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Our candidates and representatives at their very best.

By Robert Melaccio, sr(28,936) Robert Melaccio, sr

Our candidates for President are quick to remind us that one of the Presidents first duties is to "preserve, protect and defend this nation from all enemies". In my opinion they just forgot to add "foreign and domestic", etc. So just what is meant by domestic? We are not just talking terrorists here, no we are talking those who would hurt or destroy our way of life directly or indirectly by their action, works or deeds on non action non works or what they failed to do. This in a nut shell is anything person or thing to include an ideology, act, system or concept that undermines and that harms or impacts our nations and our people's well being and way of life. That is the domestic tranquility! Is this not what these politicians swore an oath to do and now profess as they campaign?

So rhetorically is it a fair question to ask if anyone can think of anything that in some way has caused harm to our way of life and that one can identify intentionally and yes in my opinion even unintentionally by following an errant system, ideology or perspective.That harm being defined as something against the common good of all citizens? Rhetorically, could we say it might be trade agreements that favor foreign powers and a select few over all our own people and the common good? Could it be the outsourcing of American jobs and industry? Could it be the selling of our national assets? Could it be the allowance of the destruction of our society and our sovereignty via the deliberate disobeying of our laws by illegal aliens under the guise of immigrants? Could it be the avoidance or turning a blinds eye toward that act? Could this be considered as not preserving, protecting and defending our government, our laws our system against enemies and preserving our tranquility? Are these caused by enemies in that their interests are not that of this nations, incompetence, or some other motivator such as greed and corruption? Rhetorically, could one possibly conceive those actions as a domestic enemy? Now that is not to say it was planned, although it could be. No as I stated it could be as simple as having the wrong ideology, view or opinion that is implemented and causes this harm. Yet, should we not expect to be protected as they say we should?

So by now do you need and want more examples on top of the myriads you have already received and know about from many sources? By now we all have heard of the Boeing deal. Well as reported by the associated press instead of the 2000 assembly jobs our politicians rave about  we lost out on 44,000 new and existing jobs and we have cut out American suppliers in about 40 states. Yes, in my opinion another Free Market who gives damn action and fact. Rhetorically, is that in our nations interest and is that protecting us? Now certainly the Boeing plane cost more then the Northrop plane and we do ask our government to be frugal handing out our tax dollars. Nothing wrong here, right? Yet with the nation going through what it is now just why would they want to do this even though it cost more? Would they not have saved those jobs, those businesses, and placed more money into a struggling economy? Could they not have come in front of America and explained why they preferred this approach?

Simply the deal is all about a private business intertwined with our national security and once again in my opinion ideology. Should that matter? Most of what we have militarily is made offshore. Yes and even Boeing farms out key parts for our latest jets to India. So is it sour grapes or just another blatant example of what is in my opinion the New World Order? Frankly in my opinion a little of both. Yet that does not address the problem, Rhetorically, why would "our" Representatives, those We the People employ, ever want to address this? Rhetorically of course could it be that We the People are not their main interest?

Further emphasizing that opinion of a global perspective is foreclosures and lower home prices and values here in America. There has been by some estimates a 30% increase in home sales here in America by foreigners. I thought we were the richest nation on earth, strange? Yet when we think about it we find Average Americans can’t buy anything. Foreigners have our industry, our jobs, our wealth. Realtors are pushing hard for foreign buyers with significant increases in the South American and other markets. Ever here of SPP?  Tell me America is not changing even as you wave the Flag.

Rhetorically how does one afford a home here unless they have it better then we? Americans can’t, yet these people can? Them buying is not the question or problem, the real concern is why can they and not us? Are we, America, talking the haves of that nation and I’ll ask this, how do they get to live in that home here in the United States? Are they citizens, or come on through by walking in? Strange who they let into America?

Now lets take a fast look, Green Card Holders with specific technical and other necessary skills holding our good jobs, low cost illegal workers that can be exploited to fill all those jobs we Americans don’t want that are less then minimum wage and of course the haves of the world who bring with them their money and business. Go check into a hotel to prove the point. That is the new America. If they have or work cheap we want them. So let me ask this rhetorical question of you, do you really think we have candidates who are in office and "our" representatives who are truly preserving, protecting and insuring our way of life? Do you think they had nothing at all to do with our current circumstances?
I think it is a fair question. Just what are these politicians preserving? Hey, check with Canada about rhetoric, or read my prior article.  So it really gets down to who will win the election and it has nothing to do with the candidates and everything to do with reality. Who will win this race is not speaking about a politician or party but an ideology. Now I have my own opinion and beliefs as to why it will come to pass.

fact is that nothing has to if We the People do not want it. We must allow it.
It is a fact that this nation is changing in every single aspect and it has nothing at all to do with illegal immigration. In my opinion it has everything to do with the sovereignty of this nation. It is as it is and for you who want to tell me about your patriotism , your war record, your beliefs I say "now is the time for all good men to come to the aide of their country" and wake up to the signs and symbols all around you before you wake up and say, what happened?

What do I mean by that? Well I watched a show concerning the History of the USS Enterprise in WW2. I though how prophetic one sailor said "one minute ago we were at peace and a minute later at war". He just could not’t believe it happened that quickly. That is how fast it happened. Yet the signs and symbols were all about them all for months and even years and they just never recognized it, or for that matter cared to until it happened.
No what is happening is not about what those in power profess. It is not about the outward and everything to do with inward. It has nothing to do with race, people, creed but everything to do with maintaining what we have in this nation, our very existence. To not think this, understand this, or care about this is to accept it and if that is what We the People want that is what we will get. No none of us want someone who professes to fight for us and yet goes into some back room and says, hey don’t worry about what I say. Who’s the fool?

However, if we disappear as we the nation we are and I am not talking borders, although they are already just a line on a map, we will be no longer be THAT NATION we once new. Sorry in my opinion the signs and symbols are everywhere.

What America needs must start in America and with Americans if we are to remain America.

Robert T. Melaccio Sr. 2008 Copyright ©2008 Robert Melaccio

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Saturday, March 08, 2008
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