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Just where is their thinking?

By Robert Melaccio, sr(28,936) Robert Melaccio, sr

Ok we shall know them by their works. Well I would love to be positive but when I look at their works just what could a realist or common sense person think when hearing someone say they want to vote for any of these politicans? These politicians are their own worse enemies and they do not even work hard at it. They are good in my opinion at causing problems and their works can be found everywhere from Katrina to Iraq.  Rhetorically failure comes naturally to them and so much so one has to start feeling sorry for them and at the same time compassionately glad tmost of them have that security blanket they certainly need.

Why did I form that opinion? Well we have a president that "heard" gas prices are rising and may hit $4.00 a gallon. Just today this same president says to the AP "its clear our economy has slowed". Well hello, slow isn’t the word, it has halted. So where do these politicians expect this economy to go? Our President talks about the stimulus as decisive action to help people spend rather then pay off debt and urged people to boost consumer spending when the surplus arrives to give the economy a charge. Yes, nothing personal or derogatory but from a man in my opinion who never knew, nor will ever know what real debt is, what 31% interest rates are, what bankruptcy is, what foreclosure is, what being hounded day and night by unsecured creditors is like and yes what losing a job is like, or At Will employment. Yes in my opinion him and the majority of what is called Congress.

You know as Mr. McCain said, those jobs are gone and they ain’t coming back. Well golly gee as Gomer Pile would say, thanks for the truth, now. A little late don’t you think? Yes, you left the gate open and the cows have left the pasture and now you confess? Let me ask and I do that for many of us average Americans, where the heck were you Mr. McCain before they left? Oh I know, it was a good idea then, right? Yes, like Comprehensive Immigration, NAFTA, SPP [ rhetorically just tell the Canadians and Mexicans not to worry, this is all just election talk] you know people love words].

Yes, the entire lot in my opinion and yes you Mr. President you gave away the farm and killed, yes killed, the goose who laid the golden egg. That is except for the vast majority of the haves. Well I got news for all the haves are starting to worry. Who is going to buy?

So here is one that adds to confusion and is perplexing. Our government statistics indicate, a positive that the unemployment rate dipped from 4.9 to 4.8, wow, excitement. Yes, but they forgot to add that employers cut jobs in February at the steepest rate in five years? So just what gives? Well does anyone really know for sure, evidently not those making these statistics? The facts, where the tire meets the road, is average Americans are hurting and hurting bad. No money, no credit, poor jobs and no end in sight.

No not pessimistic just reality. No not negative, just fact. You can dance all night and it won’t change a thing. Without good jobs, good paying jobs, good stay here jobs worked by Americans not Green Card holders or foreigners you have real problems. Hey even our biggest ally is hedging with other Europeans getting cosy with "emerging powers" like China. Yes so much for those joint military ventures like that Northrop Tanker Project that cost us America jobs and potentially our very security. It talks a lot to Free Trade and trust, like keeping agreements.

So do they really think average Americans listen to the media types, who in my opinion are marketing services for their own agenda. Rhetorically I have come to realize just the naive, uneducated, the uniformed, the uncaring and those who like good comedy believe in what they propogate.

If you do not know my writings understand this is not just now or new. I have been writing to these topics, morality and like subjects for years. I still maintain articles on Searchwarp.com and I still enjoy a large number of positive readers. So I know my thoughts are just not mine. It is however, in my opinion that many average Americans just do not know how to extract ourselves from what is  a fiasco. A fiasco in my opinion we all allowed and have ourselves to blame for. Yes, they long for leaders but where are they? In my opinion they kid themselves. yes, these never read  these types of articles. They just do not know and they die by their own hands for lack of knowledge.

Now I give you this from experience. There comes a point of no return when no amount of money or time will fix a problem. It is more cost effective to bite the bullet and start fresh or at least gradually introduce change in direction, goal, focus, objective. Hey, some keep plowing along because of two words, ego and pride and if its your buck who cares, right? Well not so with people who take responsibility seriously.
So here we are with a major problem. We need jobs and we need stay here, long term pay well jobs for many average Americans and blue collar workers. The education fix is long term. What we need is a shift from outsourcing to bringing home the bacon. We need a Civilian Conservation Core to put people to work building infrastructure. They will adopt it calling it something else, as some have already done, but who cares as long as it is done. The facts are it is a proven, tried and readily available system, there for the taking. It will reduce unemployment, and help our nation and help people. No it is not Obama’s, Hillary's, McCain or anyone’s idea. It has always been there and written to for years. Do not think so, look. We also need to get America back to technology. To buy that we do not have qualified Americans to fill these positions is to buy the Easter Bunny, period and fact.

So these professed leaders in Washington should be there doing away with 31% interest on credit cards, helping people with real mortgage help not just those "responsible" types, getting employers here to hire Americans and stop all this illegal worker activity and gettingt he CCC started. Also, get rid of At Will employment. Yes, they can do that now before the election. Hey they did the stimulus didn’t they. We should all stand up and demand it now. Why do we have to wait, why, when they can do it now? Rhetorically, one could ask is there another motive?Email, write, call and let them know we require it.The next thing we must do is Change Congress and Change the Nation. Hey, it is up to you. Don’t count on the minority who have brought us this mess. If you want change pass it along to your friends, neighbors, family and it will happen, state by state. Then the message will be sent loud and clear because like money it is the only message they understand and change will come.

Robert T. Melaccio Sr. 2008 Copyright ©2008 Robert Melaccio


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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Friday, March 07, 2008
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