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Campaign rhetoric or plain truth?

By Robert Melaccio, sr(28,936) Robert Melaccio, sr

When we listen to these candidates bashing each other and their rivals on the campaign trial and airing all their semi dirty laundry does anyone wonder just what can we trust from them? Certainly an overwhelming number of us Americans don’t trust these politicians at all and in the case of the Democrats recently published polls stated even less then this sitting President and that is going a stretch.

Then, simply asked, if over 85% of Americans do not like the job Congress is doing, or think poorly of politicians, how is it that a person of supposed values, integrity and character vote for them? Is it that their local Politician is doing good but all the rest aren’t? I guess that is carried over through every locality because frankly Congress never changes. To me it is like those who talk out of both sides of their mouths? Say one thing, profess, but do another.

Well here are few examples. Here we have Obama espousing his virtues and the problems with Washington when he himself is a product of that group and a protege of one of the leading liberals of that entire group, Ted Kennedy. Is this not the same man whose campaign advisor allegedly  told the Canadian’s just recently, in reference to NAFTA, don’t worry it is all campaign rhetoric? Do you really expect him to hone up to that when everything he espouses is the opposite and he is trying to win an election? Rhetorically, do you expect any politician to tell the truth about anything? So why is he different? Just why would you accept his answer or avoidance but not someone else’s? Do you think his campaign person is a liar? Do you think where there is smoke there is fire? Do you think, just think, Obama has some explaining or do you even care?

Another example just to illustrate the point. Now here we have John McCain talking about building the fence and protecting our borders. Yes, the same john McCain who just a year ago, before the election, was a staunch advocate of Comprehensive Immigration and amnesty along with guess who, you got it Ted Kennedy. Yes and he is a "Conservative". Oh, and yes surprisingly guess who else is also for it only with more thrown in to spice it all up? Yes Mr. Obama once again. If you notice and listen to Mr. McCain he now always says we’ll build the fence and tighten security and get this "then deal" with the other issues. Rhetorically do you think he isn’t talking Comprehensive Immigration and does he have what it takes to lead when he can’t even hone up to that question? Yes he is the one on the same who told us "truthfully’ those jobs aren’t coming back". Rhetorically, gee thanks, you really looked out for our interests didn’t you?

Hillary, well to think she isn’t on the same page you have another thing coming. She stays far and clear of her support of that issue and talks around it by reenforcing her support for Latino’s. Where was she on these same issues? Rhetorically is it I was for, but then I wasn’t for and now it must be reworked. Ok, I believe you, yea, right.

So what am I really getting at. We know most of these types will say anything to get you to nod your head and close the deal. Yet why do you, who profess to be the opposite by nature of your disapproval of them, still vote for them, still work for their election? Can you explain why? Does that say anything about those voting for these types? Rhetorically, let me ask this question, just what does it say about their ability, their capability, their intelligence, their morality and certainly character?

Hey just a question because many of them professed other things. Like they are against abortion. Well John McCain is but the other two no. Ok, Comprehensive Immigration which is really the legalization of illegal activity? They are all for that but 85% or more os us aren't, strange? Yes, most Americans said they are definitely against it. That is definitely not maybe, no against? get my drift?

So, in voting can we say it matters not what anyone professes or believes? Rhetorically could it possibly be that none of that matters and can we figure that perhaps race is really first, then morals and then capability? No, perhaps I got that wrong and it is race first, then capability and finally morals? Then again rhetorically, could it be race, then capability and forget about morals, or perhaps it might be race and the heck with the other two? Of course we could also ask rhetorically if it may be gender in place of race? Rhetorically perhaps none of that matters you just vote because you like the package and you hope? Well only each individual knows that, but it is by your works we will know who you truly are, regardless of what you profess.

So, America in my opinion is way past the crossroads. Why, I don’t think that 60% who rarely vote will vote and if they do vote for anyone differently. Why again, in my opinion we are a me now, can’t wait, like the package generation and that  we have all become. The want it now crowd.  We buy the exterior not the content or substance therefore no substance necessary. It takes too long. If we are wrong we'll do it over.

Well here are some facts right out of the paper and from our college and high school educated bunch. Yes and I’ll even through in some of the older crowd. You may want to read the article in the St. Pete Times by former Senator Bob Graham of Florida. He says "40% of Floridians couldn’t name the three branches of government". JEL as a hint. Seventy percent of 8th graders couldn’t tell you why, get this The Declaration of Independence was written, dah. Here is one I throw out when I teach high school or middle school, what is a Republic and can anyone tell me the differences between a democracy and one? Also, can you name a country that is this a republic? Rarely are they able to answer and even some teachers. It says a lot about why we have problems in America.

So as Mr. Graham stated "this was taught in our schools for 150 years but evidently not any longer". Asa he also pointed out "in 1819Thomas Jefferson stated this was to help Americans understand and to exercise their rights and duties as citizens". For those of you who have read my earlier articles do you now know what I was aiming at when I mentioned the closing in the Hall of Presidents at Disney World?

Yes America now is a time that we must be able to listen to what is said, how it is said, but more importantly what is not said and what is implied. Let me use this as an analogy which is perhaps something you professed religious may understand, does the devil come as who he really is, or does he come as good? No, beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

What I am saying is this don’t believe everything you hear and everything you see. Is not Mind Freak an example of that? Yes, all illusions. No, we shall know them not by what they profess but by their works, what they have done and what they have failed to do and what has come about by that failure to do? A no show or no vote is as bad as a bad vote for the wrong thing.

Wake up American they are all part and parcel of the same bunch. This November we have a chance for real change. That is if you step up to the plate as people who you say you are. Make real change, vote them all out

Robert T. Melaccio Sr. 2008 Copyright ©2008 Robert Melaccio

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Tuesday, March 04, 2008
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