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The minority has spoken and they have given us their choice.

By Robert Melaccio, sr(28,936) Robert Melaccio, sr

It never seems to amaze me that the real general election is in November and the media hype is all about these primaries.  Well they do need entertainment.  If you read my prior articles you will understand what I am speaking to. It is the general election that will either make real change or we will accept more of the "same old song" as the hit song goes.

We now know it is McCain against one of the other two. It really doesn't matter, any of the three are a significant percentage the same. Just one or two minor differences. In my opinion and as far as I am concerned it has been over as far as change goes regardless of what party gets their candidate elected. If either or is elected it is more of the same. The minority has spoken and they have given us their best. Now do not be fooled it is the minority, because outside of some independents these were the primaries for the two major parties. Sadly there is no real challenger from a third party candidate and will there be, well who knows? They wait so long and have such limited resources does it really matter?

As Mr. McCain has said, he gives us his word. Yes, his honor. Hey what is a mans word but his integrity and honor and what he does counts and not what he professes? As McCain said Presidential candidates are judged on the whole by their works. For that statement I give him A plus, but I wonder why those who elected him did not judge his works, or for that matter the other party their candidates works? We all know a significant portion of Americans think they do a lousy job. We all know about Comprehensive Immigration Reform wich included people who were against it from all parties. Rhetorically, are there a lot of hypocrites out there?  No we are all adults right and you know the answer to that.

He even closed his acceptance speech with "growing Free Markets around the world". Yes, in my opinion more of the same tired ways, the same ideology the same goals. Help business become more competitive with lower taxes and less regulation. Competative my opinion and as I have expressed in prior articles is lower wages. As he says he is their best friend. There is just is no other truth. How open can you be before it sinks in? As for me I could really care less in what he says. They all delivered what we have and what we are dealing with. Yes, all and they had the chance in my opinion to change then so why do we think it will be any different in the future?

So those of you who cheer and shout and long for them yes and runn those adds for them, be careful. After all we are talking what they "profess" they want to do for you and we all know what that means, don’t we? I also just do not understand that they have seemed to have excluded that Washington crowd and if I can be logical don’t they need them to be able to accomplish tall they profess? By the way that same crowd theya re buddies with. I wonder just how they can get it done without that bunch? Oh, I understand "Birds of a feather" and they all know it is just campaign talk, right? Also, I’m sorry, I forgot, they are leaders right? They can get it done right? They know how to get it done, right? After all they have been doing it for years, right? They just have to wait until they get elected. Oh, I see, yea, right. Yes, and they have a lot of accomplishments. Rhetorically just when will they be for average Americans?

So here is in paraphrased form with some of my opinions added what was mentioned by Business Week magazine.

Well Mr. McCain also wants Americans to save more. Yes, save on those $8.00 and hour jobs, $4.00 a gallon gas prices, minimum wage jobs. Let me see how much do you expect to save for your retirement? Yes, I said retirement. Yes and he will also privatize Social Security. Rhetorically will this place more money in the hands of investors and give business say on how to invest your retirement? Hey is’t he the same one the was for Comprehensive Immigration? Oh I’m sorry that’s all of them. Free Trade well, Mr. McCain by his own words is the biggest Free Trader of them all, hello unemployed. Yes and from the same guy who said "those jobs ain’t coming back". Yes, more green cards and illegal immigration is in my opinion right after election regardless of who gets in.

Mr. Obama, well of course privatize social security is high on his list. Hey think there is any difference? He likes Comprehensive Immigration with even a few more goodies thrown in. He is also a Free Trader but he wants fair trade. What a novelty and he has faith, yes I said faith in the market forces. Yes, he should ask Mr. Christ of Florida where his faith is concerning insurance and the free market forces. Hey he just might be McCain’s running mate? Rhetorically it sounds like Star Wars and the Dark side forces.

How about all those people in foreclosure or paying 31% interest on their Credit card? Well should we throw in morality? Hell no, anyone interested? Lets keep things simple. Something he or any of them even dare go near. Yes and Obama is also going to make paying taxes simple, gee thanks. Oh and of course save, save, save and yes as I said, another Free Trader and another speaker of the truth "Globalization is not going away". Hello what more do you need to hear? How about ‘The North American Union?

Yes except for Abortion and the war these guys look pretty darn close. In fact McCain votes and sides quite a bit with democrats. Well, lets be up front, what’s in a name, right?

This is a true historical election but not because of race or gender. No it is really between the have and the have not and our way of life as it is. A battle of ideology and for the America of tomorrow. There truly is a the line in the sand and we who have not and are the majority have a very clear choice.
That is doing nothing, vote for them and stay with the ship or jump over board. No like the Titanic there are no life boats for the steerage class. Yes they go down with the ship. If you do not take action to change Congress then the dye has been cast. You have made a choice and we will all live with it.

As for me I have always said the real battle is for Congress. Change Congress Change the Nation. It is as simple as that.

Robert T. Melaccio Sr. 2008 Copyright ©2008 Robert Melaccio

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Wednesday, March 05, 2008
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