no risk.

So I have to agree, be it politicians, government official or anyone involved in this fiasco and as a reporter stated in the St. Pete Times about a builder absconding with money, " Yet all the appraisers, Realtors and investors involved in these deals are still free to do their jobs". Yes, morality my friends and in my opinion they will be involved in the short sales, the refinance and it all. Yes and in my opinion with the very same people they placed into these loans.

Here is another tidbit we all know, that is except the president, that oil prices are going up.  [Oh they expect a drop around August, September. How strange don’t you think?] So what about all that foreign oil we buy? They expect in less then 10 years American will be spending about 5 to 10 trillion going out of this nation to Saudi Arabia and other foreign nations. Sure they talk about all these new energy sources but you know something just talk. Yes, it is good for mass consumption. Can it be done, sure. Will it be done, another matter and if so when?

Issue after issue and item after item the same tired, non response. Words and more of them. Smiles, handshakes, hold the baby, take a picture, eat some food and back to work doing what they always do after this election, yes exactly the same. Why because that is all they know. It truly is what they have been indoctrinated into. Does a die hard Communist know anything else? Perhaps a few change but not many sow hy expect this bunch to change?

Now the hand writing, the signs, the symbols are all about. You can ignore truth, you can hide truth and you can try to run from the truth but it is still there. People are buying, like they always have and always will be, by the cover, the Easter Bunny.

Now look around the world and see for yourself. It is there in blazing fact. The FARC in South America, war and death in Dafar, Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, etc, etc, etc. What is the root cause? You got it poverty, exploitation, religion, yes death and destruction, anarchy. People wanting a change, or forcing their will upon others. The story of mankind. The change they are trying to make is at the barrel of a gun and in the end everyone loses. Who cares right? Those in power they follow like sheep for one word - hope and a piece of the pie. You won't give it then I'll take it. If they die there is always someone to take over and who’s loss, only their family? That’s about it my friend.

Yes, like I said, it is the story of this world. Greed, exploitation, the powerful, the wealthy over and over. As you go down through each level of society it repeats itself in smaller ways but yet it happens every day. People taking advantage and using other people and many, in fact if we look at statistics of those who profess to be believers in God, are a large part of it all. Says a lot about people and mankind doesn’t it? It says a lot about professing does it not? No, it is not tied to wealth, status, sex, race, no it is about one word as usual "me" and what is in it for "me"? Common, you can hone up to that, no one is watching or listening. So what is the answer?

No simple one for sure. The point of the gun, or a vote. We all see what the gun gets more misery so that leaves us the vote. Something our Forefathers knew We the People had as power. That is unless we give that power away.

So I agree with Obama that We the People must make the change but I do not exclude Him and all the rest of our politicians from that change. So here in my opinion is the only way how We the People can make change and change that continues and lasts. We change them all in Congress. President, well important, but if we control Congress we can control the President.

So as I have said at the end of every article, Change Congress and make real change. Do nothing and allow the minority to rule. It is simple and pure  and it is the same all over this world and please don’t ask why. You already have your answer right before you and it matters not what nation you are in. Look to who is leading or wants to lead and see the road you have chosen to follow, or can take.

 Robert T. Melaccio Sr. 2008 Copyright ©2008 Robert Melaccio

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Monday, March 03, 2008
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