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Vote by works not words.

By Robert Melaccio, sr(28,936) Robert Melaccio, sr

So why do we have this sense of hope that these candidates will somehow bring about the change they have failed to? To say they have not brought about change would be incorrect. However, in my opinion, the wrong change. Now the answers as to why they have failed are really written across their works, what they have done or failed to do regardless of the words and eloquence of their speech.
It was in the late 70's and Vietnam was behind us that things started to change. I started to become aware of the signs and symbols all about. The little things stated in the back pages of news papers, the laws being passed, the trade agreements and who was being elected. Yes, even the Berlin wall falling and the real action behind the scene. Yes and I could see the change and yes experience it in my life directly. It was called "reorganization", "downsizing", "takeovers" and new words like "outsourcing", "market driven" which came to the fore along with a host of other names all saying your job went away, lower wages, lost benefits and the now ever popular At Will employment these Free Traders brag about. They call it being competitive [listen for that word you who like words] I call it, like I said, indoctrination. Along with that came books called Future Shock and Third Wave, predictions of what was to be and organizations such as the CFR.

To say we all do not see the same things is in my opinion is to turn a blinds eye to it. In my opinion while we may see it many do not care to recognize it. Why, simple, do we not see it when we elect people who send our families off to war ill prepared and to die because of what they failed to do? Yes, what they failed to do. Against the war or not it was their duty to insure we had all the resources to win if we sent one soul off to war. However, was that not the case in a lack of manpower to fight the war and win rather then stalemate [Korea and Vietnam]. Yes they call it a surge, in my opinion I call it not committing enough boots on the ground. They forgot to tell you that was all they had.  Do we not see it also in the inadequate resources and supplies that force our troops and their families to buy their own gear or shore up vehicles. Do we not see it in the two, three or more tours in a combat zone with no real end insight except cut and run? How can we not see it and who caused it?

Do we not see it in their trade deals that favor foreign nations over our very own citizens? Do we not see it in the flagrant violation of current law and their acquiesces to breaking it. Yes, illegal workers have been coming into this land for decades and it has nothing to do with legal immigration, although they who condone such allude to that in my opinion as cover. [ I didn't see the sign back there officer]. That is why it is called "illegal". How can they or anyone downplay it for any reason? Are they not sworn by oath to the God they profess to uphold the law? It did’t say uphold only those you want to. Yes, try that in any court. What is so hard to digest here, rhetorically, that is unless you care not to? Hey, I have already addressed these issues in my other works. It is simple from a religious perspective and also the law, Thou Shall not steal for any reason. Thou shall not covet, enough said.

So, in my opinion we see it in those who approve of such turning a blinds eye toward stealing which has created an entirely new industry, ID protection. Rhetorically can one presume that if you know a crime is being conducted and you disregard it you might be charged by nature of your works as an accomplice? Yes and what about the allowing of usurious rates and interest, yes that they knew and allow even till this day. Is 31% interest moral and if you do not think so why do you support it in them? If you find no fault with it you accept it, how? In my opinion a person is not good and decent who does those deeds. How can they profess to be? Although the outward appearance is that as projected as being good and decent what you profess is not shown in ones works. Of course many do not want to hear it, or admit it, but by fact it is simple and that these types are all one in the same in belief? Yes we also see it in those who will vote for these very same politicians even though they do what I described.
Example to emphasize the point. If we truly voted for those who’s works are in line with what we hope, dream believe then we should by all logical thinking get people who do, or have done, or are doing that we expect and hope for and hence everyone wins. The problem is frankly we can’t find them, right? We settle and hope, right? You say no, well 85% of America says otherwise so you must be in that 15% who likes them, why? So here is your proof again again right off of AFP on Yahoo. This was alleged to be their positions on NAFTA to the Canadians.

"Brodie told reporters that the Clinton campaign had called the Canadian embassy in Washington to tell officials to take her anti-NAFTA rhetoric "with a grain of salt," said local media.

Around the same time, a news agency reported that a Canadian government memo detailed a meeting between Obama's chief economic advisor Austan Goolsbee and officials from the Canadian consulate in Chicago.

The memo reportedly said Goolsbee noted Obama's attacks on NAFTA should not be taken out of context, citing fiercely protectionist sentiment in Ohio about the pact and political positioning as a motivation.
Just what more does anyone need? In my opinion if we can put our sacred trust in them we truly are a lost nation.
So my friends after following this election I can see no change. How can one believe such? If this not be true then let them take action now while they are Senators, before the election and put the matter to rest. However, be warned, if they do not then they will have spoken by their failure to do. So remember, what they have done and failed to do.
So for those who could care less and will still vote for them the horns will sound, the trumpets blast, cheers go up and the fireworks go off but deep down inside where you cannot hide everyone knows the truth. Yet, we will reap what the minority sows because we do not take the time necessary to do our homework, know what these people truly stand for, their ideology, beliefs, agenda, that’s why we buy what we see and what we hear and sometimes the contents are nothing more then hollow.

Yes, vote, but by nature of their works not words. Yes my friends Change Congress Change the Nation.

Robert T. Melaccio Sr. 2008 Copyright ©2008 Robert Melaccio

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Thursday, March 06, 2008
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